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I liek the plugin – but I only want to post products when I update them (uncheck boxes when creating new product) but lets say I want a specific product to post to Facebook I could simply check the Socio boxes and it would post. Is this possible – as not everyone wants to post new products on creation to facebook – kinda important.

just want to have plugin uncheck by default

By default every product is checked to post to the Facebook. You have to uncheck if you don’t want to post it. If you want a custom solution, please contact at info@genialsouls.com with details.

This plugin is too great, but is appropriate for the Vietnamese nation not? You need to advertise to let people know about it, now it is a very important product in the business. After I finished building my site, I will definitely buy it …

Thanks giaybinhha for liking the plugin. Lets improve it for Vietnamese. Need suggestions and feedback. Please contact at info@genialsouls.com for details.

Hi there,

This plugin would be perfect for us if we could combine multiple products into an album post / multiple images post. Each product would have the same elements as your current single image post, i.e. title, price, description, link.

We add many products in our shop at the same time and we prefer not to post each of them individually. Combining multiple products in 1 post would also be better for advertising.

Are you planning to implement this feature?

Hi, That would be a customized solution. Please contact at info@genialsouls.com

Hi, Mu woocommerce products don’t post in my Facebook page. Why?

Hi, Please contact info@genialsouls.com with details for the issue.

Hello Facebook is blocking any post from this plugin. they said I am using third party poster. so they delete every thing I posted to my facebook page. Hello please can you help me solve this problem

Hi, If you bulk post large amount of posts at once, Facebook may detect it as spam. We have a time delay feature in our plugin to avoid this. If this is not the case, please contact info@genialsouls.com with exact message to diagnose further at your site.

i have set up api and key and know that is correct. When I click correct I get an error box on a facebook page which says “Error Warning Can’t Load URL: The domain of this URL isn’t included in the app’s domains. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and subdomains of your app to the App Domains field in your app settings.” Not sure what domain and where i’m supposed to put it. You get a different screen in your video at 44 seconds.


Simon B

You need to add your domain name in your Facebook App. For details, please see our video tutorial about how to create Facebook App here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfM5RvrIBrg Check at 1:10 and you will find how and where to enter domain. If you still have issues, please contact at support@genialsouls.com

The free version connects to my profile and my pages but not placed any product, the pro version that I purchased does not connect and does not do anything. Will you help me make functional this plugin? Thank you

The free version connects to my profile and my pages but not placed any product, the pro version that I purchased does not connect and does not do anything. Will you help me make functional this plugin? Thank you

Where is pro version 1.5, the file link that you give me after the payment is pro version 1.4.. Send me the link to download pro version 1.5. Thanks

I downloaded the pro woosocio file again from the codecanyon link hoping I was wrong, but unfortunately this is not the file downloaded from codecanyon after the purchase is the version 1.4 and so I would urge you to send me the Plugin link I have purchased. Thank you

Let us check why its still 1.4 as we have approved v 1.5


johnwey Purchased

Hi From your installation instructions: “3. Select settings/WooSocio Options page from wordpress menu and login.” /WooSocio Options does not appear in Settings menu http://voiceofbyron.com.au/wp-content/uploads/woosocio.jpg John

johnwey Purchased

Don’t worry, I found it’s not in Settings any more, it has its own button. But now I’ve added the app and secret, I click Connect and nothing happens. Over and over again, nothing

Hi, Please contact support@genialsouls.com with ref to this comment

I just bought the plugin. It’s not being installed properly, and it says it is v 1.4. When I try to connect to facebook it does nothiong. Please advise

please contact support@genialsouls.com with reference to this post.