Discussion on WooCommerce Ultimate Reports

Discussion on WooCommerce Ultimate Reports

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kenetork Purchased

Hi, this plugin is not compatible with HPOS, will you be udating it soon for wooocomerce please?


kenetork Purchased

Hi, I wanted to be sure if this is compatible with WP 8.0+ becasue I am already using that version and I dont want to expect issues please!


kenetork Purchased

And I am having another issue, I use multi curreny, so I do not only receive 1 currency and the amounts are different, so based on that your plugin give me reports based on all my currencies so I want to see how MUCH usd I am making but I can’t becasue the total curreny is showing all my other as well so the amount of eveything is wrong, could you please do something about this? if not I think I need a refund becasue the plugin is not working at all for me. Please let me know. I am using this plugin;

Plugin Supports single currency and not multi currency is mentioned in product description page, if you want we can do customization for this, mail us for more details


kenetork Purchased

Just did it guys please help me!

we are already on WP 6.3 and WC 7.9, is this compatible?

Hello, Yes, it is compatible

Hello, is the plugin compatible with Wordpress 6.2.2 / WooCommerce 7.90 / PHP 8.1 ? If not, then I don’t need the plugin. Sorry, I didn’t read that right away.

Yes, Today we have uploaded ver 3.9, please download and use same

Hello, I have multiple products on my site 1000+. I have added ATUM Inventory to add purchase prices to products. Will this plugin support ATUM inventory price data to calculate profit? Or, there is any other method to populate the price into its own field automatically?

it will be available in Spanish, I need it completely in Spanish. thanks

You can use LOCO plugin for you will have to translate label names here

Presale question – can this be used for multiple users and logins? Or is it only for 1 user?

Yes, for same site if you have multiple users they can see reports, you can also restrict report access based on User Role

I reviewed the demo – haven`t seen multiple users login functionality – could you please let me know where to look?


I would like to request a refund. The plugin broke my site. After installing I got a fatal error and a lot of my other plugins such as Extra Product Options and Google Listing were no longer working. I had to restore my site to a previous backup as removing the plug in didn’t fix anything. My site is already live and I do not want to risk installing it again and debugging, nor do I have the time for that.

Thank you, Stefan


Can you please assist by letting me know how to pull weekly reports that show the following from my client’s website?

The information needs to come from Woocommerce products and the integrated Gravity Forms.

1. The subscriber’s/member’s name and physical address

2. The subscription plan they signed up for (classic or family plan) –

3. Their weekly selection of meals 4. Any additional products purchased that week 5. Delivery or pick up option selected

ppresa Purchased

Hi i buy your plugin but after install it presents desconfigurated en the monitor.

Can you help?

Hello, can you please send Error screenshot on Thanks

STILL NO ANSWER: Hello, we want a refund. This plugin is too slow and is slowing our Backend. Even the data shown are not as precise as expected, they are full of errors. Thank you. Rregads,

CPU 100% Error in all site pages.

we did replied earlier on your hamdi…. email but there was no reply, we just sent one more email just now, let us know more details on this to assist further

pclabuk Purchased

Hi, Will you include in your next update the latest PHP version 8.2, please? I am asking this because our servers run now on 8.1 and for any previous versions our supporting team stopped supporting them. Thank you!

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to create a stock level report for a date. for example the amount of stock and the value of the products on 12/31/2022? Thanks and regards

Hello. I have recently purchased the plugin specifically to get an insight about payments by different payment gateways. However, I am getting wrong results. My website supports multi-currency checkout and the plugin is sensing all payments in USD and giving the wrong total payouts. Is there any fix?

This is not error, plugin primarily supports single currency, mail us on and let us know in which reports you need base currency based report and we can advise on same

Hello, we want a refund. This plugin is too slow and is slowing our Backend. Even the data shown are not as precise as expected, they are full of errors. Thank you. Rregads,

btw: it brings CPU usage to 100%

Hello, Please send us mail on for further assistance. Thanks

still no answer.


sifuweb Purchased

where can i get the plugin documentation? thanks

there is no documentation as plugin is very self explanatory and easy to use, mail us at in case you have any queries

Please add support for multi currency! The plugin will not work for me until then :(

I want to be able to create reports that show the total revenue in my base currency only.

Hello, the regular WooCommerce analytics include the COD fees in net sales, is there a way to exclude these fees from net sales with your plugin?

We are showing 2 figures, Net amount (includes everything like Tax, shipping other charges etc) and we also show Gross amount which is just product total amount, please check demo

Though we are not confirming this as it will depend on how fees are configured in your case and whether this will need any customization to exclude and just incase customization needed should be nominal

Is it possible to include data captured in Woocommerce’s Product Add-Ons plugin in a report? For instance, we are running an athletic apparel store, and we ask the customer for the player’s name (text field) and number (text field). Unfortunately we do not see any where in the report builder to include this data.

Thank you in advance!

This is 3rd party plugin hence we need to customize code for this, mail us at for more details, thanks


lamedia Purchased

Good morning,

I bought your plugin, but I can’t do what I actually want with it?

The only thing I want is that I receive a PDF overview of the most sold products in that period in a set period, and the best thing would be if that could be done automatically every 7 days.

If that is not possible, this plugin is of no use to me and I would like my money back

Best regards, Lorny Wanders

There is Most sold Product Report for given period and you can also generate PDF

For automatically sending report every 7 days will need customization, we have not promised this functionality in product description page


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