Discussion on Woocommerce SMS/WhatsApp Notifications

Discussion on Woocommerce SMS/WhatsApp Notifications

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Hello, last update was in May 2021, is it still in progress for further updates? Thank you.

yes, our plugin is works fine with latest version of Wordpress and WooCommerce. we will release the plugin update soon.

I have a store on woocommerce and I have many orders. We also have employees who contact each customer until the order is confirmed, and there are customers confirmed and customers canceled. So is there a way to send WhatsApp messages to each customer and find out if he wants to cancel or confirm the order? I hope you have such a feature

sorry not possible.

Hi, This is a presales question. I have twilio and whatsapp Verified number. Should i get the template approved first from twilio for the dynamic content? Do you give a Admin backend access to test your plugin before purchase.

Thanks & Regards, Viv


Thank you for contacting us. Yes, you need to approved template for dynamic content. We don’t have admin demo.

If you need any information please contact our support.

Thank you.

hi presales question, if i dont want use Twilio, can use other platfrom? tq

Our plug-in only supports twilio

Hi, I use the ’’Advanced Local Pickup for WooCommerce’’ plugin to notify my customers via e-mail when their order are ready for pick up, your plugin is compatible with that plugin? Thanks.

Yes, possible. please contact our support if you need any more information.

Hi, Is it possible to use both SMS and Whatsapp or we have to choose only one out of the two.

you can use both at a time. if you need any more information please contact our support

Hello guys, have a few questions before purchasing

1. Do you support Custom Order Status for WooCommerce plugin? So I can choose a custom status to notify users?

2. Placeholders for messages can be customized?

3. In pending payment can I send a specific message depending on the payment method user choose? Sometimes I need to send bank instructions or another instructions depending on the method.

1. Yes plugin supports custom status.

2. Yes you can customize messages.

3. Admin can send messages from the order screen.

If you need any more information please contact our support. 

Is this pluggin support for any multivendor plugin?

as of now, plugin will send message to customers and admin only. plugin not support multivendor.

Hey, I’d like to put a shortcode in a SMS message. I see there is the ability to customize each message to purchasers. So will adding a shortcode to the SMS message work? Thanks!

Shortcode is not possible. please contact us at for any customization

We have thousands of customers using our sms gateway, I tried to contact you and I did not find an email to contact your developer or technical support, please add our sms gateway, if you need help talk to our technical support:

thank you

please contact our support at

I have purchased and installed but I can see to get features I have to get Twilio whatsapp API. It is not a easy process for a personal woocommerce site. So is it useless for me ? Am I lost the amount by purchasing this plugin ?

Hello, I have an abandoned cart plugin, I wanted to know if it is possible to adapt a WhatsApp message for customers who made their purchases after 5 days and how much would this implementation cost?

Yes, Possible. Please contact our support.

Hi, pre purchase questions

When the order is placed in WhatsApp …......

Does the woocommerce store that order into Admin back end as usual?

Does the order email notification goes out to store owner & customer as usual?

Will it work only for cash on delivery or for all payment methods?

Will the plugin work with all Themes without any compatibility issue?

If I have different variations of product in order, like Size M, Color Red, etc, all of these will be included into the message at WhatsApp?

Is it possible to display 2 options Whats Ap Order & Web Order at checkout our page for buyer to select?

Is the plugin cost is ontime or you will charge monthly or annually?

Is it open source for any customization?

Do you have any online demo of front & admin side


Thank you for your message.

1. No. the User sends order details through WhatsApp.

2. No. the User sends order details through WhatsApp.

3. Plugin does not deal with any payment method. the user sends order details from the cart page only.

4. Yes. the plugin works with all WooCommerce compatible themes.

5. Yes.

6. No.

7. Yes, It is a one-time fee. (Lifetime updates and 6 months support).

8. It is not open source. the plugin has various actions hooks to customize the plugin.

9. we don’t provide admin demo. please check our plugin frontend demo here.

If you need any more information please contact our support.

Best, -Team XpertsClub

hello I have sent several emails to see how the plugin is configured and where do I get the whatsapp sender id, twilio already confirmed and accepted

hello I answered them after 10 minutes with the accesses, but there is still no news. I would appreciate your help.

Hi, good afternoon, I’m still waiting for your answer, I already sent you the wordpress and twilio accesses to your email, I still can’t use your plugin. I already paid in twilio, I’ve been waiting for more than 1 week.

we have replayed to your support ticket.

does it needs any third party plugin?

Yes, you need Twilio account.

Can you add WhatsApp Gateway

Please contact our support at

Can the plug-in send order detail of order items with variable product types (such as large, medium, small in product types)?

This plugin will send notifications about order. Not order details. you need to configure the message templates.

How can i tring it? Having an example?

Hi, As of now, We don’t have live demo for this plugin. Plugin will work as per the description. If you have any questions please contact our support at

Hi I am looking for a plugin which can replace Twilio Whatsapp API work. I don’t want to implement it by API. My requirement is : To send order notifications to customers whatsapp number. so when they done with order then customers will get the all notifications on whatsapp number

Kindly let me know, this plugin can help me in this case ?


No, Our plugin is also uses Twilio WhatsApp API

You mean this plugin can’t fulfill my requirement, which is to send woocommerce notifications on whatsapp ?

The plugin will send Woocommere notifications on WhatsApp by using Twilio WhatsApp API

Hi There, I have 1 question please:

  • Will the plugin send notifications to the customers even if my phone is offline or switched off? Using WhatsApp Business API from Twilio?

Best Regards

Yes, Twilio will send notifications.


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