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Thanks for the feature :)

hi , support rtl lang and translation and wp internal date format ? thank you sir

Hi,This plugin Supports WP Internal Date Format, and Is Translation Ready, but no support for rtl added yest, we’ll be sure to add this feature in update. :)

hi, does this support multi-vendor WC plugin?

Hi, borimachann, thank you very much for your interest, we really appreciate it. Unfortunately, we didn’t provide multivendor feature with this version of our plugin. We will surely add this in our future versions. Keep an eye out :)

Thank you.

Does your plugin support RTL ? Arabic Language

Hi, currently our plugin does not support RTL, we will consider it in our updates.. :)

Is it possible to give an invoice a custom invoice number? I sell products online and offline. So I need to skip some invoice numbers from offline sales. thx

Hi There. Just a couple questions: 1. I need to add some “return item” instructional text and images. Is there option to be able to add within admin? 2. Can I disable from customer being able to download pdf? 3. Can I download pdf from woocommcerce admin?


Hi ghodson,

1. You can add any type of custom messages to your invoice. There is a custom message field within admin dashboard. 2. Yes, there is enable/disable switch that enables pdf download. 3. The download feature is available on checkout page. Currently, downloading from admin tab is not added. We’ll add the feature in the future.

Thanks for your interest.

Hi, how can i see the pdf invoice generated for an order on the back-end?

Hi andreamignano,

This is an invoice generator for customer-end only. That means currently the site owner does not have the invoice copy from each order in the back end. Of course, you can check your sale history reports from the Woo Commerce -> Reports.

Thank you for your purchase. Let us know if you need work done with the plugin, you can contact us through :)

I need to see the pdf in the back-end to print it. Can u tell me if is it possibile to pay for this extra functionality?

Sure :) Please send us an email at with the Order ID (just for verification) and your requirements. Then we can send you price quotation and other details.

Wordpress version 2.5 or higher? I need it to work

Hi, emilcioran

Thanks for the purchase, Yes Wordpress version is higher.

I have not been able to run the plugin, we currently have WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips, disable this plugin, activate yours, but still not working.

Hi emilcioran

what type of problem are you facing? Are you using latest version of wordpress and woocommerce?

I see that this plugin was last updated in 2015 and the last changelog was the initial installation, that worries me, is there any intention of supporting this great tool?

Hi, mikeemoo

Sorry for late reply, We have checked the plugin, and its working fine with latest woo commerce. So you can buy it if you want.


I’m using couponhut theme and installed this plugin but it doesn’t generate any PDF. We installed WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips and it works perfect. What am I doing wrong?

Hi fernkomoyo,

Thanks for the purchase, Please let us check, We will inform you details. Thanks for your patience.


We have checked the plugin and it works fine here,(generates pdf)

Are you using two different pdf generator simultaneously? if you are using two plugins with same features(pdf generator),than it may conflict.

Please also check, also couponhut theme, is there any pdf generator options/plugins with the theme.


I’m using Woocommerce for my Ordering. This is an Online supermarket. If i use your Invoice Premium I would like to have Item description Qnty unit price Total price Is it possible to display all these in the Invoice

Please advise


Hi Manu,

Really sorry for our delayed reply.Thanks for your interest. Currently your asking featured is not available in this plugins. It will need custom work.


hey guyz can you build invoice software like this, please mail me on this email id fo r further discussion 1 july gst launch in india, so it create a big sale you also contact for next

Hi kishorebhosle

Many thanks for your interest. But our team is engaged with our scheduled work.So unfortunately we can do this work within this short period.Hope you understand. Good Luck.

TheCreo Team.

Hello, I would like to know if your Plugin could generate this kind of invoice. The down part information would be company (static) and the upper part is the customer so variable. And also if you can attach it to a woocommerce new order mail. So customer gets it automatically. Thank you and I wish you all the best!

Hi sexmachine3000

Thanks for your interest. It seems your desired invoice need more info, which is not available our current can see our sample invoice by clicking Download Sample invoice banner in this page.(


Thank you for your fast respond.

Hello, is it possible a) to change the QR Code to the order number, only? b) to change the PDF and email into “Ticket” without amounts?

hi, Salsa-Trips

Thanks for your interest.Currently your asking feature is not available in the product.We will give a massive update with features very soon.


jozmas Purchased

I am getting this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method WC_Order::get_shipping_address() in /nfsmnt/hosting2_2/8/8/88866407-331c-4b73-951d-8be800598c5e/ on line 67

Can you help me please :-(

Hi jozmas,

Sorry for late reply,We lost your email so we can not can not contact with you.But the thing is that, the product is working fine in our side, and we have also tested some other sites,where its working fine.We think it may conflict with your other plugins.and unfortunately we can not find the specific problem that you are facing.

So,We are sorry for that,but if you think you do not want to use this plugin,you can claim refund.we will refund you.But you have to go through envato refund process.

Thanks. TheCreo

I like the product so much I would like to use it but problem what I am facing is the button which is saying download invoice is covering with the same color all the page down to footer and I try disabled all the plugins and it was the same problem. Is it any change to fix it? thank you.

Hi jozmas,

We appreciate it,that you would like to use our product.Yes, in our previous conversation you told about this problem,and we analyze it, but unfortunately can not find the problem. Can you give the site url again? here or through

We could check again, is there any css problem within your site.



alomu89 Purchased

Hi! I just bought the plugin “Ultimate PDF Invoice with QR Code”, but you sent me the primary version (1.0) and i ve seen you have until the last one 2.0 from July 23th . Please contact me as soon as possible to upgrade or tell us how can i do it.


Hi alomu89,

Thanks for the purchase. As you have downloaded it from codecanyon. you got the latest version.But probably it shows v.1 in your dashboard.Its because we just forgot to change the version number.But all functionality are updated. More over you can give your email address,here so we can send you another download link, where version number is updated.


Hi, I don’t see anything about taxes and VAT, please tell me how it works with theCREO. Thanks

Sorry we are not clear about your question.Do you want to know about this product?

2 other questions, 1 – Is it a final or monthly price? it’s not clear… 2 – Is there a monthly accounting summary? Thank you

1.If you want to know the product price, then it is one time for one web site uses. 2.Question is not clear to us also.


Hi, I Was asking you if the VAT appears on the invoice 2 I want to know if every month we can have the listing of the history of the sellings for the accountability Thanks

Hi Gimms,

Sorry, This features are currently not available with this product.


Hi, can the code show in the web page (order done page ) and in the invoice (like it does now )


Thanks for your interest,If you are talking about QR code,Sorry for some technical reason,that QR code may miss read some time,We will give an update with this QR code.So if you interested in QR code,then it will be wise to buy later,but the PDF invoice is working fine with latest Woocommerce.