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Hello i have a question, i want buy he plugin but before i wanna be sure about 2 things. 1- The plugin send 2 discount (1 for me and 1 for my friend) but mine discount arrive after my friend will buy? Or only 1 discount for my friend? 2- If i create a fake mail for have a discount for the same user when i buy how is possible know this? Thanks for the support ;)

Hi there !

1 – The plugin send 2 discount. 1 for your friend right now then eventually 1 for you if your friend buys somethings (completed order)

2 – Yes you can create fake discount or limit the form to customer only in the admin if you prefer !

About point 1 ok is perfect. 2- I don’t want someone create fake mail for have more discount; so if the same user create a mail and have 2 discount for the same user is not correct

Hi federico, do your customers have to log in your shop ? If they do you can limit the form to actual customers. BUT, you can also set the discount to a low value and get extra sales with that… and “cheater” are not the majority.

By the way, so can also send the “referer link” in the customer email only so only customer can do that…

Hey there,

we are using the “SAFP” (bought it with a other envarto account, i can send you the purchase code) and would like to ask if there is any way that we can delay the email for the voucher? Because customer can make fraud, exp:

- Customer 1 refers Customer 2 - Customer 2’s order get shipped and in the same moment customer 1 get’s the code - Customer 2 don’t pick up the order at the post office or sends all back - Customer 1 can still order also if we didn’t have a real order from customer 2

Problem: German Law says, customer can send pack their order anytime between 14 days. That’s a risk for us.

Maybe you have a solution?


Bonjour est il possible de réserver le shortcode pour les membres uniquement. Je voudrais que la page, le “formulaire” ne soit visible que pour les membres inscrits (et connectés) ou même que le “parrainage” soit inclue dans la zone “mon compte” ? Actuellement, même en réservant la validation du parrainage aux membres, tout le monde peut voir. Je voudrais que ce soit visible que pour les membres. Merci

Just a pre-sale question here: Any chance to set a delay to send the coupon after a friend’s purchase? You know, to avoid giving cupons even if a friend asked for a refund. Thanks!

Hi, not really but coupon is issued after “completed order” so depending on how your store is setup it could be okay … ?

I’ve installed and configured the plugin but am finding that once the friend uses the coupon, the sponsor does not receive the reciprocal email nor can the see their own coupon / credit via their account.

Is there any known issues?

Hi, did the order was successfull and marked as completed ?

Yes. And on the subject of displaying the coupon in the users My account page?

Good evening, I am interested in the plugin but I would like to know:

1) the user to recommend a friend should definitely make a purchase. E ‘can view the “Refer a fried” after payment?

2) The Plugin can be “flanked” by others? as Woocommerce Role discount?

Hi! I am having problems with the plugin. The sponsor is not receiving the emails nor the cupon when the friend bougth. The coupon is being sent to my admin user of the website… How can I solve this?

Good evening, There is the possibility of Having the translation plug-in italian language?

Hi, currently looking for a solution !

Hello, is it possible to translate your plugin with Loco Translate? I tried to translate some strings but failed – none of them showed up translated on the website.

hi, i didn’t know loco translate. apparently i made some test and i do have issue with. i need to work on a fix today !

Hello, any solutions?

Hi, i’m sorry but i really don’t get how “loco” works. My files are okay. If you want to create a new translation you could use poedit application which is free and create a new file from a pot file then save it with your it_IT suffix. Pot file is located in languages folder. For your information i contacted LOCO for better understanding.


Hi, I would like to know if it’s possible to enable the reductions coupons (generate by the module) only on few product categories (in the cart) ?

Hi you can filter everything on the coupon by code : http://docs.mbcreation.com/article/68-wsafpcouponexcludeproductcategoriesfilter


Bonjour, j’ai acheté et installé le pluggin, tout se passe bien jusqu’à l’achat par le filleul, malgré une commande finalisé et passée en ” terminée ” dans l’admin, le parrain ne reçoit aucun mail, l’email configuré pour le filleul est bien exact.

Pas de trace de mail côté parrain, même dans les spams, Il y a le code promo filleul crée mais aucun code crée pour le parrain.

Auriez vous une idée du problème ?

Very disappointed. I bought the plugin and open a question for the support. 9 days later, still no answer. Do not buy if you want support, it’s not working…

Hi, i think i missed your email. Could you send me your question / issue on support@mbcreation.net ?


When will this plugin be updated to support Woocommerce 3.0?

Since the update to Woocommerce this plugin no longer works as intended, and the Discount type does not give percentage discounts anymore, but only total cart discounts. For example, instead of giving my customers 25% off, it has been giving them £25 off! (and for our low price products, this is the whole amount!)

I have checked all of my settings and believe I have it all set up correctly.

Please check in on this. Many thanks.

Hi, very sorry about that. Update will be available tomorrow. Spent a lot of time working on 2.7 that finaly did’nt came out :/ and they suddenly had a lot of modification in coupon in 3.0. Hard time here, doing my best

Hi there, is it possible to exclude “on sale” products from these coupons application area? as i saw on the demo, now the coupons are usable with products on sale… I want to make unusable the coupons with on sale products. Thanks.

Like other comments here, the plugin is no longer creating or sending the Reward coupons. Is there another update coming? I’m using v2.3.3 with Woocommerce 2.6.14 and Wordpress 4.7.4

Hi o3creative, did you open a support ticket ? Last update was for WooCommerce 3.0 support but should not have break anything for older version.


No ticket, my support has expired so I’m not asking for help, just making you aware of the issue. The previous plugin version had the same problem.

hello, wsafp_before_thankyou_form is not showing….is there anything else to do except inserting the content in plugin option?

Hi, Is it possible to sponsor without being a client yet ?

For now I have the error message : “Seuls les clients qui ont déjà passé commande peuvent parrainer”

Thank you


Nice plugin!

Question about the referral from the WooCommerce Thank You page. It seems the plugin wants to perform a redirect once the form is filled out, which is causing the user to end up on a 404 page (since it’s redirecting from the purchase thank you page). The email is still going through, but the experience of redirecting and 404ing isn’t good.

Any clue why this might be happening?


Hi, you activate the “display on thank you page” option ? Did you set up correctly the “default” page for the sponsor page ? (the basic page where you put the form) ?

Because for safety reason the form is post to this page.

Maybe you can send me an email here : support@mbcreation.net explaining your setup ?


I went ahead and reached out to you via email. Thanks!

It seems a lot of your paying customers do not hear from you once they purchase your plugin? I want to buy the sponsor a friend plugin but the feedback is very negative for support. I would like to wait an see how long it takes for a reply before buying two plugins from your service on codecanyon.. I guess time will tell :)

Hi, truth is i do not handle support through comment. I say it like all the time but people continue to ask here. I pay for a support tool (helpscout) that is far more easy to track conversation. PLUS, i’m alone on this. So yes, it can take sometime. But when people have real issue with the tool either i fix (if possible) or refund.

Thank you for the prompt reply. Are there any bugs with the sponsor a friend plugin, like a read about the 404 error page? can you clarify all bugs that may exist at this moment today.

End of the story regarding the 404 (in support exchange ) :

“I went through and updated plugins and cleared the cache and it looks like the plugin is working correctly now and the form works on the Thank You page.

I’m sorry to make you go through all this trouble. Thanks for all the help!

Plugin works great!”

Hello , before i buy this plugin can i know if i can set minimum order, so if i give coupn for 5$ i need the customers spend 40$ before they can use the coupn and do you have a video ? thanks

Hi Akaber, yes of course, you can set minimum amount for the coupon :)

Good Idea for the video !