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Hello, Got a problem with the plugin. Looks like the trend list want to show it self on every category page. In the top section of every category page it generates a list of trending products. We just want it to be shown on custom places.

Best, Seb

Hi Seb,

There is an admin option which says Show trending products as slider on shop page. Just disable this option and then use the shortcode where you want to display the trending products


I just purchased your plugin and installed it on my woocommerce site using Room 09 as the theme. I put the shortcode on the homepage – but before and after the items – I get an open bracket showing on one side and closed on the other. How do I fix this so there is only products showing but no brackets?

Please review and advise. Thanks, Will P.

Hello Will,

Thanks for reaching out. The error you are having seems to be related specific your site. Can you please share your website url so that we can check and findout what’s the problem.


Thanks..I was able to fix the issue myself. However, after further use I have another problem with the trend slider. If I disable the option on my site like you mentioned in the previous comments – it still shows up on every category anyway. What can be done to fix this now?


Just following up on my last comment – it has been 13 days since I posted this. Please review and advise. Thanks.


Great plugin, thanks. I am happy with the widget like the one on this page:

My problem is that I have unchecked the “Show Trending Products as slider in shop page” option, but still see it appearing on

For the shop page, I only want a 4 item grid to appear on —but not on any of the other category shopping pages. Is this easily possible?

Ideally, I would like to show the top 4 trending Items (most viewed) by category and subcategory on each of their respective shopping pages.


Hi There,

I checked your site and it seems like you have turned off the plugin because I can’t see trending products on any of those pages. As per your requirements, it would need some code changes for the last point you have mentioned.


I did turn off the plugin because I could not figure out how to remove it from all of the shopping pages. Is there an easy way to make it appear only on the /shop page and not any other pages? I am comfortable editing child theme files or making changes via FTP. Thanks!

It doesn’t work like described here. I’ve had this “Show trending products as slider” option off from the very beginning, still it shows on every product category page. Also, I tried disabling the “Enable Trending Product Option” while keeping the plugin itself active, but it also disables shortcodes. I only want to show plugin on certain pages — those where I put the shortcodes in, but it seems not possible now. Also, the shortcode output seems to ignore the column options (unlike the other output) in plugin settings.


We just checked and you are right there is some issue with the setting. Show trending products as slider. We got it fixed and you would release an update regarding this in 1-2 days. If you want faster then please leave your email and we will send it to you.

Regarding the columns. we already checked it multiple times and it seems to be working fine. May be there is some conflict between your theme and the plugin.

Our update has already been released. Just download the latest version and it should work fine.

hi i have just purchased the product, but it wont download on my wordpress site it says this Warning: require(/home4/philbink999/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woo-trending-products-10//includes/class-wootp.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home4/philbink999/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woo-trending-products-10/woo-trending-products.php on line 20 tried everything thanks

i think it sorted now, tried a few different ways and now its says plugin activated thanks

okay, let us know if you still need some help.

Hi, I just purchase this item… currently trying to set it up. How can I make the products line up in 1 row and moving as a carousel? This is what I have now: ... many thanks in advance.


Basically its your theme. You would need to use some custom css code if you want to fix it.

Hi, I would like to know how is the trending determine? Is it by top 10 most viewed items? or what?

It is for Most Viewed Items that can be selected from the plugin

Nice plugin. I just need help with displaying more than 6 products at a time, without using the slider.

I can choose 12 or 18 on “Show Number Of Products” and 6 on “Number Of Columns” but I only get to see 6 products on the front end, instead of 12 or 18.

Thank you


Can you share your site url and login details at so that we can check the issue for you?

Hi I have just purchased your plugin. In the products window I am unable to type in any products?

Please advise.


Please share your site url with site login details at so that we can check what exactly the issue is.

2a92f4df-459c-4153-a121-d9b3d0fe9531 My purchase code.

Hi I have not had any response regarding my inquiry? Please can you revert asap.


Can you tell us from which email id you had done the email?


Sorry to say but we have not got any email from this emal id. You can drop your email at

The email does not work. This is getting very frustrating.

You can also use if previous one does not work for you.

Hi there, I have just bought and installed this plugin. When I go to configure it I can do everything except there are no products showing up in the box that says Products after the box that says ‘Chose Trending Products From’ I have chosen the different options to see if something shows up under Products but nothing does. Also, then on the front end, after I have inserted the shortcode correctly, I only just the Title and no products


Really sorry for the issue. Can you send us your site login details at so that we can make a fix for you.

hey mailed yesterday, any luck with this? @kadabra email


The issue has been fixed. Check and let us know if still there is any issue.

Is there any way to randomize the products?

What i mean is, is there a way to display random products, as opposed to specific categories?


Thanks for your interest in our plugin. Yes there is an option where you can set custom products. From those products the plugin will show the products as trending products

Hi, I just purchased your plugin. Is there a way to show random products, so each time I refresh the home page, the plugin shoes different product ?

It’s not working. When I select Custom Products, there is no possibility to choose the products

Can you create a ticket for this issue. So that we can help you.

Ok, but I cannot find the license number

Hi, are you able to install on single product pages instead of Related Products

It seems that your plugin is a shortcode, I want to install on the single product page, where there is no option to insert shortcode. Instead of showing the woocommerce default Related Products I want there to be a feed of trending products.

Sorry to say but currently that option is not available with our current version of the plugin. We will definitely try to add that feature in our next version release of the plugin.

Shame, thanks anyway.

Hi there,

Interested to purchase, however live preview is not working. Do you have any other links to working plugin in order to review?



Really sorry for the issue. You can check the preview now. Its working.

I purchased this plugin – but I see it has not been updated in a while. Any updates coming soon? Please let us know. Thanks.

Hello Charmp121,

The plugin works with the latest version of WooCommerce and we are planning to launch an update early next month.


Looking forward to the update. Had some suggestions for the update…more trending options with a badge on loop with a badge management plugin for customization. Widget to show trending items based on criteria. Thanks.