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Coul the plugin send sms notification when the item is avalible? Could client subscribe to notification gor interesting items?

This is a plugin sends notification to store owners and other selected persons when the stock reaches a threshold value. Hence, the name low stock notifier. But you are asking for out of stock notification system. That is completely opposite of this plugin. But you need that kind of plugin, then I can create another plugin for you. Please let me know. Thanks.

Hi Dibrovs, I have updated the plugin, now customers will be notified in email, mobile when product will be restocked. Also for every product sale, owner will get notified. This plugin can send notifications in daily, weekly or monthly. This plugin has full customization support for styling. And many for features. Please enjoy this plugin. Thanks.

1. The default plugin does not email any data about the product that is low stock.

2. Low Stock and Stock Sale Notification are both emailed and there is no way to turn Stock Sale Notification email off.

This is what I need to make this plugin usable for me:

1. When the low stock threshold is reached It emails me:

Subject: “SKU” – “Product Name” is low in stock. There are 2 left. Body: Url to the product.

2. Disable Stock Sale Notification.

The email preferably is sent text only.

Thank you Tahsin,

I think the plugin will work nicely for me. thanks for all your work


Hi Ananda, I am looking into your issue and will get back to you asap :).

In the meantime I have edited the WooCommerce ‘class-wc-emails.php’ file to better show you how I would like the emails to be send for Low Stock, and Out of Stock. It works perfectly with WooCommerce but it is hard coded to a value for all products as you know. If these additions can be made to you’re plugin and disable Stock Sale Notification, it would be perfect for me.

  • Low stock notification email. * * @param WC_Product $product */ public function low_stock( $product ) { $subject = sprintf( _( ’%s is low in stock.’, ‘woocommerce’ ), html_entity_decode( strip_tags( $product->get_formatted_name() ), ENT_QUOTES, get_bloginfo( ‘charset’ ) ) ) . ’ ’ . sprintf( _( ‘There are %d left’, ‘woocommerce’ ), html_entity_decode( strip_tags( $product->get_total_stock() ) ) ); $message = sprintf( _( ’%s is low in stock.’, ‘woocommerce’ ), html_entity_decode( strip_tags( $product->get_permalink() ), ENT_QUOTES, get_bloginfo( ‘charset’ ) ) ) . ’ ’ . sprintf( _( ‘There are only %d left’, ‘woocommerce’ ), html_entity_decode( strip_tags( $product->get_total_stock() ) ) );
  • No stock notification email. * * @param WC_Product $product */ public function no_stock( $product ) { $subject = sprintf( __( ’%s is out of stock.’, ‘woocommerce’ ), html_entity_decode( strip_tags( $product->get_formatted_name() ), ENT_QUOTES, get_bloginfo( ‘charset’ ) ) ); $message = sprintf( __( ’%s is out in stock.’, ‘woocommerce’ ), html_entity_decode( strip_tags( $product->get_permalink() ), ENT_QUOTES, get_bloginfo( ‘charset’ ) ) );

Thanks for your quick reply Tahsin


Hi Ananda, I have updated my plugin, now you can enable/disable notification. please see the documentation. In the admin panel, Woocommerce > Settings > WooCommerce notification builder, you will see the options for enable/disable.

Also, you can set custom email body in these sections. please all the tabs for this plugin under settings. You can set customized email body in the admin panel.

For custom email subject for low stock notification, for example, in your cart, you have ordered 5 product, out of which, 2 are low stock, then it will send one email for low stock, hence, we can’t mention two ‘SKU’ in email subject. Also, when we set scheduler email, it will send email daily, weekly, monthly, so, we can have specific product SKU in the subject.

Futhermore, if you need any help regarding setting custom email body, plz provide me FTP information on my contact section of themeforest. I will guide you through. Thanks for your interest. Please give a five star rate if you are happy with my support.

Best Regards, Tahsin Hasan

is there a working demo?

also, does your plugin allow to place a notify option (perhaps with popup/overlay) on the shop/archive/category page under the out of stock product?

Hello Sir, sorry for late reply. Currently there is no working demo URL. But you can view the screenshots. There is support for each envato products. So, you are guaranteed about the product. Regarding notify button, yes there is a notify button for out of stock product. Its a complete suit of wordpress notification system. Thanks.

Hello, just wan to know if there any problem with woocommerce 2.6 ? thanks for your quicly reply.

Hello Sir, Sorry for late reply. It is compatible with woocommerce 2.6. If you found any issues, plz let me know. Thanks.


Does it work with: Woocommerce Variations to Table – Grid http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-variations-to-table-grid/10494620

Is it possible to test before purchase?


Hello Sir, Currently there is no demo for this product. This plugin is compatible with woocommerce, I don’t know anything about the link you provided here. Thanks.

Does it use cron job to send notifications or the functions are using woocommerce hooks to trigger notifications?

Please mentioned what hooks does it use? I am using Wp-lister softwares. They hook into $product->reduce_stock( $by ) hook while creating orders. This plugin listens to that hook? Plus, is it a cron job when notifications are sent on “Daily, Weekly” basis?

Sir, i have used ‘cron_schedules’ hook for sending daily, weekly basis. as it is a Mega notification builder, it used many WP hooks to send notification for different events. thanks.

Hello Sir, Sorry for late reply. We are here for your support. Thanks.

Presale Question:

Can this plugin send the order status if the customer send the order # to our Twilio text phone number?

Can I schedule a text message after one week from the woocommerce order opening?

I have Woocommerce / Wordpress.


Hello Sir, currently, it doesn’t send order status of an order into mobile phone. But as per your request we are implementing this feature and will release it on next update very soon. In the meantime you can use the other features of this plugin. thanks.

Congratulations! GoodLuck

Demo of this plugin is not working

Demo of this plugin is not working

Hello sir, our demo server is facing some problem. sorry for the inconvenience, but you can try our product. thanks.

We are looking for an email notification plugin that will send alerts to multiple email addresses when a product is purchased. The customer and accounting would receive the current default email summarizing the purchase, but would also like an email notification sent to specific supplier email addresses for each product purchased. Is this something your plugin could be adapted to do? Or is your plugin just related to inventory levels?

sir, yap, my plugin will send notification to multiple custom email addresses when a product is sold. you will get the default email, but there is option to customize the default template. it’s a complete notification system. it already has notification when a purchase is made. thanks.

Is if possible make same for New Posts? And does Apple iOS mobile push available?

Sir, Do you mean a notification for new products? yes, I can add that feature also. It has push notification for iOS also. thanks.

live preview not work… I need to view the demo

Some questions:

1. Is possible to receive an email with email, phone and product where the customer has registered every time that user fill the form?

2. Is possible to send email with SMTP plugin and NOT with the services you offer (mandrill, ecc.)

3. Is possible to put the email of customer that fill the form in my mailchimp account?

Is possible to test plugin with my theme?

Hi sir,

thanks for your query. the customer will get notification on email, phone. currently it gets notification by services, but we can customize it to use SMTP for you. thanks.


I think that is a “must” that you include the feature with the possibility to send email using a SMTP and a woocommerce standard template.

I wait your reply


hey, some user reply me? thanks