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i just bought your product and i install it successfully but the product is not saving

This is the url to the form am talking about, please fill the form with the regular price and sales price then update. you will notice the prices are not saved

Hello again. I am sorry for the late reply. It was indeed a bug. This only happened if AC did not have any user groups configured.

Please comment out line 235 of file woocommerce-adobeconnect-adobe.php

so it should look like this: //unset($result\[$key\]\[’@attributes’\]);

I am working on some new features for the next release. And this bug will be fixed ASAP

Please let me know if this solved your issue

Thanks so much pal


we have purchased Adobe Connect Plugin and having following issues.

Issues #1

Demo Login credential username : pass : frF0iIq

Our Adobe Connect URL

In Demo Account it’s showing Administration menu on top navigation and it’s showing users and groups who registered for specific webinar / meetings. In Our Account it’s not showing Administrator menu. Let us know how to enable that menu.

Issue #2

If any user subscribe for meeting / webinar and register on our site it’s sending Adobe connect login credential through email but if we tried to login using those credential then it says invalid login credential.

If i subscribe for any course from our site then it’s sending email with Adobe login credential. Using those credential we are not able to login.

we have also check the settings with site and it looks good. Please help me asap.

Thanks, Mayur

Hello. Does not look like you have purchased a plugin. Demo site is only for the purposes of testing. Therefore you can only use the demo shop to

- configure plugin with your credentials in Adobe Connect, - Then configure one of the products with a meeting from your Adobe Connect account (which you configured in the plugin settings) - and then checkout on the demo site.

This will create a user on YOUR Adobe Connect account.

Please create a ticket on or send me an email with your purchase code to and we’ll sort out your problems on your site.


We already purchase a Adobe connect plugin and configured correctly.

Here is the Adobe login credentials for ur reference. username – pass – webinaraulada100peperoncino admin / admin@123

Under Product section edit Test Meeting and click Adobe Connect so here we already configure webinar / meeting.

You can see the same product on Frontend as well. Here is the link

You can use your email address and subscribe for the meeting and it will send Adobe Connect credential on your email but you can’t login using those credentials. Please help

Thanks Mayur

Replied by email to

Dear team

I am using learndash for course selling. is your adobe connect pluggin work with learndash. please reply asap so that i can buy this pluggin asap.

Hello, no, unfortunately it’s not compatible. LearnDash uses it’s own e-commerce system which is not WooCoomerce and therefore it will not work.


Can you make it that when a user buys a second webinar, the password is send again. In stead of: “Use the password you created previously”

It would take some revamping of the inner workings as I do not store passwords with users, but rather I store those with orders. I will make sure to research this option in the next release.

Tnx, it would be awesome!

I see you do store the password in the ac_user_pw field, so sending it everytime shouldn’t be much of a hassle :)

Hi, I want to use the AC 9.7 Version Learning Plattform with LMS function. Does it work with your plugin? Especially the LMS and the selling of single Webinar versus hole Courses is important for me. THX

Hello. My plugin does not integrate with LMS. It works only with Woocommerce. Sorry. Thanks for contacting me.