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Hey db-dzine Team,

I bought and installed the Store Finder Plugin, but it looks nothing like in the demo and also I can’t find where I can make it look like the demo (i configured everything like in the demo backend. Here’s the link: http://dev.viita-watches.com/store-finder/ Login User: pulse7 Login Pass: pulse7

Hi there,

what do you want to have changed on your site? Of course the general Theme styles are applied globally. You may need to add some custom CSS to override them ;)

Can my company hire you to customize/extend this plugin for what we need?

Hi there,

yes for sure. Please get in contact with support@db-dzine.com with detailed explanation what you need :)


njanicki Purchased

bd5ceb1b-485c-46b5-885e-9373e2bc3bfe – 21 Aug 2017 REGULAR LICENSE

I seem to have found a bug that I can figure out. Under settings have have:

“Store Link Action What happens when store name is clicked.” Go to website.”

It goes to the url specified on the ‘result list,’ but on the ‘infowindow’ (on the map) clicking the name goes to /store/db-zine

You can see my problem here: https://www.truerest.com/locations-2/ (Type OH in the search box) for the store. I’m going to have the links go to custom landing pages for each store, but there seems to be something broken. How do I have the link for the name on both the infobox/search results go to a custom url?


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Figured out how to get directions, ignore that question. https://maps.google.com/?saddr=My%20Location&daddr=

Hi there,

Enter Button: We will implement this – nice idea!

Zooming with Mouse Wheel: We extra got rid off this. Opinions differ on this of course, but we found it very annoying to get stuck in a map when you just want to scroll down the page. Also this has to do with our WooCommerce Modal concept.

Show All Locations: How do you want this to be displayed? On a map or in a list?

Best regards :)


njanicki Purchased

I agree (the zooming was requested by my client—but it would ‘lock’ you into the map and your map is designed around radius searching anyway, so zooming out isn’t valuable if you only have 25 miles as I noticed it doesn’t automatically adjust radius. It would be great however if you could click the minus button and the map would automatically ‘update’ and show locations potentially up to the size of NA, etc. I tried playing with the radius and saw it was capped to 1,000 miles (1609.34KM); but NA is roughly 24708486.57 sq KM. Maybe a cool feature in the future—when you zoom out it will use ajax and automatically update the map to reveal more locations instead of having to change the radius/page reload.

As far as the zooming as well, see https://www.truerest.com/locations/ (if your mouse is hovering over he map and you attempt to scroll a ‘hover effect’ appears that says “use ctrl + scroll to zoom” but it will scroll the page) This allows you to zoom using ctrl and mouse wheel, but doesn’t lock you into the map; I also like that the map automatically adjusts to show more locations—it would be great if you guys could implement something like this in the future. We’re switching from mapifypro to your map as we don’t like how they display the list/search, your’s is MUCH cleaner, but the way they handle the map/zoom and auto populating is very cool. Maybe something for the future, but it would probably require a lot of changes to the core functionality of how your map works as yours is focused around isolating on a specific radius/location so maybe not feasible.

Let’s you use trackpad/mouse wheel to still scroll if you want, but by default mousewheel just scrolls the page (which I agree is preferred versus being locked into the map and not being able to scroll up or down without using the scrollbar)

Show All Locations: It would be great to have this be on the map primarily, but possibly on this list as an option (so you could have it show all locations on the map or show all locations in the list, or show all locations on the map AND list)

We would really like the Show All Locations feature on the MAP; if there is a quick method I could achieve this with some js (or we could pay you for custom work) We’d love to maybe just have a button/link (before or after the filter, or part of the filter as a separate item—so Filter (Show All Locations Link/Button, Show Category, Radius) https://www.truerest.com/locations-2/ (Phoenix, AZ) I’ve hidden the category selection as we felt it was redundant with the filters. (basically achieves the same thing, but we needed categories for custom icons for ‘open’ and ‘coming soon’)

The main thing my client has requested is a Show All Locations so if there is a method to display it on the map (list isn’t necessary, but it would be cool to have the option as well to do list + map) We can pay you for custom work unless there is a relatively easy way to just hardcore it into the js/php.

The Zooming isn’t a big deal, but see how mapifypro handles it, would be awesome if you could tweak it a bit to function similar to that in the future. (So ctrl + scroll and then it automatically reveals locations on the map, adjust lists) Just a thought!)



Great script. Thank you.

Is there a way to go to a certain PAGE when clicking on NAME?



or a url ?

More info – i have selected ‘website’ in Store Link Action, but none of the selectable options there seem to work …?

Hi there,

it should work with the store link action: Settings > Result List > Store Link Action.

the plugin is not working with the theme, Admin goes blank

site is this: http://tasarimcozumleri.com/cengizholding2

what shoud we do

Alright :) Great!

hello theme make again problem, when open map and the meta box plugin visual composer not respond, when open meta box admin goes blank, how should i send site adamin and cpanel info to check?

Hi there,

please send credentials to support@db-dzine.com.

Thanks :)


njanicki Purchased

Hi I just noticed a bug in your latest update. You added the option to give both the list and the map custom links, however the list dropdown selector doesn’t work.

Under Settings > Results List:

Store Link Action What happens when store name is clicked.

“Website” is selected. This still results in the clicking the store name on the list to go to the ‘store page’ url not the website specificed on the specific store. The map version works correctly.

I corrected this by manually updating line 608 of wordpress-store-locator-public.js to

content    +=        '<a href="' + store.we + '"></a>

However I thought I’d mention it as others may encounter the same problem. (It doesn’t fix the front-end code, just manually fixed it for my case)

Also any solution on a method to ‘reveal all locations’ (Like a button or code I can add that would just zoom out all of North America and show all locations) While not very useful for customers, my client is requesting it just so we can show our growth/expansion. Let me know if this is possible as I know the map is designed around a specific radius/location.


Hi there,

we have tested it with settings the radius step to 3000 and it seems to work:

https://prnt.sc/goqjvl https://prnt.sc/goqjrj

The Enter Button currently already works with the Google Autocomplete. Have you checked entering an address and then just hit enter?

Best regards

Strange, I just tried hitting enter, still doesn’t work, not sure what you means with ‘Google autocomplete.’ I tried a couple address,’ enter doesn’t seem to work.


(I’m hitting enter in the example, nothing happens…)

In 1.3.7 setting the radius to 3,000 didn’t work previously, I’ll try again; that should work for ‘showing all stores.’ Is there anyway I could make that a custom button or something. It looks a bit silly selecting “3,000 miles,” (t’s not clear that the intent is to ‘reveal all;’ would be cool to just have a separate filter option or stand alone link that just says ‘show all stores’ ) Alternatively if each radius was given a unique ID I could just use CSS to have the ‘3,000 mile radius say “Show All Locations’—not my first choice but possibly a quick fix?

It seems like you have not enabled Google Autocomplete. Can you check this?

You can change the last select option for miles like this via jQuery:

$('#store_locator_filter_radius option:last').text('All Stores');