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I dont know if this is compatible with MULTI-Vendor plugins like Dokan, WC-Marketplace, WC Vendors.

Hi there,

we have not tested it, but you can try of course :)

Pre-sale question: would it be possible, when using the store locator on a woocommerce product page, to add a button to each store to “enquire”? A simple form would allow the customer to enter name, question about item or price, and it would be sent to the contact email address for the given store?

Hi there,

you mean for each store an own contact form?

Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, a way for the customer to contact any store, where the product id/link from woocommerce is included.

Hmm sounds like a good feature, but “complex” feature.

You can write a short mail to our customization service at support@db-dzine.com with a request for this feature.

I want to ask if users can sign-up and add their own businesses?

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if you grant your users the permission to add stores then yes.

Best regards :)

Hi there! I’m having trouble getting the Store Locator map to show up on a page. I put the shortcode in the editor on that page, but now all I’m seeing is that shortcode text on the page itself. Am I missing something here? (Sorry Im a novice!)

And you have entered the shortcode [wordpress_store_locator] ?

Oh I’d used [wpsl] ! That’s what I’d found in an FAQ. This one you just sent over works perfectly. Thanks for clarifying!


Hi there — one more question! :) I tried to import my .xlsx file with my stores, and once I click “Import,” the window just goes blank…I let it sit for a while in case it just takes a long time to load, but it never went anywhere. Is there another way to import locations?

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this is strange! Can you send over WP-Admin & FTP credentials? Or do you have anything in your error log?

No recent errors. Is it possible to send you login info privately?

Yes please send them to support@db-dzine.com

Thanks :)


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Please ignore


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Also, can we move the search button below the “filter” – it makes sense that you would fill out any filters and options and then click “search”

Thank you very much for the rating.

1) Button is controlled by theme CSS. But you can add custom CSS if you want like this
.store_locator .button {
    padding: 10px 20px;
    border-radius: 25px;
    color: #fff;
    background: #333;

2) Hmm no this is not possible right now. Sorry :(

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all issues solved? We would be very happy about a good review here :)


Hi there.

Great plugin.

i’ve set it up here; http://hpbacanada.org/store-locator/ but the website links don’t seem to be working properly…they aren’t opening in new windows, and they are just tacking the url on to whatever is currently in the address bar…

Please let me know how we can fix this when you get a chance. Thanks.

Hi there,

please save permalinks in your WP-Admin settings > Permalinks.

Then the single store pages work ;)


I want the Store Locator to be full height however it appears to take only half of the height of container.

See page: https://bullywear.com/retail-locations/

Please help.

To fix the first issue:

#store_locator_result_list {
max-height: 100% !important;

The radius circly will be removed automatically when you click on show all stores. You should keep it enabled ;)

But I don’t want it enabled because it covers the entire map and covers it in that blue color. I don’t understand why have the option to disable it.

Okay! We will applay a hotfix for you. Please write a short mail to support@db-dzine.com and we will send you updated plugin asap.


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I need help figuring out how to configure this on a page. Can you please provide a link to the documentation guide to assist me?

Thank you in advance


Sure mate, here is our getting started documentation: https://plugins.db-dzine.com/wordpress-store-locator/docs/topics/getting-started/

if you need help, feel free to ask ;)

Hi. Is it possible to use this plugin along with a review/rating plugin?

Hi there,

do you have a specific plugin in mind? Do you want to rate stores?

I don’t have a specific plugin in my mind. I want users to be able to rate stores and make comments. Even add pictures if needed.

Hmm this sounds like a good improvement, but this requires some work to do, which is currently not implemented.


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Im not sure what happened, but the plugin was working great, then I updated to latest version and now the map loading gets stuck.

The console shows You have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors.

I’ve tried removing the server key but I still get the same.

Also, in Firefox (latest) the input field doesn’t show any text.

Can you provide insight I what I haven’t done right.


P.S feature request – an x icon in the search input field to delete what is default location to save have to delete the whole string of text. or another method to achieve the same thing.

Hi there,

can you send a link to your store locator page to support@db-dzine.com?

And what do you mean with the x icon? Can you give an example?

Email sent thanks