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I have just installed it on woocommerce 2.4 unfortunatly before i checked compatibility.

I can’t get the information on the email, but I can get the user to be created in the meeting.

Have you tested it at your end with 2.4

replied in the previous comment

Are you able to assign products to multiple meetings? We want one product to add the user to multiple meetings.

Hello and thanks for the purchase. No, one product to multiple meetings is not possible at this time. Only one product (or more) to one meeting.

I want to use this plugin with LMS plugin in Wordpress. I want to link adobe connect meeting in a course. 1. Student click to access and automatically logged in using their wp account (which they already logged in) without add to cart etc. 2. When teacher logs in she became host. Is this possible with this plugin?

Unfortunately this plugin works only with WooCommerce. The user in AC is created only when WooCommerce payment is confirmed. Also both of your items required single sign on which I do not think is possible between AC and WP directly (noone developed this yet).

Pre sales question. Any plans on updating this for the latest wordPress and WooCommerce?

thanks, one last question. So you’re dynamically creating the username/password combinations, and this isn’t something the person can create themselves when purchasing?

Also part of the above question. If someone purchases multiple meetings (at different or the same time), would they receive multiple user/password logins? A different one for each meeting?

Correct – the plugin creates a user (unless a user with the same email exists in the AC – in this case that user is just placed [invited] to the sold meeting). The answer to the second question is obvious :-)

This plugin works with Adobe Connect 9.5?

In making accounts right to left languages (Arabic, Persian) is a sign(??) of how this problem was to create a user name that

I am not sure I understand the problem. To my knowledge WP and WOO have no problems with UTF-8… Are you seeing ?? instead of usernames in Adobe Connect?

Hi Alekseyn;

When a user registers in a course, the username that your plugin automatically creates for a course in adobe connect is the user’s WOO last name. How can I set the plugin to catch the WOO username as the adobe connect username?


You can modify the following line in file woocommerce-adobeconnect.php $newuserid = $acc->createUser($email, $passw, $fname, $lname, ‘user’, PREFIX, NOTIFICATION);

backup original first. And note – what if your client does not create a user ID in WP? Then what? So give it some thought and then modify.

to get WP user name please refer to

I have installed the plugin and got it to work (WP 4.4.2 & WC2.4.12). I know it can take a while before AC Meetings appear. For some reason my meetings appear inconsistent in the ‘AC Details’ list on product level.

Hello and thanks for the purchase. I understand that the list of meetings in the AC and list in the WC product settings are different. Please make sure the missing ones are actually a “meeting” type and if so please give it a couple of hours (due to this delay in AC API) and then update this comment thread.

How to add the AC Details tab to a custom Woocommerce Product Type (in the Product Data section)? In my site it’s a Learndash Course that I would like to have also linked to an Adobe Connect meeting.

Replied to you by email.

The plugin is connecting to the server and loading a list of meetings, but when running ‘test settings’ in the settings page, it only outputs a string of characters, not <status code=”ok”\> or <status code=”no-data”/>.

Perhaps there specific settings in on the Adobe admin that need to be configured?

If you’ve followed the instuctions for setting it up then that is abnormal. Make sure you have CURL enabled on your server. Then if the problem persists please send a screen shot to

Replied to you by email.

Hello Is there anyway to integrate this plugin with the wplms theme? I mean this theme actually:

If i want to be more exact i need to when someone purchase a course with woocommerce this plugin makes a user for the registerer on the adobe connect server

Thanks in advance

Hello again, this is not possible with the way this plugin is written. What you are referring to is not quite Single Sign on.. it’s more like the same account credentials in both systems, i.e. there will be no seamless login from one to another.

What you are describing would be difficult to implement as the passwords in wordpress are not stored in plain text. Creating user in Adobe Connect using the password hash from wordpress would be impossible as far as I know.

The only way of pulling this off would be to reset the password on both systems at the same time…

Thanks for your reply

there is an open source LMS called moodle, i don’t know if you are familiar with it, there is a plugin that fully integrate moodle with AC, i will be grateful if you take a look at this:

i’m somehow need to integrate wordpress LMS templates like wplms, as if they are like moodle in this case, like SSO and the credentials that the user picked before and etc..   do you think, that would be possible we extend this plugin to behave and integrate with AC like the moodle plugin?

Thank you

Moodle authenticates a user on adobe connect server via a URL like , therefore, it generates a separate password per user in AC and stores it in moodle… my plugin generates a separate password as well but it sends this password to the client. Unfortunately integrating this behaviour into plugin would be pointless… what you require is a customization to include the link to the AC into the WPMLS dashboard. drop me a line to info(a) and we can discuss a customisation.

Hi everyone, first to all excuse my english, I’m still learning it. I need to know if your adobe connect connector plugin work without woocommerce. I must to use with prepaid course and often I don’t need of woocommerce plugin. Thanks in advance. Regards



no, the user is generated and an email is sent to the user only when the ‘oder completed’ event is triggered in woocommerce

Professional and prompt customer support! Thank you.

Hello, we have purchased and installed this plugin on our staging server. Two issues have come up: 1.the tab is not displaying with information on our product page 2. The login details are not included in the “order complete” email I can see in Adobe Connect that the account is listed as a participant in the event.

Can you please explain why this is happening? Possible solutions?

Thank you

Hello and thank you for the purchase. I am sorry that you have those issues. I have just checked on a clean install of WP 4.7 and WooCommerce 2.6.9 and all works as designed. There are many possible reasons why it behaves as you are describing. Possibly you have a plugin or theme that overrides product tabs, if you have a plugin that sends emails instead of built in WC engine that could be the reason for credentials not being sent. If it’s a test box, please keep only WC and the plugin and test. If all works – enable plugins one by one and test each time. That way you’ll know what causes the conflict. If you need help -please email info(a)

Hi I have an Adobe Connect account, but I can not make settings. I do not think I can make Adobe Connect settings. Do you write me that I will do them one by one.

Hello and thanks for the purchase. Please send me a message to with a screenshot of your settings and I’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot your issue.

Hello, is there a way to test this plugin? I’ve seen the live preview, but the checkout page doesn’t work.

- Is there a way to log the meeting attendence for a user / buyer? - Is there a way to attend the meeting within WP login with the WP credential or the user should log in the AC platform ( - Are the AC credentials created each time a user performs a purchase?

Thank you

Hello, unfortunately it’s difficult to test it. If you’d like, I can arrange something for you.

To answer your questions: - No. once the meeting login/pw is generated WC does not interact with AC - No. WP/WC and AC are not connected at all. There is no single sign on possible at this time. So the user will have to login to AC manually. -When the purchase is completed, the plugin talks to AC and checks if there is a user with the given email. If so that user is added to the purchased meeting. If not the user/password is created and sent to the customer.

I have created a demo user on login and password is “demo” please plugin your AC credentials and test. Do not forget to change those back after testing :-)

Hi. If a user buys a course but pays via bank transfer, how would this plugin work? Will the username be sent once order is confirmed manually from the backend?

Hello, when using bank transfer, the order status will be “pending” when your account department checks the payment, someone should set the order to “Completed” and only then the plugin will start to function as described.

I have created a demo user on login and password is “demo” please plugin your AC credentials and test. Do not forget to change those back after testing :-)


Is this plug-in works with WordPress 4.7.2 and WooCommerce 2.6.14?

I also want to test the plug-in before the purchase, I was not able to do it with the live preview.

thank you


Yes, the plugin works with the latest versions. Please use ‘demo’ for username and password on this site You will need to enter your AC details to test.

Please let me know how it goes

I am trying to set up the plugin to send registered users to the “event” participant list. For some reason, it’s sending it directly to the seminar participant list. We reuse seminars for different events and need the participants to be specific to the AC event so they can trigger the auto-emails, not the AC seminar, which doesn’t seem to trigger the email. In the “select AC Object Type” dropdown, I do not see Events as an option (I see External Event, but that doesn’t give me any options even after I’ve updated the product). Am I missing something? Please help!

Hello, please login as demo:demo and fill out at least first 3 fields here

please contact me and I can help you with this in detail

You are AWESOME!!!!! Thanks so much for adding this into the plugin!!!


Does this script use SSO to login to Adobe Connect?

So a returning customer gets a new password each time?

From your link and further googling I understand that SSO is possible but would really complicate the plugin at this time. So perhaps in the future, but not for now.

Plugin Logic: Once the order is set to “Completed” in the WooCommerce the plugin will – check if there is a user in AC with the same email – if YES then the plugin adds that existing user to a sold meeting/event/object – if NO then the user with provided name and email is created and then added to sold meeting/event/object – An order confirmation email is sent by WooCommerce with the link to the sold meeting/webinar and the user credentials in AC (in case the user exists already there will be a note to use existing password)

Hello. Our old site was able to use the Adobe Connect API, using C#, to add guests to meetings. This allowed us to sign up people without needing the create a user. We are moving over to WordPress and don’t have the ability to use the API to do the same thing using PHP. Can this plugin perform this function?

Hello. This plugin is for woocommerce and therefore if during the purchase the customer will provide the name and email this plugin will create the user with the given information. I don’t quite understand the concept of adding an unregistered user to a meeting vs having an open for all meeting in any other case.