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powert Purchased

Hello again just bought his module have a question localhost I test mode without activating the key, before climbing into production in the real web.

Thank you


powert Purchased

Question I can turn the key in localhost way to enable and disable web production.

I just want before getting to production to try to see if everything is correct not want to put facebook API on localhost only way to see that everything works and this right without conflicts with other modules or other problems.

Thank you

You van activacte the key in localhost the en disable it before goiing on production to reenable it. If you don’t succed connect on helpdesk and we Will help you

Hello , it is possible to let “fb share ” button to pop up only after the customer click “add to cart” / “checkout” ? Like a fullscreen pop up to encourage customer to share . thanks

Any reply would be helpful . thanks

No impossible. Facebook api is very strict


powert Purchased

Hi I’m from your support system asking for support system and do not see it anywhere.

It’s not support here, just presale


powert Purchased

well I hope your answer I’m tired of waiting for a response on their part. Thank you

They have 48h to answer you. This is part of the contract with Envato


powert Purchased

Facebook panel can not save changes to a solution

Hi I have problem with the panel of Facebook when I put the data and tells active function changes saved but the fields are empty

resale question only. Please use helpdesk


powert Purchased

Hello, I confirm at the moment everything goes correct, Facebook tab I see a number of options to fill, I wanted to ask if these fields are required for configuration or are optional Url to share Title Image Message the remaining fields to fill are completed and marked least redirection


powert Purchased

2 question Then another question coupon created only have the option to apply the discount for not discount coupons from field WooCommerce products is perfect in the sense that RESTRICTS discount. But the question I have is that if I apply the discount is available from Like button or share your product module in retrigira lowered the discount or not.


Dratner Purchased

The discount does not appear in the cart when the sharing is done

please contact us on the helpdesk


powert Purchased

hello its version of the module is compatible with new version of WooCommerce Version 2.6.2

Hello, Yes our module work with WooCommerce 2.6.2


powert Purchased

all this would save if you give permission with a key demo mode for testing localhost logical that every now and ask him.

These are the social networks that block the localhost domain. You can bypass this problem by modifying your host file. Please contact the helpdesk for more info. Thank you

Hi Developer,

Love this plugin, but found this alert from Wordfence, please advise:


File appears to be malicious: wp-content/plugins/xcid-social-reward/admin/class-wc-settings-social-reward.php Filename: wp-content/plugins/xcid-social-reward/admin/class-wc-settings-social-reward.php File type: Not a core, theme or plugin file. Issue first detected: 3 hours 5 mins ago. Severity: Critical Status New This file appears to be installed by a hacker to perform malicious activity. If you know about this file you can choose to ignore it to exclude it from future scans. The text we found in this file that matches a known malicious file is: “eval(base64_decode”. The infection type is: Suspicious eval with base64 decode.

Hi, It’s the activatation server that is obfuscated in order to be not found.

I saw good rating, so I have some pre-purchase questions:
1. Any conflict with jquery used by the theme (Atelier theme)? I have another similar plugin that is causing empty shop (products not displayed if enabled and don’t want to get that again).
2. Any chance to add Google+ sharing? And/or other services?
Thanks a lot!

Hi, You should have any conflict. About google plus, make some suggestion but we have implemented the more used…

Hi, I am looking for a plugin that will apply a coupon if a customer LIKES my facebook page – will this plugin do that? Thanks

Yes it’s exactlly that

Hi, We had some questions for the support desk, as we can’t seem to get it working. But we have yet to get a reply. we send in our question last week. Should we ask our support here?



Foot123 Purchased

Really disapointing, the plugin isn’t working at all, so many bugs… Please answer my tickets….

answered in helpdesk

The demo is not showing any of your share button..


Hello! I have payed for your plugin today. But I was disappointed when I saw that there is only 5% discount by default. Can I change it somehow? I need 50%

I have already solved this problem, sorry. But I have another question. It’s very important. People can use my discount only once. Can I make it unlimited?

Hello, Can you use the helpdesk ? http://helpdesk.xcid.fr/

Hello, does your plugin work also when customers share blog posts?

nope, sorry

I unfortunately didn’t go through the motions of previewing the ‘share’ function for LinkedIn and Twitter. I was SHOCKED to see how these ‘modals’ popped up. I just tried it on the preview, which still looks pretty horrendous in my opinion, but the one on my site looks even worse. Only one that works as I was hoping was FB.

A. Where is the plugin picking up the styles for the modal box, buttons? B. Is this really the way LinkedIn/Twitter share functions generally work? C. Does neither have a modal preview box like FB does?

Please advise. Thank you.

Hello. How is admin report page? How to handle if they get discount, then immediately then go to delete there share?

There is no solution for this… There is no admin page, just a setting page

Is there any future update for this? It is not fair, if people just get discount, then they delete it.

It’s just not possible. We can’t control that the user will remove the publication…

Is it possible to apply discounts to shipping? For example, if someone likes your Page on Facebook or Tweets from the WooCommerce Checkout screen, they would receive free shipping?

Yes, we are using the default woocommerce coupon system. So no problem


massay Purchased

Hi, i created a support ticket 3 days ago, and no answer. Do you know how long does it take to get an answer?

It’s answered ;) Sorry for the delay

Hello I just bought this item. I have a question: When the customer already click the FB share, and then they empty the Cart. Then, when they add product to cart again, the FB Share button is NOT active? then the discount is not applied? And second question: if the customer already checkout and pay, And they add product to cart again, will the Share Button appear again? or is it not active (because already shared in previous checkout?


XcRt Author

Answered in helpdesk