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Great plugin good luck with sales :)

It can be used anywhere? As an example to create a user account (I’m using the plugin: Userpro)


Our plugin works with woocommerce, on “checkout page”. if you have any other queries please mail us at

Thank you.

You don’t seem to be responding to support requests so I’m posting it here… a response would be nice… Here’s the problem: Your website just sticks you in a login loop to submit a ticket. you log in, it says you don’t have any open tickets, you click submit ticket and it takes you back to the log in page so it’s stuck in a circle.

So here’s my “ticket.”

Using your Woocommerce Terms and Conditions Popup plugin. The plugin is “working” however, it’s totally disregarding any and all page formatting of the original page. it’s showing all of the design code (shortcodes) from visual composer and it’s it’s just slamming everything together into one very messy looking chunk of text.

how do I get your plugin to recognize the page formatting and to keep it.

<< snip >> Here’s an example of what the plugin is displaying when it presents the terms and conditions: type=”h5” text=”Terms and Conditions”][vc_column_text]OVERVIEW << /snip >>

Sorry for the delay, we will reply to your ticket very soon

Hi there,

I purchased your plugin yesterday and I’ve spotted a bug in your plugin. File woocommerce-terms-popup.php. On Line 87, you have the following line of code:

wp_enqueue_script(‘bootstrap-transition’, $wctcp.’assets/js/transition.js’, array(‘jquery’), ‘1.0’);

This should transition.min.js.

I see the following error in the Console:

............./plugins/woocommerce-terms-popup/assets/js/transition.js?ver=1.0 404 (Not Found)

Please fix this.



Emailed you through your support website. Checked the plugin on a new WP/WC install, and page scrolling is broken after navigating away from the popup by either clicking the Agree button, or by clicking outside the popup.

Issue fixed on your site :)

Can you add support for 2.5.2? I bought your plugin but it doesnt work in this version, the pop up is just a big grey screen. Would really love to use this. Could you please update / fix? Or advise if it will not be updated so I can find another product.



Our plugin works fine with WooCommerce 2.5.2

Please send the site url to [] to check.

Hello, I just purchased and Install your plugin. I set the Terms & Condition page in my WooCommerce/Setting/Checkout. Everything seems to be normal but when I go on my website page checkout and click the link nothing happens at all. It is turning blue and if I do right click, open in new tab it actually open my Terms & Condition page in a new tab. But the popup does not start. I don’t see a check box “enable the plugin” or “enter the link of the page here” so I figured the plugin would turn on automatically. I might be wrong. Any way I could fix the problem? Try to answer me as soon as possible so I can fix the problem or not and then use an other plugin. Thanks a lot

I am using word press 4.4.2 – that might be why


Could you please send the site url and login credentials to [] to check.

Hi There. I’d like to purchase the plugin, however I’d like to use it on my registration page (non woo-commerce). Is that possible? I am using this plugin with the login: WP Custom Register Login. However it seems that all other pop-up plugins I’m using is clashing with my login page – can you possibly assist?

Doesn’t seem to work on Firefox, it fades in, then goes away, but page is locked after that, can’t do anything unless you refresh page. On Chrome, the box fades in, but you can’t scroll through the text or press the I Agree button. How do you fix this? Otherwise, I will not be able to use this plug-in.

Please open a support ticket here [ ] or send an email with your site details to

I just buy this plugin and work perfectlly. THX

Video demo doesn’t show where to set the terms and conditions at? Ive looked all over and cat seem to find it please let me know.

no reply in 8 days?


Sorry for the delay.

You can set the Terms and Conditions page via the WooCommerce settings WooCommerce ->Settings ->checkout under Checkout Pages Section choose the Terms and Conditions page. this is a woo Default Settings.

Hello, how can i change the color of the Button?

No Support here? Please answer Ticket #1146. This is not realy good. I will contact Envato

Please check the ticket #1146

Thank you! I revoke my last Comment. Good Support.

This looks good.

Can we have a vertical scroll bar in case the word content for the Terms and Conditions are tall ?

Is the pop-up mobile phone adaptive ?

Is the the fact that the individual buyer clicked the “Terms and Conditions” saved into the database as proof ?

Hello – just left a ticket. Need help yet this evening please, as I’m on a time sensitive project.


jcity Purchased

It’s not working

Hi, is this plugin still being supported? And, can you have this activate for specific products only? Thanks!

...two weeks and no response?

Yes we provide support through our support portal and our plugin works based on WooCommerce default Terms, so currently you can’t it activate for specific products and we have already added this function to our roadmap.

Checking in; was the functionality to enable per-product checkboxes implemented yet?

Hello, I need somethin like this but a little different. My terms and conditions page must include customer data, order data etc. It is a legal rule. So my terms must be unique. It will change on everey order. Do you have any idea? how can I do that?

Hi, was wondering if this plugin can be a conditional checkbox based on State?

Hi, I have a question…does this plugin work with the plugin Woocommerce GErmanized ( I have tried another pop up plugin and it does not…I would only buy the plugin if it works with the other one