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I am looking to add an upsell after checkout, with a one click sale. So they don’t have to update their cart.

Hello, we are not sure how it should work, however you can watch a short video which shows our plugin in action –


I have seen your video and read your description. I like it. I have only one doubt I wish to see cleared out: If I offer an up-sell on checkout (as seen on example #2), can I offer more of the same product with a discount? For instance, if one buys 1 ninja hoodie the up-sell would be “take one more ninja hoodies for only 10USD more”. Would your plugin do the job? Thanks in advance!


At the moment there is no such feature. We are working on advanced rules for custom pricing (such as discounts, BOGO – Buy One – Get One for free and so on). However we do not have release date when this feature will be ready.

Bummer… Is there a way to make a workaround? Perhaps create a not listed product on catalogue and search that matches the wished prices/conditions and show it according to example #2 on your video?

Hi, looks like a great plugin! Is there a way to add custom descriptions for each upsell? Or at least include the product’s description? Thanks!


At the moment there is only one description field for whole upsell offer. We are working now on update where we will include custom descriptions for each upsell product, custom prices and so on. New version will be available on November 2.


Hi, can I make my own template for product inside popup? Is there a hook to make some customization or plugin based on template file inside in theme? (theme-name/woocommerce/plugin/)

At the moment you can only customize the CSS of the popup.

In some product I use measurement-price-calculator from woocommerce plugins. It is works together?

I can buy your plugin and testet, if I can’t modyfy this to correct work calculator with your plugin I can rofound?

Sorry, but we can’t guarantee that it will work with 3rd party plugins.

whene you planing add template and some hooks, it is all what I need to make this plugin easy to update after correction to my shop.

Just purchased this plugin and am not seeing any of the upsells on the cart? I’ve confirmed that the conditions are all set correctly and “Active” is checked on the offer. Any ideas why these are not showing up?

Please disregard this question. For some reason I was under the impression that these were displayed on the cart itself and not a popup.

It looks terrible on my site, how can I fix it?

Hey, we’ll do our best to fix it! Just send us a support request at (Please do not forget to include your website URL, and provide instructions how we can test the Unlimited Upsell popup)

Hi i like this upsell plugin. Could you add this directly to the single product page? Without pop up and before add to cart button? Also the total of the addition will be reflected in the total cost before that add to cart button? I have budget to develop this functionality.

I have one simple question for you
are you the author of this plugin?

No, we are not affiliated/connected with storeapps or any other company.

Great work, GLWS my friend

hello can i use ur plugin my clint site also after buying


Yes, you can use it on your client`s website after purchasing a Regular License.

Hi, I just bought your plugin and set up the offers for upsell but the popup just won’t show up.. my website is – am I missing something? Thank you A.R.


Please, make sure that “Active” option on Upsell Offer is enabled. If you still need help – please, email us to Do not forget to include your wp-admin URL, user and password, so we can figure out what’s going on.

Thank you!

Hi, yes option “Active” is enabled.. we are just updating website and when it’s done and if still will not working I will get back in touch with you.

Thank you

Hi there,
I would be interested in this plugin. Quick scenario:
1 – I setup a popup to be active just on product X and to show products Y & Z in the popup;
2 – I create products Y & Z as clones to A & B but at a reduced price. I simply want to offer the upsell products at a discounted price if the user orders product X.
3 – Now I have products A & B + Y & Z (4 products). A & B will be listed on the shop page at regular price, Y & Z will be set hidden at reduced price.

In theory, when someone ads product X he will see the popup that’s recomending him Y & Z, right?

Possible issues:
a) I am using the Direct Checkout plugin. When someone clicks the add to cart button or on buttons that I have created and liked as ?add-to-cart=123 the user gets sent straight to the checkout page, not to the Cart page. In the video you show you’re clicking the “proceed to checkout” button, but I will not have this. Will the popup still be triggered? If so, when?
b) In your popup, you have 4 products added. I only want to add 2 products. Will these 2 products use half of the width of the popup instead of 25% as in your example? Or will I have a gap for the 2 missing products?
c) Multisite – I want to use the plugin on a multisite wordpress installation, is that an issue?

Looking forward for answers,


Thank you for your questions,

There is no way to offer products at a reduced price in Upsell Offer.

We haven’t tested it with Direct Checkout so we could not guarantee that it will work properly.

If you will add only 2 products – the total with of popup will be equally divided by those products (with no empty columns/gaps).

Our plugin works with wp-multisite installation.

Thank you.


When will your site be available again? I am looking to find some documentation.

Hello! You may find documentation in zip-archive you have downloaded from CodeCanyon.


Thank you- is there a way to increase the width and height of the pop-up window? I just have 1 product that I want to upsell, and when I input that product with text, it comes out as a thin vertical box. I’d also like to make the product image larger because it renders in the pop up extremely small. Thank you for your time!

Well, to do so you should have some knowledge in CSS, you can contact us at support[at] and provide access credentials to your website and we will customize it for you.

Thank you!

Looks good when it pops up, BUT doesn’t work properly with PayPal Express. The moment you click “Checkout” the offer shows for a split second before sending me over to the Checkout page. Please refund my money.

Please email us at support[at] and we’ll do our best to solve your issues with our plugin. If you want a refund – please open a refund request. Thank you!

Will this work with Shopify?

Nope, this is WordPress plugin.

Hello, will this plugin work with multi-currency eshop? I am asking because it dont see any feature for this when configuring upsell conditions. Thanks

Hello, it depends on which multi-currency plugin do you use. Anyway – you can purchase our plugin and if it will not work – we will make a refund. Thanks!

hi interested in buying this plugin. I see the upsell pop-up occurs when customer goes from product page to checkout page. Is there a setting in the plugin or is it possible to adjust it so that the upsell pop-up occurs when a customer adds a product to the cart? thanks.

Hello, this is not possible, the upsell popup occurs only on the cart page, when the customer clicks the checkout button.

Is it possible to make it so the upsell occurs when the user loads the cart page, and not when they click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT?

Hello, no, this is not possible at the moment.