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Hi there! I just got your plugin ultimate tabs. Is it right that there is no documentation at all?

How can I change the order of the custom tabs? I need the addtionial tab, which is given at the end of all tabs. I did hope that this is possible with your plugin, otherwise a free plugin would have been fine for me…

Thanks! Kerstin

Sorry I don´t get along with it! Can I get a refund, I won´t use it. Thanks

Hi there / Hallo,

you can find your documentation here:

If you are not happy you can request a refund here:

hello if tab is disabled via your plugin, can it still display its content outside the tab ?


not sure what you mean?

You state that with your plugin one can disable woocommerce tabs. Does that mean that if i remove for example “description tab” description content won’t be viewable or can i jsut get rid of the tab but still display its content ? Woocommerce use only tabs which hurts seo, i want to get rid of these tabs but keep the content that i write.

Hey there,

you can just remove the functionality: Remove Tab-Functionality

This only removes the tab fields where you can click. You will see the tabs displayed below each other

Hi, my tab cannot show in my shop, I already enabled it, i am using storefont + WPML, please help…

Please send wp-admin to

Hiii we got a problem with the plugin on an Iphone. When you click on a tab, the whole content disapear. The problem is not with android. Please help.

Hi there,

the tab styling in general comes from your theme, not our plugin. So you need to ask your theme developer to look into this issue. Sorry.

Hi, I buyed the plugin now, but seem not work. I have Woocommerce but the plugin alert me install redux, I installed but not work.

Please send wp admin to


manrouk Purchased

hey, I want to get the plug in, but just wonder, the cart is it necessary to be in a tab?

at the moment the cart button is under the description and then description and review in tab section.

I want to keep the cart above the tabs and the the all the tabs under.

regards Manos

No that is just an example that you can place the cart in a stab :)

Can I insert video (vimeo, youtube, ) into the tab?



manrouk Purchased

is it compatible with the new woo commerce version 3.5.1 released 7 days ago?

Yes sure ;)