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Cool plugin! GLWS!

Glad to hear that. Thank you!

Looks promising.

How many labels can you add to a product? It would also be nice if you could use image labels instead of css labels.

Using images as labels available since version 1.1

Thanks. Juist a few more questions:

1. Since there are fix predefined positions for labels, is there a pissibiity to put two labels for example on the bottom right side by side? If not, an implementation of x/y setting would be nice.

2. Is this compatible with WooCommerce 2.6 and WPML?

3. Will the labels be scaled down automatically on the category pages or can i use different pictures for category and product page?

Will definately buy this in the future when our next project is ready.

Hello again!

1. Yes, you can place any number of badges in same position. See our demo-site.

2. We have tested on clear WC 2.6 and no issues found. We use standart gettext mechanism, so you can translate with string translation addon for WPML.

3. Yes, images scaled according to your settings. Badges tool supports different scaling parameters for category view and for product view. Using different images on the same badge… hm, if you realy need this you may create two badges. First display on category view and the second on product page.

Hi there. I purchased this plugin today, after installing it I noticed it cancelled out all the product images on my website? Even before i use the features. Can you tell me where we go from here?

Any update on this please?

The problem has solved! Thanks for help!
The reason are:
1. Your theme not use one of necessary wordpress standard hooks. This is theme bug. We have fix this for you.
2. Your theme removes standart css classes, so we add an compatibility settings in WTB plugin. You should to set css selector for category view to ”.kw-prodimage” (w/o quotes).

Thanks guys, really appreciate your quick response. will test it over the next few days. This plugin is looking to good to be true!! Hope you have many sales.

Hello! I have recently purchased your plugin. I absolutely love how it looks, but i have issues. The problem is filter doesn`t filter. And anther one is tab where product attributes are located disappears from everywhere every time i activate your plugin. My site URL is drapples.com . But the plugin is currently disabled as it breaks my attributes. Please help me to resolve everything as fast as possible. Thank you!

Hello, dear Customer.
1) Thank you for buying our plugin.
2) We have visited your website and didn’t see any errors that might disrupt the performance of our plugin.
3) First of all, you need to read the user guide for the plugin. As it explains in detail how to configure the plugin.
4) If the problem persists, please send to the administrative interface screenshots on the plugin settings on our email support (support@voovly.com)

Don’t worry, we will help you to deal with your situation and solve it in the shortest possible time.

Hello again! I have carefully read the guide, however it doesnt help at all. The problem still is that attributes tab on single product page just disappears after your plugin activation. And the filter doesn`t work. You just pick attributes shown on filter, it shows how many products were found, but after pressing show products the page just reloads showing all products of the category, but not filtered. So I`ll grant you access to administrative panel on your email so you can test and fix it by yourself. Thank you! Looking forward to your response.

Ok. Problem solved by developer. Great support! Thank you

Very impressed! I hope to be able to use this in a current or future project. Before I buy, can you tell me if the product filter buttons can ajax load the results, instead of refreshing the page? Maybe in the future? I know there are plugins available that have ajax load and when they are animated it looks very impressive – almost like Pinterest or other grid systems. Thanks and I’ll add this to my favorites!

Hello! Thanks for you question! Yes, ajax results for product filter is in our todo-list. For today we have an ajax tooltip with number of results.

Hello again! Feature you asked added in version 1.32.

i have a question about the extended attributes feature: Are the attributes themselves created with the standard woocommerce attributes and i can extend them with grouping and description or do i have to create the attributes with your plugin? I ask because i want to use another ajax product filter which relies on the standard woocommerce attributes.

Hello! Thanks for question! Our plugin uses standard woocommerce attributes. All additional data is used within the plugin. Of course, wtb will works properly with other ajax filters, but you should to try built-in filter. Also do not forget about awesome badges created with our plugin. Have a nice day!

Dear WooCommerce Tools Band,

Just purchased your plugin. After installiation and activation WooCommerce Tools Band still doesn’t show up in my dashboard. Please advise. Have a nice day?

Dear Customer.
Yes, you are right this functionality does not support plug-in currently. But special for you, we will add this functionality in the new version of the plugin.
In the nearest Monday (10/10/2016) we will send you a new version of the plugin with the necessary functionality for you.

If you have any more ideas or suggestions, send it us an e-mail (support@voovly.com) and we will gladly try to implement it for you, our current and future customers.
Thank you for your purchase, keep in touch with us.

You guys are great! Will write you’re review tomorrow, first thing in the morning ;)

Review is there, have a nice weekend!!!!

Hi, I’m using your Tools Band plugin and run into a little problem…on the single product pages the badge does not appear in the top center (the place I selected) it shoots of to the right.

Any advice would be great, thanks

Dear Customer.
Please, don’t worry we investigate your problem right now. Today we answer to you, with our recommendations how to solved it.

Thank you.

Hello! Please write us to support@voovly.com We will send to you an compatibility plugin for your theme.

Dear Customer.
I see our advice to help solve your problem! If you still have any questions regarding our plugin, please contact us by email (support@voovly.com) and we will be happy to help you again.

Thank you for your purchase, keep in touch with us.


Firstly I think tools band is really good, but….

Everything was going fine while I was using woothemes canvas as my theme, I recently changed to Flatsome and there seems to be a few conflicts. In my tests the badges don’t animate (not a big problem, but a shame) and they don’t seem to appear on the product page.

The weirdest thing is that the font’s become very small on all pages when I enable tools band.

Do you know anything about these? I really like both products – yours and flatsome.

Great work keep it up.


Dear Simon,
can you write us to our support email (support@voovly.com) and we send you compatibilities parameters for your WordPress Theme.

Don’t worry, everything be ok.

Hello Voovly team,

We just purchased this plugin. After installation, all pages became just blank. So we had to go to cPanel to manually delete the plugin for a site recovery. Please advise.

We use Elegant Themes’ Divi 3.0.

Thank you.

Dear Customer.
We just tested our plugin on the WordPress Elegant Theme Divi 3.0.15, everything works correctly without any HTTP errors.
In order to understand your situation, we need to get you sent to our e-mail support (support@voovly.com):
- a list of plug-ins that you have installed,
– log file of your HTTP server file with records that occur in it during an appearance HTTP 500 error.
Thank you.

Update: Voovly fixed the issue completely, although that was basically just our theme/environment/PHP issue. This plugin is more than perfect!

Just want to say thanks for the fast support.

Some feature suggestions for the future:

1. Badge support for custom fields (for example free shipping custom field) and product attributes.

2. Color and image swatches for product filter.

3. Additional badge sizes for mobile devices and tablets.

4. Override badge position on product pages.

5. Change position of badge description text on product page (for example after title or add to cart button)

Thank you for suggestions! We will consider each of them and include in our roadmap.

It seems your plugin is not fully compatible with other plugins which use ajax on category pages. I tried WooCommerce Product Filter (https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-product-filter/8514038) in Ajax mode and the product badges from your plugin disappear on category pages when filtering. When disabling ajax, it is functioning.

Same with the infinite scrolling plugin from Yith (https://wordpress.org/plugins/yith-infinite-scrolling/).

Thanks for comment!

This is a known but not the problem!

In case of ajax, page not reloads and necessary js-triggers are not triggered. The WTB product filter tool calls own trigger which is listened by badges tool, so that pair of tools works together properly. Our badge tool knows nothing about how 3rd plugins works.

In next update we will add a new value in compatibility settings, so you may define triggers called by 3rd plugins.

Stay with us and watch for updates.

New compatibility parameter allowed from version 1.37. Now you can set js-triggers listened by our plugin. See documentation. For example, use “yith-wcan-ajax-filtered” for yith ajax filter.

your live page does not work

I like this but it does not respond on mobile. I tested on my phone and the boxes go off the screen. Android note 3 with chrome

WOW! Nice

Thank you!

hi sir my name is iffazer. i have wordpress newest version. will your product support it ? 2 nd can i play the you tube video when the customer move the cursor close to the product? 3rd can we stop play the video youtube over the product on mobile sites? please reply me then i will buy.thank you

Hello iffazer! Thanks for questions!
  1. Yes! We support wordpress up to version 4.7.2.
  2. You can place video as badge content.

dear sir please help me.i am not a expert on woocommerce. always i follow youtube instructions.when i search the plugins which should play some video over the products i found you. therefore i bought it today. problem is method to do or making.i try to upload plugin at the very first. it was failed.therefore i had to open and extract all.then i load only woocommerce tools & band only.infect i don’t know any methods. please i want to play youtube and animation badges. please sir it will be great if you help me. give me full details.thank you. my email. igraashow@yahoo.com tell me the full steps.

Hello! Thank you for purchasing!

As for installing, look for our documentation and select “Installation” in table of contents. This section includes steps for install our plugin.

thank you

i will check and reply

Hi, I purchased the plug-in today, but the badges dont show up on the products for category shop pages. It shows on the product page, and i made sure to click categorie display as well.. I feel there is some type of incompatibilty.. can you please help? this is an amazing plug-in and i reallly need this to work. Cheers

Dear Krazykaze, thank you for purchasing our product! Can you send on our support email (support@voovly.com) information about your WordPress Theme (title, version) and your work website URL. Thanks.

Hi I have sent an email, thanks, hope we can get this resolved quickly.. its an excellent plug-in! Cheers

When update theme (Aavada) The plug-in does not work properly

Badges Is not showing Category Product filter not working properly

Hello Ales85! Thank you for purchase! Could you please describe your problem to support email? It will be nice if you provide theme information and website url.

I found a mistake thanks anyway Excellent plugin score 5+

Since my support expired i just want to say that i cannot recommend this plugin anymore. When activated the loading times of my pages increase dramatically, up to 20 seconds.

I use version 1.39 which is compatible with ajax product filters. With version 1.38 the long loading times don’t happen.