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this looks great – can you add shortcodes into these fields?

Thanks. But it cannot parse shortcodes just the contents.

Hi, we have added shortcode in plugin.

I see your logo in the screenshots. Is it seen on the customer end? Can your branding be disabled?

No, it’s not on customer end. It’s just a water mark.

I have been looking for this, without shortcodes we cant use it, could you think about allowing shortcodes?


yes we found the hook, under the featured image.

I have purchased it, thank you for the updates so fast :)

I will rate it shortly once i have had a little play around.

Thanks, looking forward for your feedback.

my clients are going to love this..

On my BUY list for MAY.



We have added the shorcode support in plugin in latest update.

Is it possible add custom button, like have the woocommerce Add Cart and a custom “Download PDF”?

Thank you

Hi, yes you can add custom button via html.

html inside your plugin, not editing woocommerce or another ftp files? Because of the future updates.

Thank you

Not inside our plugin files, I mean the options in plugin.

Hello, looks quite useful !.. I have two questions:

1. I read above you can add shortcode.. any shortcode that is right ? Like a Revslider, Layerslider etc ?

2. I’d like to be able to be able to apply a content (like say a shortcode in a tab) that could be done centrally, for example I could make a tab called Designer and make a little slider presentation.. that would then show on all products that have been categorized as that Designer, or a tab on shoes that shows on all shoes.. without having to enter this tab content at th epage, but globally, is that possible ?


Hi, we are working to add shortcode support into Tabs. And update you as soon as we added.


we have updated our plugin so now Shortcode can be used in Product Tabs.

Hi there,

FEATURE REQUEST: I would like to know if you could make it so we could add templates based on product pages and not at a global level only?

Regards Alex

Hi Alex,

can you please explain what you mean about templates? Are you talking about Product Tabs?


Sorry my bad,

I would like to be able to add a unique item to say the product page of only one product item only and not across all areas.

Does that make sense, if not i will create a quick video :)

Let me know


Sorry Alex, will appreciate if you can make video.

Not a problem, give me 5 minutes :)

Thank you.

Thanks alot, it give us energy to launch new version soon ;)

Please download new version of this plugin (after approval).

Now you can add contents against specific product using following shorcode: [woostore-product id=”10”] your content [/woostore-product]

Hi nmedia82,

Thank you for your time updating the plug-in, this will be a great addition to the plug-in. :)

Hello, a demo site would be useful, am not clear as to how this works.. for example how does one make entries in custom tabs ? Are those “custom post types” that can then be applied to product categories ? Thx.


ok will try to setup a demo site, by the way you can add tabs within the product edit page.

Hi … You can provide an wp admin demo link ? .. regards


Sorry, there is not admin demo, but you can watch video here:

Hi there,

I am using the following shortcode and it is not displaying on the per project in After featured image.

[woostore-product id=”1360”] [countdown id="1440062577" format="dHMS" serverSync="true" alwaysExpire="false" compact="false" tickInterval="1" counter_color="#919191" counter_bg_color="#cccccc" counter="until" template="default" until="11,20,2015,16,53" labels="Years,Months,Weeks,Days,Hours,Minutes,Seconds" labels1="Year,Month,Week,Day,Hour,Minute,Second" compactLabels="y,m,w,d"] [/woostore-product]

Update: I get the appear: [Array]

Any ideas?

Please share site detail with and we will see the issue.

Hi, Anytime I try to use a shortcode, [Array] displays instead of the shortcode.

can you please tell which is shortcode not rendering?

Will you be updating this for WP 4.4 and Woo 2.4.x? Any shortcode has the array issue like the other user reported. Maybe an update will fix this? I purchased this based on comments made that shortcodes can be used. Can you clarify the comments you made several months ago? “7 months ago Hi, we are working to add shortcode support into Tabs. And update you as soon as we added.


nmedia82 AUTHOR 6 months ago Flag Hi,

we have updated our plugin so now Shortcode can be used in Product Tabs.”


can you please share your site detail with with ref to this thread.

i checked for third party plugin for show delivery option.but my required customizations is not mach with you are given code canyon plugin and also other plugin …it only option for selecting date for customer side but i dont want this..we will give the delivery time for example 1,”immediate delivery 1-2 days” 2. “delivery withi in 2-3 days”(we want to put this drop down options in product backend page ).it is very important for our site..i want to discus with your devoloper for the scope of work regarding this i think they can customize or add this option in our product invontry. otherwise help to find plugin for my output

Scop of work ---—- we want the output simply is very simple output we are looking i will explain this is the follow one of the link for our product page in our project a1estore

after short description in right side, i want to show the delivery optionin product page like amozon website

i want these simple option in back end as drop down list for every each each product so customise in product inventry options for selecting product delivey in back end of product page

//immediate delivery with in 1-2 days //delivery with in 2-3 days //delivery with in 3-4 days //delivery with in 1 week //delivery with in 2-week //delivery between 3-week //delivery within 4-week //delivery within 5 -week //optional we want to “text” option to text about delivey option may like ””contact our store +(phone number)”“

this is the customize output we want to do in scop of help me solve this issue can contact in my gmail hangout/skype gmail—> skype-id—>siyadas633133////////or

so please inform me as soon as possible

thanks and regards



ok, I will contact via email, the information you shared just messed up.

Please take the time to upgrade the compatibility and add features for this plugin. I see you have multiple newer plugins and this one seems neglected. :(


Yes, we will definitely update our this plugin as we others. We are making list of features if you have any suggestion please let us know here or

BR, Najeeb

Does this plugin supports WC v 2.5.2?

Yes this supports WC 2.5.2 version.

Can i customize shop page with this plugin (display price) on WC v 2.5.2?

thereis no shop page screenshot – pls give it to me

the only changes on shop page you can make is to change price label.

there is no price on WC v2.5.2 shop page template how?

I’m extremely frustrated that the things I write in the customizer input fields keep disapearing. I have written text that I didn’t save elsewhere and I have to keep writing new text because I return, it’s gone from the pages, and the fields a blank.

Also you wrote a long time ago that it accepts shortcodes, all I get is the text “array” when I input a shortcode, and nothing else I input on the same page is displayed.

Please help with this, client is checking the site tomorrow!

Also I’ve tried inputting the addthis script in the same format as in your video, nothing happens on product pages..

Hi, make sure you have updated to latest version and also share your site detail with with ref to this thread.

Is this plugin abandoned? There have been no updates for nearly one year.

No, we didn’t leave it alone, we didn’t get any major bug fix issue in this and not any feature request. :)

Hi, this are a pre-sale questions…I need to customize my ec-commerce store. 1- is this plugin compatible with the flatsome theme? 2-is it possible to add different sections to the product page? Specifically I need to add sections near the price, near size, near the add to cart button and under add to cart button. What I need is some space to add more information about shipping time, size charts link, discounts, payment methods, guarantees and so on. Will I be able to add flatsome shortcodes? 3- is it possible to add 3 or 4 more tabs under the add to cart button? 4-can I add text/elements to the cart and checkout as well?

Looking forward to your reply, thanks kind regards


Well you can add your stuff all areas we have mentioned in screenshot in detail. And yes you can add tabs. You cannot add extra fields on checkout page.

hi, I purchased the plugin but the shortcodes do not work on it…even the shortcode you provide in order to select on which product pages we want certain text do not work… please let me know asap kind regards


Can yo u please share your site detail with with to this post.