WooCommerce SMS Customer Notifications

WooCommerce SMS Customer Notifications

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Easily send SMS to your WooCommerce customers

$5 Free Credit

Get $5 free credit when choosing ClickSend as your gateway. Contact ClickSend to Redeem

Woocommerce SMS to customer includes 4 popular SMS Gateway APIs : ClickSend, Nexmo, Twilio and MessageBird.

Most of the included SMS gateways offer a free trial, so you will be able to test features before purchasing any balance !

When your trial balance is 0 you need to start paying the third party SMS Gateway that you choose.

Quick Start Guide

Full documentation is available in the /doc/ folder.

Easy configuration

First choose an API, create an account on its website, then get your API key(s).

Next configure your message, and you are ready to send SMS to your customers !

Automatic or manual sending

This plugin offers 2 ways to send SMS to your customers : automatic and manual modes.
• Automatic mode : SMS will be send to customer when his order reach the status that you configure (ie : If you choose “Processing Order” a SMS will be sent when the order is processing)
• Manual mode : SMS will be send by manual action of the website administrator or shop manager from the View orders or the Edit order page.

Individual and bulk sending (manual sending)

Send SMS to one or several customers from the WooCommerce View orders or the Edit order page.

Get your balance displayed on option page

When the plugin is fully configured, and you have created an account within one of the included SMS gateway, you can see on the General options section your real time remaining balance :

Sample messages with helpers

Sample messages that you can edit are included. It makes easiest edition and storage of your SMS.

Helpers usage : use %s to figure the recipient firstname, and %d to figure the recipient order number.

Included detailled documentation

The .zip contains a detailled step by step html documentation including screenshots to make installation and configuration very easy.

Ready for translation

Translation / WPML ready. Comes with 2 langages (default : English + French. Text-domain for translators is woocommerce-sms-to-customer


    - add automatic sending features & settings
    - add auto-updater
    - fix minor bug (php error)

    - 4 API included

    - Initial release