Discussion on WooCommerce Step Filter - Product Filter for WooCommerce

Discussion on WooCommerce Step Filter - Product Filter for WooCommerce

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Hi. Can I have use the multi step wizard into a popup or modal? Thanks

Take a look how this site works they have the steps into modal.

Hi there! There are methods to init or re-init the filter even if the modal is using AJAX. But I haven’t found a modal on the example page. Could you lead me, please?


is your plugin Woocomemerce step filter compatible with Elementor, meaning I can design steps via Elementor, as fonts, ... ?

Hi there! Probably, no. Elementor doesn’t work for the private post-types, such as the filter and its questions are.

But the default WP editor is available to set the question content.

Hi, we have this page: with your plugin installed.

We already use your plugin in other site without problem but this time we have an issue to solve.

If you see the link add before we have a two step filter with two questions that we would like to connect together. Right now if you select a value in the first step you will notice that in the second we will see all the value and not only the one with something inside.

Inside the question’s option we already activate the hide empty terms field but it show it anyway. This is the strange things.

We also try to check the options with the other website (where it works) and they are the same. In one website works and in this one no.

Can you help us? Thanks Mattia

Hi Mattia,

Thank you for using the plugin!

Could you message me at with the admin credentials, please? I’d need to check the settings to find out.

Best regards, Alex

By default the list of product is sorted based on the product ID’s, is it possible to display the products in custom order at the very beginning. It not needed to sort the product based on the filter’s result. just needed to sort them in manually at the initial time.

Regards, Ashiquer

Hello Ashiquer,

As step filter mostly uses default WC methods to output products, that’s possible to use any 3rd-party solution to change default sorting.

Maybe something like this one:

Do you only want to change sorting for step filter or for all pages?

Best regards, Alex

HI Alex, I want to sort only for the step filter pages. All other pages I sorted them manually.

Hmm, so that’s possible to implement a custom sort, but the fastest way is to store the products order as a code. I can provide an example. Could you message me at, please?

I’m looking to buy your plugin, but I need to know if is working with category made by jet engine (like taxonomy), so non native wordpress category. Thanks

Hello there! I’d need to investigate a specific example to say for sure. Could you provide it, please?


poussou Purchased


is it possible to use custom product categories with the plugin?

Hello there! I’d need to investigate a specific example to say for sure. Could you provide it, please?


poussou Purchased

I created several custom taxonomies with ACF for Woccommerce products (style, brand…). I want to use theses taxonomies in your plugin for Step Filter. Is it possible ?

So that’s a good question. In a nutshell custom taxonomies are the same as product attributes. The main trick is how to use them in the plugin. I’ll try to cover this case, but need time to try.


FelixB Purchased


we are currently building a filter with your plugin. So far it works great, but I have two questions:

1. If the user wants to select another option in the dropdown menu and isn’t fast enough, then it just loads the same option as before. Here is a short video of the behavior:

As “action on click” we used “submit” so that the user doesn’t need to click on “Next step” or “Show results”. Why does it always selects the same option and doesn’t let the user select another one? How can we change that?

2. Is it possible to use an empty value for the “Manual Filter Type”? When I activate it for that type the empty value is not displayed. I would need that option because otherwise it just selects the first option and then goes on to the next question.

Thank you in advance. I’m looking forward to your feedback!

Best regards

Hi and thank you for using the plugin!

1. May I take a look at your filter to find out the issue reason, please? Message me at if you don’t want to share the link here.

2. What type of question view is used for the manual value? Some of the views have a separate setting to output an empty value. However, I’d need to test your scenario.

Let me know!

kragor Purchased

Hi, me again :). I have thress range filters. Now i have one step for each filter. Can i combine these three questions in same step? I have three difrent attributes X, Y, Z. Can i add them all in one step?

Hi there! That’s possible to do using the question categories instead of the posts. That setting is called Source of the steps>

Just bind these 3 questions to a category, and other questions to other categories ;)

kragor Purchased

Hi i can’t figure it out. Do you have an example maybe?

Hi there! Maybe I could login to show the settings? Message me at, please.

kragor Purchased

Hi. For first step i have set two categories. CAT1 and CAT2. Than depend on first choise i have set questions for each category. I have set dependecy but if all questions have dependecy based on first choise than i can’t go any further than first question. If remove dependecy in only one question than all works, but that question is visible on all categoies witch can’t be. Exampl CAT1 have 6 questions, CAT2 have different 6 questions. So if user choose CAT1 first 6 questions should be visible but if he choose CAT2 other 6 questions should be visible. So i set Dependencies for all questions based on selected CAT1 or CAT 2 but than i can only choose CAT1 or CAT2 and can’t go further.

kragor Purchased

Can you give me screenshot what doi you mean. I can’t find selecte or not selected option.

I mean something like on the screenshot lower:

For one step operator should be “equal” and for another – “not equal”. I believe that should work. Let me know if not.

kragor Purchased

I have solved it with latest question.

kragor Purchased

Hi, whanever i want to change sytle i get error: SCSS compiling error Undefined variable $spacer-md: /usr/www/users/webdey/3way/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-step-filter/src/front/scss/_fields.scss on line 49, at column 9 Call Stack: #0 import /usr/www/users/webdey/3way/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-step-filter/src/front/scss/_fields.scss /usr/www/users/webdey/3way/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-step-filter/src/front/scss/_index.scss on line 3 #1 import /usr/www/users/webdey/3way/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-step-filter/src/front/scss/_index.scss /usr/www/users/webdey/3way/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-step-filter/src/front/scss/app-full-custom.scss on line 10 #2 import /usr/www/users/webdey/3way/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-step-filter/src/front/scss/app-full-custom.scss (unknown file) on line 1

kragor Purchased

It was empty. I copied scss and i can save it. But how do i change theme or add custom colors now?

That’s not much more complicated :) It gives even more possibilities that the simple mode.

There are a few variables called like primary, secondary, success and so on. You can find the variables they use to change or just replace these values but custom colors.

Lower you can find a few fonts variables. That should make a trick. Take a try!

kragor Purchased

I fiugre it out. Had to change Styles including type to custom full style instead of Full style. Thanks.


FelixB Purchased


we currently looking for a plugin to build a step-by-step product quiz. Your plugin seems suitable for that, but I have some questions:

1. In the first step the user should select a brand. If he selects “Canon” for example, then in the second only attributes (camera models) from Canon should be available. Currently all attributes (camera models) are selectable.

2. In another step the user should decide if the wants to filter fo device numbers or camera names. So if he selects camera names for example he should only see camera names in the next step. If he select device numbers, then of course he should only see device numbers. Is this kind of switch possible?

We currently use the lite version, but if we need to buy the premium version to get the necessary functions, we will buy it.

I’m looking forward to your feedback!

Best regards

Hello and thank you for using the plugin!

1. Yep, I believe it’s possible. It just depends on your data structure. At least “Unmet values behavior” setting should do the trick:

2. That’s possible to create a manual type question and use its value as a dependency for the “names” and “number” steps accordingly:

You always can try it in the sandbox ;)

Best reagrds, Alex


sorem Purchased

Dear author,

we bought the Product Finder and created one on the website. Here is the link:

Unfortunately its not working correctly in some ways. We checked the setting that the products should be displayed directly but when clicking on the first cristal the products just show when checking the second radio button. Also the products are not displayed as we would like them to be shown. You can see that when you reload the results url:

After the reload the products will be displayed correctly.

Do you have any idea how to fix those errors?

Thank you and best regards Anne Albrecht

Hello Anne,

Thank you for your choice!

I see there is a 3rd-party code affects your products view. Obviously, it doesn’t support AJAX-events.

Could you message me at, please? I need some details to find out.

Best regards, Alex

Hello and sorry for my late reply.

Could you message me at, please? We’’ try some.

Best regards, Alex

I am using WooCommerce Subscriptions and the WPC Show Single Variations for WooCommerce plugin. There are 4 attributes that need to be selected to be able to add to cart. The step filter correctly shows the product but you can’t add to cart without having to select all the attributes again. In the premium version will it know these selections so we can just add to cart?


If you mean to present these products within the filter, then it’s necessary to add some extra code, cause there are only usual simple/variable products requested by default.

Best regards, Alex

Hello, when I put this filter on the main page, I want the category to appear, not products, after the selections are made. Is it possible?

Hello there! Do you mean to show categories as a filtering result? Give me more details, please.

Thank you for your return. Yes, the category page should be opened after the selections are made through the filter. For example, after selecting the vehicle, model, year and engine, the window wiper category will appear in front of the customer.

That’s sounds like a new feature :) I’ll try to implement it these holidays and release a new version.

I use WooCommerce on my website for Affiliate links , so i not need the “Add to card” button, can I delete it or edit it with an affiliate link?

Hello there!

Step filter uses the native WooCommerce product views, so if you don’t have the “add-to-cart” button it will not be in the filter results too.

Best regards, Alex


petergg Purchased


I think there is a bug with the “Enable shop “Back” button” in the Controls section of a filter. It leads to{filter-id} and displays a blank page with “0”.

If the Shop “Repeat” button URL is set to for example, it also leads to a blank screen with “0”.

Do you know what could be causing this bug?

(all cache plugins are deactivated during the test).

Thanks in advance.

Hi there! May I see it in action on your site please? Maybe this issue is already solved or there is some new case for it.

You could message me to if you don’t want to share the link here.

Best regards, Alex

Hi, Is it possible to pass product quantity as well? Let assume I know the customer would need 2 or 3 positions and I want to show the final product list with increased quantity.

Hi there! I don’t really understand the desired workflow. Could you tell a bit more in details, please?

when installing the plugin and publishing the shortcode, this message appears: “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 20480 bytes)...”. Why does this happen? Can you give me a solution?

Hello there! Could you message me to with the admin details, please? We’ll investigate this issue.

Best regards, Alex

mimpoz Purchased

I purchase this plugin but i see it is not accomplishing what I’d like it to. how can I go ahead with getting a refund for this?

Hello! Take a look at the “Download” page, please. If there is a button to refund, then it’s possible

mimpoz Purchased

I don’t see that option.

Unfortunately, that means there is no way to refund. That corresponds to the Envato terms.


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