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Hello. My client has multivendor woocommerce site. Is it possible to set up two types of logins? One for customers that can use FB, G+, and another for vendors letting them only use Paypal? Thanks

you need to create a 2 separate shortocdes and it might need some customization need to be done, but thats possible for sure.

Presale question: In the admin where to see if a user connected with Paypal or facebook?

Not now, but you can do that easily via custom work .

Hi there. Pre-sale Questions. 1) Can I limit this to just facebook login. Or does it need to be all social media 2) Can I manually assign my current accounts from my woocommerce site to their social media accounts or must the customer do this? 3) I am going to be installing “WooCommerce Memberships” to my site for a membership area of my site. Do you know how this will integrate with this plugin?

Many thanks :)

1) Can I limit this to just Facebook login. Or does it need to be all social media Ans: Yes you can disable all the social media. You can only enable the social account which you want to display on front side.

2) Can I manually assign my current accounts from my woocommerce site to their social media accounts or must the customer do this? Ans: No, you can’t assign the manually. customer need to login with his Facebook account to link his woocommerce account.

3) I am going to be installing “WooCommerce Memberships” to my site for a membership area of my site. Do you know how this will integrate with this plugin? Ans: What integration you want with our social login and “Woocommerce Membership” plugin ? We may help you with that as custom work if that is not already available.

Can you update the Instagram log to their new logo? Or tell me how I can?

Can you please create support ticket for such questions as we can make very quick responses instead of here.

What is the difference between your plug-in and the plug-in on Woo Commerce other than the price?

both coded differently. We dont know what they have features but you can compare by going through our document.


Sorry if this has already been asked… Can this be used to force a login as soon as woocommerce is accessed? In other words – force a login before shopping (for use in abandoned cart recovery with other plugins)? Thanks!

Can you please explain me about this in more detail. I have query for this task as below:

1) Do you want like when guest user go to shop page, single product page, cart or checkout page then we need to redirect user to login page forcefully ? 2) Or you want like non-logged-in user can go to shop page and single product page but only can’t add product to cart and purchase the product. 3) or only want restriction on place order. means user have to login/ register first to place order ( This option is already available in Woocommerce ).

Please reply me for this, so we can understand this better.

On the demo account that you link to, I see that it allows easily to create an account with social sites. But I don’t see any way to create an account without social sites (no link to create an account the traditional way). Do customers have the ability to create accounts without using the social login? http://screencast.com/t/LMbM6pYo

thats defaut feature of woocommerce / wordpress. We have not enabled on the demo to avoid spam user creations.


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shortcode [woo_social_login] and widget doesn’t seems to work on my site.

I added a WooCommerce Social Login widget to the sidebar but it fails to render. Is there any settings I have to check before using shortcode/widget?

Can you please create a support ticket and we are happy to help you via that.

Hello. I wanted to know, when the customer registers with facebook, for example, does he receive the woocommerce default “new customer” email?


When you will register with the Woocommerce social login then the notification email will be fire from WordPress new user registration notification.


Hi there, if I use this plugin on my Wordpress site and then use Facebook login. If I click the login button, does it check the “login status of mobile Facebook app” and log me in automatically? Or does it only check the “login status of the browser Facebook login cookie?”

Let me know. Thanks.

No, it will not check login status of mobile facebook app.

Hi, I am interested in implementing a Social Login for a WooCommerce based web site and your solution seems the most interesting. Just to be sure, is the plugin working on HTTPS webistes too?

Yes, its working on HTTPS site

Is it possible to use this as a separate step when checking out so they either first need to login / register before paying?

Also is this plugin compatible with WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard?


Yes, its possible using custom code. Plugin provide shortcode. so if you have step functionality already then you need to add shortcode in first step.

Also, It should work with WooCommerce Multistep Checkout Wizard but we haven’t checked. If you provide plugin copy then we are happy to check compatibility.

future update: please include social profile image after connection with social profile

Plugin already proving this functionality. see this screenshot: http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/1959591/bb4ee8878cb6ba00ac8636b26435bae4, still you facing any issue, please open a ticket at support help desk.

I’ve a presale question
I know that under the terms of the license I can use the product only on one real site.
But I always make a copy of the site on localhost (to check for updates, etc.).
Will I be able to work with your plugin on my localhost and on a real site at the same time (simultaneously)?
Will I be available all the features without entering any key in the localhost?

Yes, You can use plugin on real site and localhost. Also you can use all features of plugin.

I installed the plugin and setup facebook and google logins according to the documentation. When I test it, the cart page/checkout page/etc. just goes blank white (viewing source shows the page is there). Would you be willing to have a look and tell me what you think is going on? I have deactivated all plugins except woocommerce and this social login plugin and still the same result.

can you please create a support ticket with your site details and we are happy to check it further and able to give you quick resolution over there.

the support ticket is telling me my purchase code is invalid?

please email me your purchase code you must be doing something wrong.