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Is it possible to add or remove tax based on the shipping method?

I would need that function.


Like Eveliiiiiiiiine i need to know if it works on a multisite? I try to install it but the menu WTM Plugin doesn’t appear. If it’s not possible can you please refund…Thanks

Pre Sales Question. I am wanting to apply a fixed TAX amount to each variation of a product, is this possible?

Also I have a multisite set up so would like to know if this plugin would work on my multisite set up, I’ve seen the question asked a few times but couldn’t see the answer. Apologies if I’ve missed it.


I would like to know if you are working on an update to work with woocommerce 3.0 ?

Best regards.


I inserted two tax rows (rates) under the “Taxes Based on Total Price” category. Prior to installing theWTM plugin, the Tax was being calculated and was inclusive of the product cost (refer: https://pasteboard.co/3gVY8MOhU.jpg). Post setting up the WTM plugin, the prices are off and exclusive of product cost. How do I fix this? (refer: https://pasteboard.co/3gX3R2hM4.jpg)

In India new tax rules apply from 1st July and the website needs to be ready for that, I would greatly appreciate if you could help me out today itself.

Warmly, Nitin

Hi @nitinpasricha!

Please send us your server details where you have setup the plugin at https://codecanyon.net/user/nyro009 so we can check out the issue and help you with that.


Hi, im messaging you using the contact option.

will this plugin supports WC vendor Pro

Hello, India has new Tax system (GST) which differs from state to state in the country. Is there a way I can get support for this?

Why has my issue not been addressed? I have purchased the support.

Hello @devanshi1, Sorry for the delay, the condition for the states are not available in the plugin yet, it can be done with the customization. You can contact us here for the customizations https://codecanyon.net/user/nyro009

Replied using contact


I have a woocommerce store where each product has different tax rates. I downloaded your plugin and installed it. No problems till here.

But, when I try to add Tax By Product. I only see 10 products in the dropdown. Why is it not loading all the products at the same time?


Hi Nyro, I asked a while ago if there is a way to calculate taxes based on Order Price + Shipping Costs? Currently it is basing the taxes only on the total price of the items (without the shipping costs)...

Would it be possible to give us the option of setting the shipping as taxable?


HI In Taxes Based on Products i dont see all the product. Do you have some issues for this problem ?

Best regards

I have modify line 29 of wtm-class-tax-based-on-prudct by $args = array( ‘post_type’ => ‘product’, ‘posts_per_page’ => -1 );

Hi there, I’m the same as pixiesagency In Taxes Based on Products i can’t see all the products just the last 20. Is there a way to increase the number to show all?


I have bought this plugin and have been testing it on our site. It doesn’t seem to be working as the Tax by Product doesn’t load all the products in it. On top of that once I added some of the products and saved the settings, The option where we choose the product ends up showing “ALL Products”

I am not even sure if the system is calculating the taxes correctly at the moment. Can you please revert back to me as this is very important to get solved by this weekend.

Thank you.



For all those who have the same issue of the plugin not showing all the products on the Taxes Based on Products options, please modify the lines 29 and 199 of wtm-plugin/backend/classes/wtm-class-tax-based-on-product.php so that instead of

$args = array( 'post_type' => 'product' );

it reads

$args = array( 'post_type' => 'product'  , 'posts_per_page' => -1);

I am still not sure if the plugin is calculating the tax percentages correctly for me.


Your plugin doesn´t do anything, it show a menu in the admin panel, but it doesn´t show anything,

¿Does this plugin really have support? I want my money back

I also tried to check the documentation that comes with the plugin, but it doesn´t have anything either, I don´t know if the plugin is wrong.

I´ll be waiting wor the answer

I just need the money back, your support team is terrible.

Good afternoon,

Is there any way for the plugin to work with woocommerce 3.2.3 and wordpress 4.9.1? It’s compatible?


I would like to know the tax can it be displayed in cart example

Product Name Product Price Quantity Tax Total Price

I am lookinng forward to purchase


i’m interested by your module.

it’s possible to include tax eco-participation in product price by defaut? thanks best regards

hi, i am looking @ this feature, is it available ooking for plugin which can show

Product Name | Price | Quanity | Tax Percentage | Total amount

and at the bottom Total Tax Amount of all the products and GrandTotal amount of the producr

Is there a way to activate or control any ‘rounding’ that happens to the tax? For example, we added a tax now and it made the subtotal 100.25, which it then rounded up in the total as 101… We would prefer that it would round to the closest number and not round up if it’s less than .5