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Sorry but just can’t get this app working. Followed all the instructions and installed the Redux Framework but couldn’t find the Meta box plugins.

All address files are installed okay but link doesn’t work on Store page.

On the Redux status I’m getting this message and I changed the folder to writable: ✕ To allow data saving, make /homepages/39/d623559896/htdocs/bioflor7/wp-content/uploads/redux/ writable.

Can I get a refund since I can’t get it to work and wasted half a day already?

Can you send WP-admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com? Then we take a look. If It still won’t work we will accept your refund.

Hi, I installed the plugins and got this error: Warning: file_put_contents(/home//domains/.nl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-store-locator/public/css/wordpress-store-locator-custom.css): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home//domains/.nl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-store-locator/public/class-wordpress-store-locator-public.php on line 118

What to do? Thanks

Hi there, please change the file permissions for the plugin folder to 0777

Thanks, that works!

i just updated the plugin and now the map page is messed up.



I can see no map?

I deleted it an just added back the older version of the plugin 1.5.9. this version works. I just won’t update it. because 1.6 breaks the map.

Hmm we only added output buffering.

Could you check your PHP.ini file and ensure the Output Buffer is enabled.

1.) Does your plugin have a Search Box Shortcode to place in other areas of a website?

2.) Is there a pop-up version of this plugin also?

Hi there,

1) No sorry, but we look into implementing this

2) Yes, but only for WooCommerce product pages

RE: 2) Yes, but only for WooCommerce product pages

Is there more details and information in regards to this specifically?

You can enalble the “Button” settings in our plugin and then a find in store button appear on product pages.

See our example here: https://plugins.db-dzine.com/wordpress-store-locator/product/woo-single-2/

Hello, I find the css plugin and more particularly the buttons search and contact sheet as get direction

Thank you


Hi there,

not sure what you need? Do you want to have the CSS classes for certain parts?

We are having several issues with the plugin.

1.) The plugin is not displaying all locations entered into the backend its only showing 15 locations on the map.

2.) The plugin is not showing locations within the 100 Mile Radius

Do you have a private ticket system or an email that I can send login information to so you can help troubleshoot?

Hi there,

following solution: go to plugin settings > result list > incrase the number of max results to show from 15 to whatever.

See here: https://plugins.db-dzine.com/wordpress-store-locator/docs/faq/not-stores-displayed/

Hi, in https the plugin not work: moutfitters.it/punti-vendita/ if i switch in http work correctly, why?

Our Demo also works on HTTPS.

Caching problem?

Perfect, the problem was the server cache, thanks!


the importer options are not working, everytime a click the get sample import file button the page refreshes and I get the internal error page cant be found, also when importing all the stores from another site I get nothing just an empty page.

Hi there,

you got some error log for me?


ich habe eben das Plugin für Worpdress bei Envato gekauft.

Alles installiert, auch die Plugins Meta Box und Redux.

Leider ist die Darstellung komplett zerschossen:


Das sieht ja nun nicht annähernd wie Euer Demo aus ;(

Es wäre toll, wenn Ihr mir helfen könntet.

Habe auch schon alles an CSS nochmal eingefügt, sodass die CSS Klassen vom Theme überschrieben werden sollten.

Freue mich von Euch zu hören.

Cheers aus Berlin, Peter

Hi Peter,

habe schon auf eine Mail geschrieben :)


in Filter can we ADD

State, Pincode or Zipcode?


You can create this as own filter but it’s not integrated with the store data from core.

Hi, i’ve installed and setted your plugin in my site but it is showed in this way. Can you help me to set it correctly? https://www.finchiara.it/le-nostre-sedi/

Hi there,

I only see a maintenance mode page?

Can you send me wp-admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com and explain what you want to have changed?

i sent you an email 3 days ago, did you receive it?


Hi, I need to insert a social link for the store. It’s Possible?

Hmm then you could use the simple description field.

but I can show the description in Infowindow ? Ot I can add custom filed with Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin ?

Yes you can show description in the infowindow. No custom fields

Hi! I have purshase the WP Store Locator and i would like to get help with a minus thing! I’m not able to make the store name appear.. it looks like it there in the source code but it does not appear.

Many Thanks! Rick

Hi there,

can you please make sure you have CHMOD 0777 to the plugin folder and files? And make sure you have enabled to show the store name from the settings.

Hi,it’s possible to set a search with OR and not AND for multi filter selection? Ex. I have 3 store Store 1 – filter A – B Store 2 – Filter C – B Store 3 Filter: C

Now If I select filter C , B the system only show a Store 2. I need to show all store whit ono of the filter: store1, Store 2 , Store 3

What? It is not possible …

Sure but we look forward to implement this as said before.