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i just bought your product and i install it successfully but the product is not saving

This is the url to the form am talking about, please fill the form with the regular price and sales price then update. you will notice the prices are not saved

Hello again. I am sorry for the late reply. It was indeed a bug. This only happened if AC did not have any user groups configured.

Please comment out line 235 of file woocommerce-adobeconnect-adobe.php

so it should look like this: //unset($result\[$key\]\[’@attributes’\]);

I am working on some new features for the next release. And this bug will be fixed ASAP

Please let me know if this solved your issue

Thanks so much pal


we have purchased Adobe Connect Plugin and having following issues.

Issues #1

Demo Login credential username : pass : frF0iIq

Our Adobe Connect URL

In Demo Account it’s showing Administration menu on top navigation and it’s showing users and groups who registered for specific webinar / meetings. In Our Account it’s not showing Administrator menu. Let us know how to enable that menu.

Issue #2

If any user subscribe for meeting / webinar and register on our site it’s sending Adobe connect login credential through email but if we tried to login using those credential then it says invalid login credential.

If i subscribe for any course from our site then it’s sending email with Adobe login credential. Using those credential we are not able to login.

we have also check the settings with site and it looks good. Please help me asap.

Thanks, Mayur

Hello. Does not look like you have purchased a plugin. Demo site is only for the purposes of testing. Therefore you can only use the demo shop to

- configure plugin with your credentials in Adobe Connect, - Then configure one of the products with a meeting from your Adobe Connect account (which you configured in the plugin settings) - and then checkout on the demo site.

This will create a user on YOUR Adobe Connect account.

Please create a ticket on or send me an email with your purchase code to and we’ll sort out your problems on your site.


We already purchase a Adobe connect plugin and configured correctly.

Here is the Adobe login credentials for ur reference. username – pass – webinaraulada100peperoncino admin / admin@123

Under Product section edit Test Meeting and click Adobe Connect so here we already configure webinar / meeting.

You can see the same product on Frontend as well. Here is the link

You can use your email address and subscribe for the meeting and it will send Adobe Connect credential on your email but you can’t login using those credentials. Please help

Thanks Mayur

Replied by email to

Dear team

I am using learndash for course selling. is your adobe connect pluggin work with learndash. please reply asap so that i can buy this pluggin asap.

Hello, no, unfortunately it’s not compatible. LearnDash uses it’s own e-commerce system which is not WooCoomerce and therefore it will not work.


Can you make it that when a user buys a second webinar, the password is send again. In stead of: “Use the password you created previously”

And? Is it there yet?

No. Not yet. I am not sure it’s a practical change. Because the user is able to change the password on the AC side and WC will not know about it. There is already a summary of credentials in the “My Account” Screen. I am working on the update for the WC 3.3.

I don’t see anything back in the my account screen. I can see my order but not the credentials there…

Hi, I want to use the AC 9.7 Version Learning Plattform with LMS function. Does it work with your plugin? Especially the LMS and the selling of single Webinar versus hole Courses is important for me. THX

Hello. My plugin does not integrate with LMS. It works only with Woocommerce. Sorry. Thanks for contacting me.

The plugin is able to pull event list from my Adobe Connect account and I am able to create products (Simple, Virtual) that point to a particular Event on the list (Select Object).

However, when I pay/register for one of these Products (Events), the purchaser’s information is not being passed to Adobe Connect as a Guest registered for the Event. The purchaser’s information is also not being added to the Adobe Connect Group, I selected when creating the Product.

Is this a known issue/conflict?

How can it be resolved?


How long does it ordinarily take for an order to move from “processing” to “completed”? For example, I have a test purchase that is still listed as “processing” after more than 20 minutes.

Oddly, when I View that order, there are two “Order notes” on the right-hand side reading:

Order status changed from Pending payment to Processing.

added on January 18, 2018 at 6:12 pm

PDT payment completed

added on January 18, 2018 at 6:12 pm

Even though the note indicates the “payment complete”, the indicator on the WC order screen is showing the green 3-dot “Processing” icon. (Not the blue checkmark “Completed” icon.)

I will turn on the error log and see what turns up.


completing an order is a WC thing. this plugin ONLY starts it’s actions when the order is set to ‘completed’. WC normally does not set any paid order to completed automatically. For that you’d need another plugin or code snippet. So ‘completing’ orders is a manual process.

Ah, I did not realize that. (Yes, I’m new to WC. I just assumed the “completed” notification from Paypal would trigger the change in status to “completed” automatically.)

I am testing out the WC Autocomplete Orders plugin for that – and so far it seems to be working (to autocomplete the incoming paid orders). Now I just need to figure out why AC isn’t following the Event rules for sending emails to new participants.

Thank you.

New Question: Is there any way to indicate the WooCommerce purchasers be added to AC as “Guests” and not “Users”?

Currently, they are being added as “Users” and I do not see a setting to change that.

We require only an email address for the registered “Guest” to access our AC Events. We specifically do not want the customers to have to use/enter a password to access our Events.


Yes. This is precisely how I control access in AC now.

I am using the Connector to point to Event level links and not Meeting level links.

Registration/access without a password is controlled at the Event level. On AC (in Event Manager) when a user registers for an event, I have the Event level access set to “All users created through event form are guests” which allows them to access the Event with just an email – no password.

Even with that setting, if the connector is creating “Users” with passwords, AC forces that User to use their password to gain access to the Event. I assume this is the case since even though I am pointing the Connector to event level URLs, the Users are not actually being created by the Event Manager form.

The Meeting Access Level Controls you mentioned overrides that Event level control and is disregarded for email addresses . Even with the Meeting set to “Anyone who has URL can enter the room” a User who purchases/registers through the Connector is forced to enter their password in the products I have created and tested.

Oddly, the Connector is not allowing me to select a Meeting from my populated AC list to serve as the basis for a Product. (It will show me the Meetings on the list initially, and I can select one, but soon after I pick a Meeting and save the Product, the “Select Object” drop-down goes blank, and when I look at the drop-down to select the meeting again, only Events are listed.)

Is there no way create a User (via the Connector) that can access an Event or Meeting without entering a password?

Could you please drop me a line at I’d like to troubleshoot the drop down issue with you.

It appears that this issue has corrected itself. Now, the Connector is seeing Meetings and Events in real time. As soon as I add an Event to the Shared folder (or a sub-folder) it appears on the available drop-down list.

Does your plugin work with FooEvents for WooCommerce?

No, only with Adobe Connect.


Found a big problem in your plugin.

When using this plugin you cannot sell NON Adobe connect items, because when you add a product you cannot disable Adobe Connect for that product, so it generates a password and a Adobe Connect account.

If somebody after that buys something WITH Adobe Connect they don’t have there password (because you only send it once (while it’s not encrypted in the database)).

And on ordering a normal product you get the Adobe Connect message on your invoice…

I did already, did you get it?

No. Did not get anything yet. Please send a note via the support form

Did it :) I hope you can help!

After update to WP 4.9.4 the description fields in the woocommerce shop do not work anymore (the text is white on white). When disabling this plugin the problems are gone.


After reverting to a back-up, installed everything again and now it seems to work.

Does this plugin create a meeting/training automatically in WooCommerce once the meeting/training is created in Adobe Connect. Or vice versa, you just create the product in woocommerce and it shows up in your AC account.

Hello. No, it does not work like that.

I am not sure you’ll find anything that does what you are describing.

Sorry, I’m not sure if you’ve answered the question before or after my edit.

If it’s not possible, what is the purpose of selecting your object type when you’re creating a product in woocommerce.

Hello again.

Looks like I answered before your edit. The plugin is just a connector. When setting up a meeting in AC you can specify a lot more that would be available via API, so although I have a mechanism to create a meeting in AC based on WC product settings I chose not to do it. Too little control over the resulting AC meeting in this case.

So the process of setting things up is manual – 1. Create a meeting in AC with proper parameters, 2. Create a product in WC with proper descriptions and price, 3. In the product settings select the AC meeting you created in step 1.

The plugin will create a user in AC and add that user to the allowed users for that meeting you created in step 1.

The purpose of selecting an object type is in case you need to sell a course, or event etc. AC API has different object types for all those. Also just in case you will decided to sell a webinar presentation for example as a separate file.

Hope this clears it up.

Nice! A new version :)

Will the “My Account” also have the (sort of) SSO when someone previously bought a non AC product?

Hello, yes.