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good job, nicely done ! i wish you all the best for your sales ;)

Thanks Eric!

Hello, Is your plug in works with this theme . Please check and let me know.

Yes, it works any theme that supports woocommerce

Excellent Work! :-)

Thank you!

Hey is this still being maintained? Perfect for what im after! Does it send email reminders to the customer?

Yes, as long as woocommerce is installed

Where on the site does the customer insert their special dates?

On the My Account Page create by Woocomerce

Nice Plugin you have here. Please do you do custom modifications. I have some features I will like to have after buying. Also is there a place in the admin section where the site owner can see all dates set by user.

Yes, I do modification. Admin have a page to see all dates of users.

Hey! I have installed but I cannot add more reminders. I press add and nothing happens. Can you please advise? Need help asap!

  • Can’t update existing either. Press update and nothing happens. Running latest version of all plugins, wordpress and salient theme. And issue seems to be firefox only!

It’s probably a javascript error, sent me a support request with you login details.

I am considering purchasing this plugin. In the description you say that the reminders are “sent by emails on the month and actual day …” but also say “helping customers prepare gifts by sending EMAIL notification to remind them of important dates” – My question is, is the email reminder sent on the day of the actual event, or can the email be set to go out 1-week before the event? I feel like in most cases a reminder on the same day is not helpful, but a reminder 1-week before would be.

Its sent on the 1st day of the month and on the actual day

prepurchase question.

I am looking kind a yearly special days reminders.

First customer will select the number of product (wedding, wife’s, children’s birthday, anniversary etc.) so let’s say 5 product will be sent yearly. And he will select the special occasion dates of those 5 product subscriptions.

so it will be allowed special days entering after buying x product, and he/she will be allowed enter X entry ( product number she/he bought) can it be doable with your product?

For the product selection, you need to customise it either with code or a wishlist plugin.

do you know a wishlist plugin which is compatible with your plugin?

You can use any but you need to hook it up so that email will retrieve the correct product.


kb1981 Purchased

Hi, tried to test an email but didin’t received anything its almost 1 month still didn’t received one :(

The email is sent on the 1st of the month and the actual day. WordPress cron jobs run only when WordPress is active. Try to set up a real cron job

I just purchased your plugin, and it appears the ”/my-account/my-reminder/” link redirects me to the 404 page. Why is this happening?

Also, how do I re-position the “My Reminder” link to be above the “Logout” link? Please advise. Thank you.

By the way, thank you for the video link, and other video guides to your plugin.

That’s was the reason a more flexible plugin was created

I’m aware of that plugin. But it didn’t look pretty, and it didn’t integrate with WooCommerce.

Do you have any hooks and snippets that I can use in a child theme, which can
  • Email the reminders 1-day earlier, instead of the same day at 1am.
  • Change the reminder message structure, and its date format (e.g. February 14).
Surely hacking into your plugin functions won’t be a good idea to achieve the modifications above. Please advise. Thank you.

There currently no hook or snippets available but I am planning a major rewrite based on the feedbacks from all those who had purchased so far.

I see. I look forward to your next major release then. At this moment, I’ll try to look into how to add snippets without the need to hack your plugin’s files and functions.

Within the file ”/includes/class-special-occasion-reminder-activator.php”, I found two functions of a similar name, but a difference in one letter. public static function activate() { global $wpdb; self::$full_table_name = $wpdb->prefix . SPECIAL_OCCASION_REMINDER_TABLE_NAME ; self::$special_occasion_reminder_db_version = '1.0.0'; self::special_occasion_reminder_install(); self::special_occasion_reminder_install_data(); self::special_occasion_reminder_Job(); } and public static function special_occasion_reminder_job() { wp_schedule_event( strtotime( date( 'Y-m-d' ) . '01:00:00' ), 'daily' , 'special_occasion_reminder_daily_job' ); }

Shouldn’t special_occasion_reminder_Job() be special_occasion_reminder_job() ...? The small difference is the word _job. Otherwise, the special_occasion_reminder_job() function will not be called.

yes, thats correct

I find that the special_occasion_reminder_job() function isn’t running. I’m trying to figure out why …

Won’t replacing the WordPress cron job be easier by defining the condition in wp-config.php, like so …? /** The Database Collate type. Don't change this if in doubt. */ define('DB_COLLATE', ''); define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true);

The Cron jobs that I’m aware of are WooCommerce ones. If I were to include define(‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, true); then the WooCommerce Cron jobs will NOT run. If that’s the case, I’ll not add that into wp-config.php

On another note. Since your plugin sends out reminder emails on the same day at 1AM, is it following the server time? I’ve set mine at UTC, and not at UTC+8 which my resident country follows.

Yes its based on your server time

Thanks. I’ll test out your plugin again. But this time, I’ll ignore define(‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, true); since your plugin is most probably using wp-cron.php to execute the scheduled emailing of the reminders.

There is a major bug with your plugin.

Under WooCommerce > Settings >> Emails >> Special Occasion Reminder, the entered text to override the defaulted messages doesn’t work. I’ve replaced the Email Message, but the defaulted message of “We recommend these products for your special day..” still appears.

For now, I can override this through the email template within my active child-theme.

The above problem is also true for Email Coupons. I entered a direct URL link to the Shop, but it still directs to the front page. This isn’t good !

No email reminder received at all after setting it for the following day. I’ve placed a few reminders for subsequent days, but none of them came through. Very disappointed this plugin is so buggy, and not fully tested but it’s released for purchase. Terrible plugin.

Is there any fix to get WP Cron running? My current website is a demo, which I’m using to check that your plugin works properly before it moves on the live website.

Please advise soon. Thank you.

I’ve tried many options trying to get the email reminders sent out, but all were in vain. I guess your plugin doesn’t work as stated.

Recently I installed and activated the Improved Cron plugin, which “fakes” user visits to the website so that WP Cron jobs can be fired up. This plugin has fired up other scheduled Cron jobs properly, for example, wp_scheduled_auto_draft_delete, which deletes Auto Draft on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, when your plugin’s special_occasion_reminder_daily_job function was fired up, no email message was sent. This is also true when I forced run your plugin’s Cron job using WP Crontrol. No reminder email was ever received, in neither Inbox or Spam. This is a major bug indeed.

I’ll definitely re-buy this plugin if major bugs are fixed. Please let me know when this is done. Thank you.