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Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks @AlekseyZhdanov

Hello can the taxes be adding on in the backend to give final price of the product?

Hello @itsnyc! Yes the taxes you add in the backend will effect the total price of the product. lets say you have a product with price $50 and when you add the tax $10 in the backend the price which will be charged to the user on the cart page will be $60.

Thanks for showing your interest in our plugin.

Can you set taxes based on user-group/wholesale for the same product? Example: I use 1 product for retail and wholesale, but retail is tax included and wholesale is excluded.

Hi, Sorry we dont have the option for user-group/wholesale tax currently.


I’m looking for a plugin that will allow me to enter multiple taxes per product. In Belgium we have a system where besides the VAT tax (main tax system in Woo-commerce should remain) there is a enviromental tax for stuff like batteries and for electronics.

So for example if my clients sells a flashlight with batteries included the tax system is as follow: - net worth flashlight 10 EUR - VAT 21%: 2,1 EUR - Bebat (tax on batteries): 0,5 EUR - Recupel (tax for recycling): 1,5 EUR

Bebat and Recupel are not precentages of the net worth.

Will your plugin allow me to set enter these taxes on a per product basis?

Best regards, GEert

Hi GEert!

Thanks for showing your interest in our plugin.

Yes the plugin will allow you to add multiple taxes based on each product, you can see that in screenshot no 4.


I’ve purchased the plugin but can’t find how I add the Bebat and Recupel tax to each product. It’s nowhere to be found in the tabs when I enter a product. I’ve added the tax on a per product basis but can’t find it.

Here is the screenshot how you can add these both taxes. http://weboxic.com/taxes.png When you have added the taxes in to admin you will see them on the cart page while purchasing any product.

Hello, I saw your plugin and seem’s good. I have one pre-sale question. Is possible this case – the customer check the checkbox and thanks to this will remove tax genenrated by woocommerce ?

Hello @rene_fiser! Thanks for showing your interest in our plugin.

If the tax is added from woocommerce->settings-> Tax tab then yes you can disable those taxes from the WTM plugin settings page by just checking a checkbox.


datea Purchased

Great idea and job! Still, we would need the tax-option even for variations. Is such a feature planned?

Hi datea! Thanks for your positive feedback. We always highly consider our client’s suggestions, If you have any share it with us and we absolutely get back to you with some solution and updates.


datea Purchased

Okay, thank you very much! It would be great if we could set the different tax-rates for variations even – not just simple products :) thank you!

Hi Team, Is it also possible to use this simple in the admin, when you create an order for a costumer ? and than adjust the correct tax for this costumer ?

Hello @djpagal! sorry currently we dont have option to manage taxes on admin. The taxes you will add by WTM plugin will be applied on frontend checkout page.

Hey, firstly thanks for the great plugin. It works like magic. I just wanted to know if there is a way of getting the system to add some text if there are no applicable taxes or fees? (like Additional Costs: 0)

This would help our customers know that they do not need to pay any taxes (instead of them not knowing if the tax has been left out or not)..

Is this possible or are there any plans for this?

Hi @eladyanai! Sorry actually the plugin only provide the functionality to add the taxes right now adding the labels isn’t on our list but will absolutely consider it for the feature update.

I there! I cannot get the plugin to be uploaded properly. I tried to install it via WordPress and via FTP. I keep getting the note that “the archive has not been installed. No valid plugin has been found.” Please advise! Eveline

Does it work on a multisite? If not, please refund… or tell me how to adapt it to work? I REALLY need that tax flexibility… If you buy more than 6 items within 3 different categories, no tax apply!


I’ve purchased and installed the plugin.

I’ve set up the taxes “Based on Product.”

The issue I am having is that not all of my products are showing in the list to adding them.

In fact, I’ve added a couple products and needed to add the tax for them and they aren’t showing.

WP: 4.7 WTM: 1.0 WooComm: 2.6.8

Any help is appreciated!


Hi @herbyderby! Thanks for purchasing our plugin. Can you please send the details of server here https://codecanyon.net/user/nyro009 so I can check what is causing the issue.

Hey, one of my orders didn’t get charged the Tax that it is supposed to and I have no idea why, I’ve checked the rules and everything should be working.

Is there a way to debug or check what happened, and how do I know that this wont happen again in future?

Hi eladyanai! its strange if it is being charged to other orders it should have worked on that too, I can take a look on it if you can please send me a message here https://codecanyon.net/user/nyro009 with your domain where you have installed the plugin.

I sent you the details, you asked for access to the website and then stopped replying. Please take care of this urgently, you have all the details that you need in your email account.

Congratulations! Amazing Work, GLWS :)

Hi, pre-sale question, is it possible to display tax on a product page? Does it work with variation ? Regards

Hi there,

This looks like an amazing solution for me but I’m wondering whether if this plugin is compatible with woocommerce currency switcher plugin or not?

Looking forward to your response and thank you.

Hi sylk89@ Thank you for showing your interest in our plugin. Yes this will work with the plugin you mentioned. Let me know if you need any more help.

Hello Nyro009

I just bought the plugin WTM.

i install it , it’s work .

My problem is i need to put a tax for all product. but i the menu list i just see 6 products on total and i do have more than 50 products.

Setting works on the list of the 6 product show in the menu but if i choice all product it will only configure the 6 products in my menu but not all of them ( 50 )

i do have different tax to apply but apparently only work on the one i see on the menu of WTM

Could you give me some support

Hi sylverevincent! Sure I can help you, please send me the details where you have hosted the plugin so I can look into it and help you. Send me the details at https://codecanyon.net/user/nyro009 Thanks

I’ve been having a problem with the WooCommerce Tax Manager plugin since December. I sent you a message about the problem, I received one message from you asking for access to the website, and since then when I sent you the details you have not replied to any of my messages, either by email or through your codecanyon user account.

Your plugin is an integral part of the checkout process. As long as your plugin is not working, it is making us lose a large number of sales. The plugin does not always add the taxes, and we are having lots of customer cancelling their orders when we call them and ask them to pay extra for tax.

Can you please take care of this as soon as possible?

Hi @eladyanai! Sorry for the inconvenience, I am looking at your issue, will update you about that

remove this junk demo, it affected my browser with viruses

Hi, I need to apply a 4% on the 25% of the full price of the product. It is possibile with your plugin? Thanks

Hi @paperplanefactory! Sorry this feature isn’t available in the plugin yet.

Please sir 50% off

I’ve bought this plugin, and it works great mostly… One problem we’re having is that is calculates the taxes based on the billing address, and not the shipping address. Is there any way to change this, because the shipping address is more important in our case. Please let me know as this is causing us problems! Thanks!

Hi @eladyanai thanks for your kind words and I am sorry for the issue you are having. The option to choose the shipping or billing address is being added, the update will be up before the next week.

Hellow @eladyanai! Update has been uploaded and the issue you were having should also be fine now. Please let me know if you need any more help.

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