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Hi, if one is using the WooCommerce “sitewide meassage” – no risk for conflict with messages?

Hi themis. Our plugin has a standalone logic, that’s why there should not be any conflict, i am sure. But visually, if you set both at the same page, they can appear at the same time of course. You can separate their functionalities and there will not be any problem.

You are welcome :)

Does the plugin takes the information from the orderlist in backend, or can I control ex, the sales by my self?

Hi. All data comes from backend, that’s why you don’t need to control it. You can adjust limits when to show and when not to show them.

is visitor calculation based on the right hits, or it has been setup manually, if it is a real visors that means it is a very creative plugin and i should buy

No, sir. 15 can’t be changed as it is only for demo. If you want to see real numbers try to visit this one

Do 5-6 reloads to see all messages. You can configure all messages’ appear logic.

:) :-) :-D :-D :-D wow, really? I am just asking for simple link to see a real visitor calculator, that’s all

ok, i have set it to that feature. Check any product in

HI! Great plugin! Just a question: is it possibile to place the message in the bottom of the page? Thank! Greetings


I think, yeah it is possible. But I need more detailed explanation. Can you explain it more clearly?

Hello. 1. How do I change the font size for the push messages? 2. And could you implant a function, for showing on mobile or not?

Please send en email to our support at guaven dot com (include your url to message body). Our support will help you :)

I found out and change. But it dosent work :-)

Okay. Please remove this just added line from settings .guaven_woop_success { top: initial !important; bottom: 0px !important; } and revert back JavaScript change. and then send email to our support. we will make, test and send you tested working solution

Awesome product,GLWS!

How did you know that? :)

What happened to the FP Security plugin I had bought previously

Hi ebee2.

We have removed that plugin from Codecanyon to focus on e-commerce plugins better.

Pre sale question

i would like to know if it´s possible to filter in wich product categories the messages are shown .

Hi Oker.

İf you mean backend filter, yeah it is possible. We an input field at admin side, where you can exclude all unneeded categories. So, only filtered categories will be shown.

If you mean frontend select box, no we don’t have such html component for now, but we can help you to build it with javascript if you are developer. or we can do it as a little freelance job.

feel free to ask more questions if you have any.

Hi again. Do you have another question about the plugin?

Hello! Looks like a great plugin! I have one question: is it possible to add images to popup messages?

i got it. it is possible in the current version. you just need to add simple html codes next to text. f.e.

Last items in stock <img src=”imagepath”>

That’s all, it is ready!

Perfect! Thank you for your help!

You are welcome