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hello, Thanks for your product. Unfortunately, after a deep test, the license manager is not suitable for our needs. We need more complex key generator an validation process. Is it possible to have a refund?

order: d585005c-1577-44da-a6ce-85ec3350860f thanks Olivier


You can ask for a refund through envato


Hi, is it possible to create and send the serial number manually after the user has made the purchase?


If you want to disable the user interface through which the client can self-manage licence keys, you can do that through filters. Then you can maniacally generate the key through admin and send it over.


When are you releasing the next update and what features are included. The last update was almost a year ago.


The new update is a matter of days now. The main feature is licence expire / extend functionality. Few other new things and many updates and compatibility fixes.


Hi. I have a small issue with my customer order email. Every product is being given the same Licence Name. I jhave a product called “Sent Log” and the name of that product is being put before each product licence. Eg:

Post Subscription Widget

Sent Log Licence – 9999 domains per key

It should say

Post Subscription Widget

Post Subscription Widget Licence – 9999 domains per key.

I can send a screenshot if neccessary. Can you advise?

Regards, Mike


If i understand correctly, this is the licence Group Title, i suggest so you change that from admin at Product edit page. As alternative you can modify the my-licence-manage.php template (make sure you copy over to your theme at woocommerce/myaccount)


Hi. The Group Title had been set uniquley for each one but it still showed this other title in the emails. However, when I deleted the licence and re-entered the details is showed the correct title. Thanks, Mike

Hello. A pre-sales question. We sell bundles and would need to make available separate keys for each product within the bundle. Can your plugin help us do this?


Hi, If each product is individual item within the cart (order), yes this is possible.


After the update. The API calls does not return any message or data just a OK 200. This has affected all of my clients and they have lost their data.

The new API updated methods status-check and activate are still not functioning correctly. I have created a staging site for you to test your code properly. I’m still waiting for your response via email. Please look into this issue ASAP since we are excited about incorporating the new expired feature.


Apparently this issue occurred in conjunction with plugin cache. This has been fixed win the last version 1.3.1


The new update works. Thank you.


Thanks for the plugin. I have downloaded it and am struggling to integrate it with my plugin.

I have read your documentation at: http://www.nsp-code.com/woocommerce-software-license-documentation/software-api-integration-code-example/

I am not sure what code I need to change and change to what, the instructions are unclear.

Do I just change the SL_APP_API_URL to be my wordpress URL that the plugin is installed on?

I also added a product – added a licence and did a test purchase and the licence key was not generated.


Hi, Yes the SL_APP_API_URL is the url where the plugin was deployed. This is being used down the code to make API calls

As default the licence keys are available only after payment complete. If you need to allow keys before that status, you should check with this setting “Access Restriction – Grant access to licence key after payment ” more details at http://www.nsp-code.com/woocommerce-software-license-documentation/plugin-settings/

I can provide a code example in a form of WordPress plugin to better understand how API call works, please get in touch with us through contact at www.nsp-code.com


Hi, can this script also work with users purchasing items from CodeCanyon for licensing? Meaning if a user purchases on CodeCanyon it will send the licence to this script’s API and add it with the users details?

Ps: I’ve just purchased this from your website. Hoping it works for what I need it for…


Such functionality is not available out of the box, but it can be implemented relatively easy. I suggest so you check with class WOO_SL_functions and the static method inside generate_license_key() Then use the woo_sl/generate_license_key filter to return required key.

So the workflow would be something like this:

1) CodeCanyon call your custom script / API on a purchase.

2) You should set-up through the code the account at server where WooCommerce Software License is installed

3) You should created a WooCommerce order for that customer.

4) Add a filter on woo_sl/generate_license_key which returns the key from CodeCanyon

5) You should call the static method generate_license_key()


Hi! the plugin is cool ! I have a question. I have a product-app with 100 sales, now I’m updating this app and I want to put license too. If I put license to my app, how can I send email to all my customer with the license when they download the new version of my app ?


There are few thing you need to take care before stitching you application to use licence:

1) The best approach will be to use a dedicated marketing tool like mailchimp to send an e-mail information upon the update.

2) Even if you set licensing for your app product (within WooCommerce Products) only new customers will be able to use this functionality. All previous orders can’t use it yet, since licencing data is saved individually for each order. My suggestion would be to take those steps:

a) Update your product to use licensing

b) Place a dummy order and complete it.

c) Go to your phpMyAdmin and check with wp_woocommerce_order_itemmeta table along with the order_item_id (see the coresponding to your order in wp_woocommerce_order_items table)

d) There is a _woo_sl meta key which held the licensing informations. You need that replicated to all old orders.

e) Create a custom php script to retrieve all previous orders (or the ones which does not include a _woo_sl meta key. Add this key along with the value from point (d) to any item which is your product.

At this point your previous customers are ready to use the licensing support.

If you want someone to check into this for you (a developer), please get in touch through contact at www.nsp-code.com



Where can I access the changelog I had issues with the previous update and now you released a new one… have to know what was done. I can no longer update without knowing if it will mess up things. In the previous version updates on client sites stopped working.

Hello. My customer placed an order for 4 licenses in one transaction but only one license is generated. How can I set it to generate based on quantity of licenses ordered?

Hello the module manages the variables?


Yes, you can set licensing for variations.for more details check at http://www.nsp-code.com/assign-a-licence-group-to-variation-product/



gonzalesc Purchased

Hi. I have a question.

2 week ago I had to reinstall my VPS and install my website site from a backup.

When I installed it, the licenses disappeared! I realized because a customer says to me that the plugin I sold him, asked again enter the license, and when he placed the one he had, he did not accept it.

Then he had to enter ”/my-account” from my website and he realized that there was no license generated in his purchase, so he generated one, and with it, the plugin worked!

I had to regenerate all the licenses for all my customers.

My question is, if every time that I migrate my web, it will happen?


Not at all, a full restore should restore the exact image of your site at the date of back-up. From your description, it appear you din’t created a full back-up but part of it. I suggest so you double check the database dump, i think you din’t saved all tables and the wp_woocommerce_software_licence which plugin use to save all licensing data.


I think I need your application. I have just one question though, and apologies for such a basic question, but why wouldn’t someone who purchase my software with the API code that checks the license against my server-side just edit code to remove the license check in the first place? How to defend against such a problem? Thanks.

Thank you for your answer. Can you recommend an obfuscation tool for PHP?

There are many solutions, doing a search on google should reveal the most used.

You can also try those http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1408417/can-you-compile-php-code Or encoder https://www.ioncube.com/php_encoder.php


Thank you.