Woocommerce Social Reward / Coupon

Woocommerce Social Reward / Coupon

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You may be interested by my other plugin, Woocommerce Social Coupon After Order, where your customer generate a new coupon after the first order

Update 1.2.0 : Since this announcement , Twitter events are called before the user can tweet. In order to fix this we had to implement a server-side tweet. In order to work you will need an App ID and App Secret from Twitter. We also add Linkedin Support.

  • Facebook Like and Share
  • VK Like
  • Linkedin ShareUnlike other plugins, we dont add discount until the share is done
  • Twitter Tweet and Follow (Compliant with last twitter update Read here, unlike other plugins)
  • Unlike other plugin we do not support Google +, In fact they don’t provide any callback to be sure that the share has been done. You can test on other plugin, they don’t work

  • Gives discount to customer who want to share your website
  • Hook directly on the default Woocommerce coupon system. You Just need to create your coupons and use them directly on the plugin
  • Unlike other plugin coupon’s code aren’t displayed on the cart
  • Choose if you want to block these coupon when they are used manually, so customer can’t use the coupon without a social action
  • Choose if you want a unique coupon use by user and reset the marker when you want.
  • Control where the box will appear on the product page / cart and checkout with Woocommerce template hook
  • Multi Coupon mode : allow users to cumulate coupons for each social action made
  • Product Coupon mode : choose if you want to have a unique coupon for each product share
  • SDK Scripts are load asynchronously and with the check for HTTPS Support
  • Change all displayed text on the admin panel
  • Shortcode available to be use on any page or widget you want
  • Retina and responsive
  • i18n Support, French and English translation provided
  • Free updates!

  • Google Chrome – All Recent Releases
  • Firefox – All Recent Releases
  • Safari – All Recent Releases
  • Opera – All Recent Releases
  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10+
  • Works on all iOS5+ devices! iPhone, iPad, and iTouch + Most Android Devices (Note that individual Social Buttons may
  • work differently on all devices and may not be supported on some – out of my control.)


* Version 1.2.47
- Fix broken build

* Version 1.2.45
- Fix add_to_cart option

* Version 1.2.44
- Various fixes and debug 

* Version 1.2.41
- Add option to not add automatically the product to cart

* Version 1.2.31
- Fix shortcode bug in non product page

* Version 1.2.30
- Fix bug in 1.2.29
- Remove cookie on cart empty

* Version 1.2.29
- Add hook on coupon applied

* Version 1.2.28
- Fix checkout hook

* Version 1.2.27
- Fix select2

* Version 1.2.26
- Add translate "Your coupon has been added" 

* Version 1.2.25
- Fix Coupon Facebook after cancel

* Version 1.2.24
- Fix WooCommerce 2.6 Save Social Pages

* Version 1.2.23
- Add redirect page choice

* Version 1.2.21
- Fix english for "Your discount has been applied" 
- Fix coupon name on cart in product mode

* Version 1.2.20
- Fix bug on product mode conflicting with other coupons
- Add option to redirect to cart page after sharing in product page
- Fix Variable product, No more adding the product on the cart if variable product shared

* Version 1.2.20
- Fix tweeter url if not present
- No coupon mode just for share

* Version 1.2.19
- Adding License server 

* Version 1.2.5 ( Uploaded 2015/12/01 )
- Add facebook local to customize like butotn
- Add tweet / follow and Linkedin Share button customizable
- Product Mode : Choose to display cooupon only on product page and attribute specific coupon to each product (advanced mode, don't hesitate to contact me to have more information)
- Improve documentation

* Version 1.2.0 ( Uploaded 2015/11/24 )
- Twitter server-side integration since twitter update.
- Support Linkedin server-side integration

* Version 1.1.4 ( Uploaded 2015/10/12 )
- Add the product on the cart if you are on a product page. In order to don't have the bug when the cart is empty

* Version 1.1.3 ( Uploaded 2015/10/11 )
- Add shortcode [xc-social-reward]
- Add more hooks on product page

* Version 1.1.2 ( Uploaded 2015/10/10 )
- Fix like iframe css z-index & max-width

* Version 1.1.1 ( Uploaded 2015/10/09 )
- Fix template conflict

* Version 1.1.0 ( Uploaded 2015/10/08 )
- Add VK Support
- Various fixes

* Version 1.0.0 ( Uploaded 2013/10/02 )
- First release