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for Feature Availability

Just works out of the box.

Really like how you can create category or global wise tabs instead of creating custom tabs for each product.

Custom tabs work also, but well, its easier to use the category / global tabs if you have the same content ;)

Great features and really nice plugin!

for Code Quality

We purchased the plug in to disable default tabs. Did not work. Ended up adding code to the functions file to make it work.


Author response

Hi there,

we are very sorry about that. But we think it's unfair to give a bad review before contacting our support.

Have you tried dragging the default tabs into the "disabled" area in the plugin settings? If not, then please do so, because then it works.

Anyway, if you want a refund, you have to request it yourself here:


Best regards

for Customer Support

Easy to use Plugin for WooCommerce. Awsome support from the Author! Thanks!

for Customer Support

Good plugin! Good Support! Releases the plugin updates for multiple tabs for my request. Thanks!

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