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Hello, just bought your plugin, download, installed and despite documentation saying the plugin is below woocommerce and despite the FAQ saying the same thing, i don’t have your plugin under woocommerce, so no way to access it, it is of course listed normally under plugin and activated.

This is using latest WC and latest WP

Hi there,

we have checked this on our site and the existing tabs from WooCommerce like Description / Additional informations do not get removed. It could be, if your theme uses the same priority, they will be overwritten.

Please try changing the priority of your custom tabs and see if it works :) If not, it seems like a Theme issue.

Tried that already it doesn’t work, i’ll let you know what the theme maker said after their reply.

Ok. We will wait for you.

Hello, few pre-sale questions:

- can I have the tabs expanded and order them they way I want. For example the way Amazon shows the product pages, each section (tab in this case) is already opened and layed out one after another throughout the length of the page. I need this for SEO purposes as google disregards the content in tabs and also for easier mobile viewing.

- Is this compatible with WP All Import plugin? For example, can I import data for a “Faq” tab section, or indicate the url to be added for a PDF file download, etc… ? Do you have any type of tutorial or info in uploading information this way through WP All Import (or through any other CSV file import plugin)?

Hi there,

1) Tabs can be reordered as you like. Expanding on the other side depends on the theme. You could for example disable the WooCommerce Tabs functionality by removing tabs JS files

2) For the custom Tabs you could easily tell WP All Import to import your data into the custom tabs meta fields. We have no tutorial for this by the way.


Bonjour, puis-je avoir une facture 3744dff1-7ad9-498a-b65b-118687986e32 – 26 mai 2017 LICENCE RÉGULIÈRE Merci Cordialement Hello, Can I have an invoice 3744dff1-7ad9-498a-b65b-118687986e32 – May 26, 2017 REGULAR LICENSE Thank you cordially

Hi there,

you can get your invoice yourself. Read more about how here:


I am requesting a refund on for the purchase of Ultimate tabs made from CodeCanyon in the Envato market. The reason we purchased it was to disable the default product tabs. It did not work. We ended up adding code to the functions file to remove the tabs.



Hi there,

have you tried dragging the default tabs into the “disabled” area in the plugin settings? If not, then please do so, because then it works.

Anyway, if you want a refund, you have to request it yourself here:


Best regards DB-Dzine

Hi. 1) My web have defaul woo tab + custom tab fom developer—> will your plugin available re-order my web tab with your plugin tabs?
2) The plugin will keep all my custom tab or will make it get lost? Only work with defaul woo tabs?
3) tab created work with all web? or how?
4) When create info inside tab? is it work as page (available use visual composer)
5) Is it manual add tab in each product ? or just in apply in setting of plugin (if manual apply sound hard job)
6) Available icon for tab?

Hi there,

1) The Standard WooCommerce Tabs and the plugin tabs are reorderable

2) Custom tabs should be kept

3) what is all web?

4) No

5) You can decide. Either apply 1 tab for all products, or create manuals tabs on each product. Depends on what content you need to show

6) You can add any html icon class in front of the tab name.


Hi he comment with juliaabraham, queston 4. can you custom code enable visual composer? it help content in tab is pretty design


unfortunately not because tabs are no post types and can not be designed via VC.


Hi, great plugin, Do you know, whether its able to handle Visual Composer shortcodes?

If I copy visual composer elements to the editor field will the plugin handle it.?

best regards Andre

Hi there,

in what editor field do you want to put the shortcode? into the global or the custom tabs?

But yes: Shortcodes work. In both input fields ;)

Hy, I’m trying to hide Tab Name from within the tab itself…


add_filter(‘woocommerce_product_description_heading’, ‘__return_empty_string’);

in functions.php works for WooCommerce standard tabs, but does anything on your custom tabs. Please advise…


Thanks! here is the custom CSS:
.tab-panels h2 {
    display: none;

Perfect ! Thanks a lot !

You are welcome :)

If you liked our support we would be happy about a review here :)

Hi, I have a pre-sales question. Can you create a tab and make it widget-able (if that’s even a word :)) Where you can add a widget area to a tab? Thank you!

Hi there,

no this is not possible from core. But you can use a widget to shortcode plugin like this https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/widget-shortcode/

Then you can use your widgets via shortcodes inside your tabs.

Awesome! That’s what I was looking for. Thank you!!!

Hi.can I translate admin section?Does your plugin work in RTL direction?

Hi there,

we have not tested it, but we think there should be no problems.


Can you tell me what may be causing this error code? It shows up when trying to set up a new product page in the Custom Tabs area.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/amazonwood/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-ultimate-tabs/admin/class-woocommerce-ultimate-tabs-admin.php on line 156

Thanks! Jim

On our website we run this plugin on php7.2 and have no problems.

Great to know. Thank you! When do you plan to release the next update?

It is already ;)