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Can it auto send for each order status change – even customer order statuses – can i send custom messages to customer individually -

Hi Nathan, These functions should be possible. If not, please let me know and I’ll have those features added within 1 week as a free update. Thanks, Matt


is it possible to add for each order status an auto sms? Are there more strings that I can use?

Yeah sure. What would you like to see exactly?

Can u Please Add SMSGATEWAYHUB API so that will Refer your Link to Purchase Plugin


We recommend that you use the gateway

I got a fatal error on checkout page with Woo SMS – read this and now I have to look for other SMS app, I am interested with your App but need to be assured I got the same fatal error causing loss of business

How do you know it was out plugin that caused this? Did it show any errors or console errors?

Hi will this plugin be used as mobile verification upon registration in woocommerce?

no it doesn’t do that, but does – please get in touch with them to discuss.

Hi guys, is it possible to add this sms gateway to your plugin ?

please contact us at


It’s possible to integrate this plugin by sending text messages from my Android smartphone? Thank you!

It will only allow you to send messages via a SMS gateway like


Jhonson Purchased

1. Can I send sms using php code?

2. Also, wIll your plugin be able to send SMS based on the custom order status created by other plugin (

3. And custom message for each custom status?


Jhonson Purchased

Hi, Thank you. Went ahead and purchased. I could see Custom Status on automatic send, but surprisingly, after seeing other similar plugins and there was no Live Preview, I assume that your plugin should be able to send out SMS on multiple statuses (more than one).

Please let me know if I’m wrong, I could only see setting on Automatic for sending SMS only 1 any chosen status.

If this is the case, are you able to add send SMS on multi status feature to your plugin. So, we can send SMS to more than 1 status, each with custom message.

Also, “Send SMS to one or several customers from the WooCommerce View orders or the Edit order page.” not showing up on the dropdown like your product image sample. Is this a bug? or because I haven’t completed the general setting (I haven’t got any SMSAPI account to test).

I am evaluating SMS gateway provider, I don’t mind using clicksend if this plugin can work together with the above multi status feature.


Jhonson Purchased

“Send SMS to one or several customers from the WooCommerce View orders or the Edit order page.” is now fixed.

Please let me know, whether you can add “enable setting for setup Send SMS on more than 1/unlimited number of status, each with custom message.

So, I can make decision whether to use clicksend SMS gateway. Thank you.

We can’t setup a custom message for each status, but you can use placeholders e.g. “your order number {order-number} has been updated to {status}”.

If you want anything more custom than that you’ll have to use the API.

Congrats Bro. Welcome to Envato Family. Best of luck.

I just purchased this plugin, but noticed that I cannot send individual custom sms’s for each customer. I want to be able to either go into the order and send and sms from there, or have a little button on the order page that pops up and allows me to send the custom sms. This will mostly be used to send the client a tracking number and other unique individual details. Please update plugin to allow this. Thank you.


viqtor Purchased

You mentioned placeholders, is the any documentation listing these?

Yeah there should be examples you can use. If you can’t find them, check the screenshot on the plugin page. e.g. “your order number {order-number} has been updated to {status}”


viqtor Purchased

Yes I can see these two examples already but they are the only two listed anywhere within the plugin except name which is already shown in the screenshot, are there any others listed anywhere else? Is it possible for them to be sent too me as I’ve already used enough to searching?

What other placeholders do you need?

Can I set it up to email the admin when a order arrives? I can’t seem to find any settings for that.

Am I missing something as i don’t see an option for it.

I’ll get our dev team to look into this. If it’s not there already I’ll arrange for it to be added in. Alternatively, I can give you a refund if you prefer.

No refund necessary! I like the plugin. I look forward to your dev team adding it down the road! Thanks!