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I want to show live total sold quantity for specific time (today’s or between two days) on product page.Can you manage it ??

Hi Paresh

The plugin doesnt have that feature but i can customize it for you . please contact me via email ( you can find my address on the documentation URL of the plugin ) so we can talk and you can send me the FTP infos of your website.

let me know if you have other questions

Seems like a great tool, but the demo link goes to your donations plugin. I’m interested in this but I can’t see the demo.

Hi Sdcbytes

you can see the “today and to-date” on the footer area widget . here is a screenshot taken from the footer area

As for the administration area , the plugin has these options

Let me know if you have any other question

Hi, great plug, but this is not showing proper information from my woocommerce. For some reason it show that the last order was placed in april 8th but in fact, the last order was placed in april 29th.

Hi MysteryIslands

thanks for purchasing the plugin

Do you have any order on April 8th ? Also please check if the order on April 29th has a status of completed

After both checks and if you still have problems please contact me via and write also “MysteryIslands” on the email


Good Idea , I was searching smth like this plugin to use in my next project . Thanks Albdesign for saving my time .

Thanks Gema , I`m glad you keep coming back for my plugins. Regards

hi i need buy this producto but is the same like this widget check this page ( here appear the category randome and the number like your plugin)

Hi Boricua80pr this widget does not has the logo of the mobile operators .

If you need a widget like contact me via

Looking to purchase this one.

Any way this plugin can be customized to show total orders, and total sales? like this :

Hello? I need to somehow get the total sum the users have bought wares for, like total sales in $.

hi Lavizh ,

Sorry for the delay but was on vacation .

The plugin doesnt has such option but you can get it customized at . Ask for Orionk there


Здравствуйте. Плагин не отображает данные о заказах WooCommerce, есть завершенный заказ, но плагин отображает все по нулям (0)

Hello , can you describe the problem in english ?


Hello I have a problem with the plugin when the order status change the count disappears


Contact us at and let us know WP user/pass so we can check


Hello I tried write u a email but I don’t got any reply maybe it go on spam I write again here you can fix the order selling time pls


We emailed each-other on 25 Aug 2017 and your problem was fixed. If you still want to contact us you do so the same way ( via email )