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Only one product shows up on load and without the title. I’m using visual composer to add the list to my page. I have tried a text block with the shortcode as well.


please contact me via my profile and provide the login access to your website so i can check this out

is this plugin able to be added to all pages that show products (rather than just the home shop page)?

this plugin is shortcode based and it can be added inside any page you can insert a shortcode manually

Pre-sales Questions.

Hi! I’m using Dokan and would like to use your plugin to display Subcategories of Categories clicked on in the initial “Categories” Page.

1. Do the names of the categories appear in the top “sortable” area even if there are no items to display?

2. How do I ensure that all products listed are shown in a grid, same size pictures, with relevant information?

3. Is the plugin compatible with dokan?



sorry but i don’t have where to check if the plugin is compatible with all existing themes out there

the plugin displays the product by using the theme’s product template. it is not chaging anything. if there are issue with the ?djucted by css

the “sortable” categories are added manually by you, so you can add categories in each order you want, and remove empty categories etc.

the plugin is inserted via shortcode and it doesn’t modify the main shop page of your theme


I use Jupiter and it looks terrible on that theme

you need to contact me via my profile and send over the ftp access to your website so i can also check the compatibility between the plugin and the theme

i would like a refund, as this didn’t work at all with one of the top templates in the marketplace, Jupiter. I am quite savvy with plugins and tried for 2 hours.

so why don’t you apply for a refund request??

Hi I just bought Product image flipper and is not doing anything, nothing flips?

i think there might be an incompatibility with the theme. please provide url, ftp access and sent it over via my profile.

PPQ: To get this right: Can I manually (also upon product-import) – create a custom rule on how to sort the products displayed per default in the webshop frontpage?

I am looking for a way so that my customer can control this from their ERP and upon upload (import) we will import that rule to prioritize certain products?

You know what I mean?

Can I do this without the customer knowing and able to see this? AKA manupulate e.g. the “Most sold” view option?

there are certain tricks that can be done. eg: making the shortcode display the products ordered by menu_order see – Step 3 – where you can choose exactly the order of the products manually

another thing i can do is to provide a customised version of the plugin that sort the elements by total sales number by default (because right now there are no options implemented, the changes must be done via code)

Pre sales question! Is it possible to edit the “ALL PRODUCTS” text? I would like to use another title. Thanks!

yes, of course

Hi fiavoly, I´m configuring the plugin and would like to know if it´s possible to display my product images in a different size than “thumbnail”, like using my pre determined “medium” size instead? Thanks for your help!

this plugin doesn’t affect in any way the product image size. the size can be sut up inside woocommerce settings area

have you tried to set up the plugin’s shortcode into using the 4 columns instead of 3 ?if you need extensive help please contact me via my profile and provide your website url and access data

I just sent you the info via profile. Thanks!

we’ll talk via email. you forget to send the login data

This isn’t working for my page at all… I’m not sure when is going on. The page simply loads nothing.

I have sent you a private message.

Thank you for your assistance. Anne

not to mention, the filtering doesn’t work on any of the pages. Do i need to change the category names?

the category you entered “Diamond-earrings” does exist. you can see the existing category names in here

Hello! We want to purchase your plugin, but we need to know if it will work with WordPress 4.6 and WooCommerce 2.6. Thank you!

yes, it does, our demo has the latest wp and woocommerce versions

Oh, ok. I see. Your “Live Preview” in Envato is not working, but is… Thanks for your reply.

My friend, i left you a message

Hi Fialovy! First of all, your plugin has been very useful for making our shop more friendly for our customers :) We are thinking of giving more options to display our products, so I wanted to know if it is possible to display a category´s sub-categories on a second menu when choosing one of the options in my sortable menu? I have a T-SHIRTS category and I want my customers to have the possibility of sorting them by SUMMER or WINTER (sub-categories) once they click on the category menu item.

Thank you very much for your help!

sorry but this option is not available by default with our plugin

Is it possible to have this option quoted for us? Thank you very much!

sorry but no

Hi there, does this plugin work for the default shop page or only via shortcode (I have other plugins installed that need the standard shop page)? Thanks, regards

it is shortcode based. doesn’t appy to the default shop page

Hi there.

I have just purchased this product. Some questions:

- Can the boxes be removed from around the category words, so it’s just words to click? - Can the price and the ‘Select options’ be hidden from under the images? - Can the spacing in between the product images in the grid be controlled or changed easily? - I have set the grid to 4 columns but it is showing in 2 columns is this due to the original featured image size that has been uploaded for each product? Does the plugin not re-size the featured images to suit the grid?


please post a link to your page so i can see if something is overriding the columns code. for the other questions: you’ll have to make custom changes and you need css knowledge for that. we don’t provide help for extra customisations

Hi Fialovy,

I’m using the Blade theme and just purchased your plugin. The plugin only works AFTER clicking one of the categories. On initial page load and even after clicking “all products” the products are not displayed correctly.


Thanks in advance for your help.

can you please contact me via my profile and provide the wp access so i can check?


lpds Purchased

Good Morning

I just purchase the plugin today and It’s not working- I have Divi theme install and I don’t have visual composer.

I tried to manually install the code on a page [woo_sortable_products per_page=”12” columns=”4” order=”asc” orderby=”title” categories=”Légumes, Fruits, Epicerie Fine “]

and this is how the page looks like

Thanks for your help

please contact me via my profile and provide the login access to your website so i can check this out


lpds Purchased

I’m sorry but how which profile?

Everything seemed to be working fine. However, I’ve added a few new products and assigned them to categories. Those new products don’t show up in the results. I tried changing the theme to Twentyseventeen to test, but same results.

I sent you an e-mail on Tuesday with more details but haven’t heard from you yet.

Can you please have a look and fix this?

Thanks in advance.

please check your email now