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1) First, you MUST clearly state in your item description that you require the installation of some other 3rd party plugins in order to make your plugin work. I mean why we find out that we need to install some Redux Framework plugin and Metabox plugin only after we paid our money??

2) Please help. I’ve installed all the prerequisite plugins and entered the Google maps API key. However when I try to add a new store I get a bank page like this:


3) Your documentation is a joke. You simply copy paste all the settings field labels and that’s all?? How about explaining how to add new stores, how to create filters and categories? How to make your plugin work like in the demo? How to create a page with the store locator?

Actually, I just found out that it’s not Redux or Metabox plugins, it Woocommerce store locator that messed up the theme design in frontend :( On Blog posts category page posts disappeared.

This is a very unnormal thing. One last thing you can do is installing this plugin to deep debug: https://github.com/stracker-phil/wp-no-white-screen

If this does not help, we can only help if you send us the information + FTP.


have you fixed your problems?


puretan Purchased


I have query regarding this plugin. This plugin is not working on my site .IT gives me google map api error

My purchase code is :01e4a936-dcdd-468e-b0da-35992632ff97


Maybe you have not added the domains in the Google API Console? Otherwise please send me a link to your site to support@db-dzine.com


puretan Purchased

okay I will send you link of my site on your mail id


No email received yet.

THANKS GOD – for I noticed this: “This plugin requires the free Redux Framework and Meta Box Plugin to give you an easy to manage settings panel.”

i am having difficulty importing stores via CSV, when i click the “import stores” button the page prompts “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.” Please assist urgently

I will send email from dustanf@gmail.com

Thanks so much

How do you output the store location functionality to the front-end? There is no WYSIWYG option or shortcode. Where is the documentation?

Shortcode is: [woocommerce_store_locator]

An Email with updated Version has also been sent.

You can extend the radius of kilometers? 500 km for example?

You can set the radius like you wish. See the settings here: http://docs.db-dzine.com/woocommerce-store-locator/

Search for “Radius”

PRESALE question:

Does this support uploading a .CSV document for multiple stores? I have over 1,000 stores that i need to add, and I want to make sure I can just upload a document instead of manually adding every store individually.

Hello ericfantich,

our Plugin does not support .csv, but Exel files (.xls). You can download a sample import file from the plugin and then add your stores in the Excel file. Then import and you are done.

I would suggest you to add the categories / filter before, so that you can import them via the file too.

Best regards DB-Dzine

Awesome. One last question. Can you make it show the entire country of the USA as the starting point? Like a zoom out of the entire map (and not use your location), and then you can just type in the address you want and it will show locations?

Sure, you can disable the “Enable Auto Geolocation” option. Then you have to set a default LAT & Lng and set the zoom level to whatever you like.

But no stores will be shown in the default view. Not before the user enters his address.

PRESALES questions – 1. does the app support post/zip code search? 2. are multiple categories per location supported (eg. brands sold at each store) 3. can I upload using csv, including categories? 4. can I customize the appearance of the search widget? eg. enter a zipcode > select a category > select a radius > click search

Hi wordjack,

1) Yes – the Google Autocomplete function should work with this 2) Yes – you can create categories or filters just as you want 3) Yes – not CSV, but Excel (xlsx) files inlcuding categoriers 4) No – we have no steps on how a user should do the search.

Best regards DB-Dzine

just a follow up on #4) there are 2 parts I meant by this: 4a) can we rename the fields, for example, changing the button from “find in store” to “search”, and changing language like “filter – select a category” to “brand – select a brand” and 4b) can I change the order of the fields so the “find” button would be below the filter and radius search http://screencast.com/t/yHHqzLdFhP.....and 3 new questions: 5) can I limit the scope of the search to Australia so that ambiguous searches like “richmond” don’t look for richmond in UK or USA. 6) are there any additional plugins I need to operate this plugin properly? 7) can you give me a city name I can search in here to see some location results http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-store-locator/full_screen_preview/15762057 – thanks for your help

ok let me go through your points:

4a) You can change the button text to whatever you like. Either from the plugin settings or from the translation files.

4b) screencast link does not work? But reordering is not possible

5) No sorry

6) Redux Framework & Meta Box plugin

7) Try “Lingen (Ems), Germany”

Best regards

Is it correct to asume that this plugin can be used in the following manor: I have a customer that is a wholesaler that wants a range of products of a brand of them to be shown in catalogue mode, so no add to cart and stuff. He wants the visitor to quickly find a store where he or she can buy the product in a brick store. So when they are on the smartphone they quickly have to see where the neaerest store is. When they are on the desktop they also have to find a store neaerby thru brwoser locator function. Can your plugin do this?



Hi there,

Yes this is what the plugin is for. Please also look at the Demo here: http://woocommerce.db-dzine.com/find-in-store/

I just bought the plugin. I was suprised that I had to install two more plugins to let the plugin work! It isn’t in the manual installation part. I use Avada. When I click the find store button the popup comes up but is greyed out like the rest of the background. It is behind the transparent background grey color.

Can you help me solve this?



Hello Marco,

please send WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com


Hi there, I’ve activated the plugin and tried to launch the modal from the product page but nothing is happening. Console error is: ncaught TypeError: store_modal.modal is not a function(…).

Could you please assist me in fixing this problem? Thank you!

Hey there,

could you please send wp admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com thanks?

hi do you support rtl?

Hi there,

should be no problem. If you have any issues feel free to contact us.

BR DB-Dzine

hi are you sure that the plugin support rtl on a rtl site?


you could easily switch the text to the right. If you have any issues, feel free to contact us at support@db-dzine.com


Hello, If a person clicks find a store under the product and it takes them to the store finder page and search using zip code or by area, can i export all of the search result as a csv?

Hi there,

no this is not possible.

hello is the shortcode [woocommerce_store_locator] ? I tried it and is not working!

I want to display it as on your example

Hi there,

in the new version the shortcode is [wordpress_store_locator]

We will change this in the docs! Thanks for notifying us.


sathiyLCF Purchased

Free version shows map but the paid version not showing map. Checked Google API, etc. they are all fine. Any suggestion? Happy to provide login details by email if required


sathiyLCF Purchased

Error is Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class ComposerAutoloaderInit1eeaf18bcdc8f797dd2cc900cc834639 in /home/demovkareit/public_html/fable/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-store-locator/vendor/composer/autoload_real.php on line 6

Hi there,

have you activated the plugin twice? If not, please send WP-Admin & FTP credentials to support@db-dzine.com and we will help you asap!



sathiyLCF Purchased


Hi , i have some little problems… I installed the plugin but the css is not good… it’s not as the demo page… Can you help me if give you credentials?

Hi there,

please send WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com