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How much I can customize the Gift Card Templates?

Gift Card Email Templates are fully customizable, You can create your own Gift card Templates or you may change the Logo, Default Event Image, your own Disclaimer Text in predefined templates.

For more detail, you may check the video also

How to setup this plugin?

Please reach the WooCommerce menu -> Gift Card Manager Settings. Please check the Checkbox, to activate the plugin and add the new Gift Card Product is Enable or not.

How to add Gift Card Product?

Add a new WooCommerce Product, change the product type to the Gift Card Product, enter the default price and select the pricing type. After entering the price of selected pricing type you may need to Publish the product. That’s it your WooCoomerce Gift Card Product is ready.

Where do I change Gift Card Subject of the recipient?

Please go to Gift Card Manager Setting page and select the Email Template Tab Section. At the bottom you can see the mail setting toggle bar. There you may change the Gift Card Subject to the recipient.

From where i can modify the email template?

We have provided a custom post type Gift Cards under the dashboard where we have provided 16 custom templates. You can use them or even add your own template.

Is Shipping Charges applicable on Gift Card?

If any Gift card Product is purchased through a Shipping method (one of the Delivery Methods) only then the shipping charges would be applied. Only admin will receive the gift card mail so that he can ship it to the customer.

How I can display my all Gift card products on shop page?

Please go to the Woocommerce -> Gift Manager ->General Setting -> Enable Giftcard Product listing on the shop page. Please enable this setting, then all your Gift Card products will get displayed on your Shop page.

How I can set simple “Text Code” rather than Qrcode/Barcode if I had checked once?

Please go to the Woocommerce -> Gift Manager ->Qrcode/Barcode -> Click on Reset Button, Now the system will produce normal Gift Coupon Codes rather than in the form of Qrcode/Barcode images.

When we do not fill the Fields then it simply scroll up to the top and displays nothing which seems like something missing?

Yes, It should display the Error Messages for all required fields needs to be filled out properly, Please make sure your theme should be properly overridden and must have one of the Woocommerce hook “woocommerce_before_main_content”.

I cannot enter anything in the ‘print and give’ & ‘ship your card’ fields for my gift card, what can be the issue?

If not, then you may use the version 2.3.2 or Updated version onwards. From here go to the Woocommerce -> Gift Manager -> Other Setting ->Enable Product for a Custom page(check this box) -> Select Custom Page ( the page where you want to get it displayed ), It will help you.

When the coupon code is generated and provided to the customer?

The Coupon Code will get generated as soon as the Order falls in Processing or in the completed state.

I am not able to add the product to my cart it just showing the empty warning messages, Any suggestion?

Please make sure that your theme does not use ajax add to cart at the single product page or you were not using any third party plugin for that.

The version has only 3 templates whereas it is written 18 in the documentation.

The initial 3 Templates are default Templates which we do provide and for rest you have to Import Manually, So Please go to the Gift Cards section and then you’ll find an Import Button from where you would be able to Import all other different Events Related template, You can modify these templates and create by your own.

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