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Nice item! One suggestion that would set this apart from the rest:
- Integrate Facebook – while checking out the customer has the option to share that they got a free gift to their Facebook friends. Something like “I just got a FREE theme from ThemeForest.net!”


You’re right we’ll absolutely add this! Thank you

Can you set a dollar amount to be hit before free gift is added?

That is a brilliant idea. We’ll try implement it

v1.2 is in review. It does allow you to set a minimum cart value.

i like your plugin!! it works perfect =)


Yes it is

thank you for the update!

You are welcome. We always listen to our customers.

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All the best!

Would be interested too with possibility to set mininum value before the free gift is added.

v1.2 is in review. It does allow you to set a minimum cart value.

I am looking for a plugin that allows me to set a dollar amount before the gift is added. Can this plugin do that?

v1.2 is in review. It does allow you to set a minimum cart value.

When you create the product that will be used as a free gift, do you create it as a hidden product? This way the product cannot be found navigating the site by accident.

Just got the plug-in, and played around with it. I like it, and see the options on how to hide the product within the capability of woocommerce,”as best as can be done”. The only technical issue is when a customer adds a product to the cart, it takes viewing the cart a second time in order to load the free item. Now, if they go straight to checkout, it will load. But in cart view, takes a second look at the,”view cart” page to make it pull up. Cache maybe?

Just purchased plugin. Does what I need it to do with the exception that it does not automatically update the cart view. If the consumer goes to cart they will not see the product added to their cart unless they update the cart.

This is a major flaw as it basically takes away the incentive from the consumer as it does not reinforce “getting something for free” feeling at the cart page.

Is there a fix for this issue? Above comment has the same issue and I dont see a response.

I will get back to you. We managed to replicate the error.

Hi! Just bought your plugin. I thought the plugin would set the selected product/item to a zero value in the cart. A Gift for me is not something that costs. And now I see your recommendation to select a Free item. But we use stock counting, and if I duplicate the item, the SKU will collide, and I don’t want two different SKU for the same item, just to give them away for free if the customer buys for a big sum. Is there a way for you guys to fix so the selected item can have the normal prize set to zero when being picked out by your plugin? Maybe to have that option selectable by a check box, if not all your users like that function. Then another thing, I have the same issue as “lamarkmedia1” above, the gift item don’t show up in the cart for me either. Check our site at http://www.stylistshopen.se and test to by something above 2000 SEK. Thanks in advance! :)

Hi, the plugin is great, but we realized that it’s pretty general. We have a few questions: You can add a free gift with minimum purchase. But is there a way that you can auto add specific gifts to certain items? for example if someone on our site buys product A they get product B free but if they purchase product C they will not get product B free, they will get product D free. I hope this makes sense. We also want to know if there’s a way to add more than one gift at once because sometimes we want to give 3 free gifts at the same time instead of one. we saw other plugins and didn’t like that the customer had to choose their gift in a drop down menu, we want it automatically added to the customer’s order.

Another thing that happend today. If a customer gets over the setting amount and the free item is added correctly, then the customer choose to remove one or two items and the total gets under the setting amount, the item is still left in the cart. We have orders were the gift item shouldn’t be there (to low amount) and we tested now to first att a high value so the items is added, then remove items and we go under, but the item is still there. Can this be fixed? :) Thanks in advance! // Zumpan

We’ll start working on an update for setting a minimum cart value or a specific product that will trigger the free gift.

Please give us a link to a demo

Hi, I just bought and installed the plugin. When I try to open the settings page, I get a blank page instead. Is the plugin incompatible with WP4.3 and/or WC 2.4? Best, Jenny

Hi there, presales question. I need to automatically add to the cart a gift for each product you buy of a specific category. If customer buys three shoes add 3 gifts to the cart, buys 1 add 1, etc. Thanks a lot!

Pre-Purchase Question:

Is the following options available?

Free gift can be scheduled. User can select size option for gifts.

Is there a working demo we can see? I want to be able to let the user choose from a list of gifts (say 10) if carts total value is $X dollar amount. Does this plugin do that?

Hi! Pre Sale question. if the gift is a variable product, there is an option for the client to choose the right variation? size, color etc.. Thanks. Ron


i have noticed that this plugin is no longer compatible with “WPML Translation Management”. The plugin completely locks the system… How can it be solved?

Hello, I am looking to buy this plugin but have a question.

We want to select 2 categories and if a customer orders any product from that category they get a free product. The product is a variable product. Is it possible for the customer to select the variable of the product and then it adds to the cart for free?

Greetings, Mark