Woocommerce Ultimate Coupons

Woocommerce Ultimate Coupons

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Key Features

Coupon on Registration

From now onwards Merchant can also provide the Coupons on Registration, and can also set the all required settings of coupons like Amount, Expiry etc.

Import Coupons in Bulk

Now Mercahnt can also Import coupons in Bulk whether the coupons are from any site or anywhere they can also part of your site too.

Restrictions on Order Total Coupon

Now onwards Merchant can also restrict the Order Total Coupons as per the required number of orders for providing discounts

Get product for Free after required number of orders

Merchant can also select product(s) which can get for Free after some required number of orders.

Public Coupon

Public coupons are available for all customers to get the benefits of the service owned by that coupon with no restrictions. Anyone can use this coupon on any product and you may display these coupons as in notices form on Cart Page, My Account Page, Shop Page and Checkout Page.

Private Coupon

We provide the Private coupons for admin’s trusted customers. There are some constraints for this coupon like admin can assign products and you can also assign shipping method for these coupons. Admin can set the minimum quantity for each assigned products.

Coupon on Selected Products

In this extension, we have introduced a unique feature in which admin can assign private coupons to selected products so that coupon will only be applied to these products and not on cart subtotal.

Apply Coupon Via URL

In this feature, customers would be able to click on URL which has been provided inside their Private Coupon’s Email Template. After clicking on that link the product which has been assigned to that private coupon will get added automatically in customer’s cart along with that coupon discount.

Providing Coupon on Order Total

An administrator can also provide the coupons on the total amount of order which comes under specified range.

Manually Incrementing Usage of Coupons

In this extension, we provide the feature manually increment usage’s count of coupons which is helpful for admin’s flexibility.

Coupon on selected Shipping Methods

From here you can restrict the private coupons to be applied for selected shipping method.

Widget For Public Coupon

Public Coupons are also available in the form of Widget, Merchant can drag and drop the widget and select the public coupon which he wants to display it.

Shortcodes For Public Coupon

You may paste the shortcode to any custom pages where you want to display the selected public coupon along with their amount and expiration date.

Social Sharing For Public Coupons(Twitter and Email)

In this extension, you can also share the public coupon via Twitter and Email.

Private Coupon Report

Admin can see the private coupon status report and also notify when customers haven’t used their coupons.

Private Coupon on Account Page

Listing of the private coupons available over the My-Account page.

Popup For Public Coupon

For increase your sale, we provide the popup window for public coupons.

Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.0 or greater.
  • WooCommerce 3.0 or greater.
  • PHP version 5.5.5 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater.

Translation Ready

.po and .mo files included, for easy translation

This plugin is not subjected to GDPR compliant as it does not store any sensitive data of a user. It only holds information related to software which is run by WordPress & WooCommerce of the holder.

Thank-you for your interest in Woocommerce Ultimate Coupons, Makewebbetter.

Q. Can I send an email URL and the user sees a private coupon (I guess they bed to log in)?

A. In the private tab, you can select a private coupon and user whom you want to send private coupon by clicking on send email button Private coupon code will send to the selected user along with the URL. Now the user will able to see private coupon code and by clicking on URL the user will redirect to your shop’s cart page and the product which has been assigned on that private coupon will be added automatically to your cart along with that coupon code.

Q. Can we limit one coupon per user?

A. Yes if you will send one coupon to one user only, then that private coupon code would not be applicable for any other user.

Q. Can I generate order coupon? For example, if any customer buys any product in between 200 to 500 then is he/she eligible to get the coupon?

A. Yes, admin have settings to set the range of price on which coupon will provide to customer.

Q. How many types of the coupon is generated by the extension?

A. Two types of coupons are generated by the extension.

1) Public coupon, which is generated for all customers. Every customer can easily use the public coupon.

2) Private coupon, which is generated for the selected customers.

You can also create order coupon, it is generated when the customer buy the product in the price limit which is set by the admin.


28.05.2018 - ver 1.0.2 
  - Fix: Coupon Applied issue

08.12.2017 - ver 1.0.1
  - New : Coupon on Registration.
  - New : Get product for Free after required number of orders.
  - New : Import Coupons in Bulk.
  - New : Restrictions on Order Total Coupon.

29.08.2017 - ver 1.0.0

  - Initial Release