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Can we prevent this from being used with other coupons?


I have a newsletter set up which send unique code per email and I would like to disable Social Reward when customer enter it’s own code. Is this possible?

Also the reverse is if the user/customer share and avail Social Reward will they still be able to enter a coupon?

we use the woocommece coupon system, if you choose to, you can do both thing

No. I don’t want to use both coupon from your plugin and from the newsletter. What I mean is it allow to restrict customer to use Social Reward only to gain discount or use special one time coupon from subscribing newsletter?

Sorry but I didnt understand. the system use the woocommerce coupon system, so if you can do it on woocomerce its ok. You just have to create a coupon an link it to the action you need and then the coupon is on your cart


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Hi, I didn’t got an answer to my opened ticket, so I write you here, maybe I will get an response.

Why are the icons in different line height? They aren’t in the same line :) -> https://s1.postimg.org/8vi4tfrjm7/Untitled.png

Thanks. Have a nice day.

Fixed ? Right ?

The demo doesn’t work?? (I tried facebook)


Is your plugin works with variable product ?

Thank you, Benjamin.


Quick heads up if you are using PHP version 7.1 you may get some conflicts… I found version 7.0 to work best with the most recent version of WP + Woo + Social Share

Great plugin… does what it says I have used some small CSS rules to help it integrate with osmosis theme just fine

PS i use the plugin with

Variable products and “woothemes product add-on plugin” just fine…

Thank you for your feedback

Pre-sale: is it possible to show the social buttons in a popup, open when clicked the button like “Get Discount” etc..

is there any settings for the same by default?

sorry; it’s a very specific developement and it’s not implemented in our plugin


Why it only show facebook like and share, but VK Twitter Linkedin not show

Thank you very much

Could you open a ticket on the helpdesk ?

Is there a way of only displaying the discount code rather than applying it automatically?

My client would like their customers to be able to share the site after a purchase in order to get save a code to be used on their next order.

Hi. Can you set a Multi Discount support allows users to gain a discount for each social button / social action they complete? The ‘Social Coupon for WordPress’ plugin does this, and it is a very important feature for me…

Of course it does

Hi, I opened a ticket 10 days ago, but didn’t got an answer, so I write here and hopefully you will take a look at my ticket.

It seems to me the logic of Facebook like button is reversed, after I clicked the “like” button and authorise the app, it did like the target Facebook page in the background, but the cart page didn’t refresh and the reward was not added to the cart. After I click the “like” button again (which means unlike), it unlike the page in the background, refresh the cart page and add the reward to the cart this time.

Also the Twitter tweet doesn’t work well yet. After clicking the “Tweet” button and press “OK” to tweet, in the major of cases it failed to tweet in the background and no reward was added. But I do have seen one or two times it tweeted successfully (with all setting unchanged) and the reward was added correctly. I can’t see the pattern yet, but the failed tweet is very easy to reproduce.

In my ticket, I also provided testing account to reproduce these issues. Could you please take a look? Thank you

Hello, just release a new fix that should fix your problem. 1.2.44, please update, should be availble within 24 hours in envato

Hi, thanks for the update. I just have time to test the new version (1.2.45), but the issue is still there. Maybe the behavior is a little different, as the Facebook like button doesn’t refresh the page anymore, no matter like or unlike. Twitter tweet seems unchanged, has very little chance to tweet successfully.

BTW, after opening my ticket for 2 weeks, I haven’t got any response. Then you suddenly replied in my ticket and told me a new version might fix it and then closed my ticket. I think you closed it too soon, please at least wait for my confirmation. Thank you.


i update to 1.2.46 ver get

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’->’ (T_OBJECT_OPERATOR) in /home2/sitedomain.com/wp-content/plugins/xcid-social-reward/xc-social-reward.php on line 338

please thank you very much

Updated on last build. Waiting for envato validation

update for news vesion PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’->’ (T_OBJECT_OPERATOR) xcid-social-reward\xc-social-reward.php on line 338

You should check your new updates before launching. Because this leads to web problems in real production, check before launching.

I check and verified localhost mode.

and Happy holidays.

Updated on last build. Waiting for envato validation

Sucuri malware scan just flagged your plugin as BaseEval64 malware code.

Hi, Is it possible to allow this for only certain items functioning as a social media marketing = sale items?


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How can the notice “Save on your cart” show on the product summary section? And how can I translate “Save on your cart” into my language?


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Please close! Done

It seems that the clicking the FB like button does not add the coupon – just nothing happens.


The German language does the plugin?

Thanks :o)


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yes working