WooCommerce Smart Orders Page for Woocommerce 3.0

WooCommerce Smart Orders Page for Woocommerce 3.0

compatible ONLY with WooCommerce 3.x and higher

Woocommerce 3.0 admin orders page is missing some important columns due to performance reasons. Our small plugin adds additional columns to orders page so staff and admin can manage their store and orders easier.

Our plugin is in active development. If you did not find the desired function, simply send us an email. We will consider to implement the functionality and will get back to you.

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Video Overview

Main Features:

Features Overview

  • Adds Order Summary Column to a grid (Most requested feature!)
  • IP Address, Browser and Operating System
  • Reordering Columns
  • Custom Marker
  • Custom Status
  • Combine orders
  • Show Order Notes without hover
  • Find your Order Widget
  • Show you Custom Metadata
  • Order Item Metadata Filter
  • Sales Statistics
  • Easy installation
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Friendly Support


Order summary column was removed in WooCommerce 3.0. Our plugin adds this column back. It will display contents of an order with variations. This makes order manamgenet easier and faster


This option gives the easy way to manage order notes. Don’t needed to go to the order page anymore.


The frontend widget will help your buyers find their order by number. For an authorized user, a search is made for the orders that he made on the site. An unauthorized user will need to verify by e-mail. Also, the search form becomes available on the user’s order page.


Combining two or more orders into one. It will be useful when the user has made several orders in a short time with delivery to one address


The new filter added to get orders that contain a certain product.


Very useful for sales experience. You can build the logic of your online store as you want. Add any intermediate steps between buying and shipping goods from the warehouse. Make colorful icons and you will not get lost in the interface.


The new tab in the admin panel of the plugin shows some useful sales statistics. It helps to know what products are the most popular in your e-shop, what customers bought most products (maybe to make a discount for them ;) ) and other useful charts. And you can range all this stuff by a time period to see more details.

Sales Statistics Video Overview


These fields can be very helpful when troubleshooting issues. If customer complains that their checkout experience was not good you can see exactly what happened by testing it using same browser, operating system, etc. IP address can help with figuring out location of the customer.


You can set position of columns on the orders page the way you like. Can be helpful for some stores to make order management easier


Often, stores have some unique processes that they want to follow. That is why we included this feature. What it does is it adds a new column that can be named anything and then you can manually check / uncheck it.
Example 1: You receive orders outside of woocommerce and want to mark orders that are older than two weeks for later processing.
Example 2: you want to mark some orders for priority processing. You can name your column priority processing and then check it manually when needed. This way you do not need to use an extra spreadsheet to keep track of things  :)


You can enable the order metadata checkbox in the settings and then see the metadata in the order summary field for each product. This is convenient if you use the custom product metadata or for some reason do not see the product variation on the order page.


To save space on a page when lots of data is present you can use compact mode.

Suggest a feature

We’d love to hear your feature suggestions. If you need some features that are not currently present in this plugin – please let us know. You can email your ideas to or comment here.

Change Log
== 1.1.5 ==
       Merge discounts while merging orders
== 1.1.4 ==
    Bug Fixes - Lookup order widget
    Managing order notes from the orders table
    Filtering orders by product in the orders table

== 1.1.3 == 
        Bug Fixes - Graphs on non-US sites 

== 1.1.2 == 
        Bug Fixes - Short open tags

== 1.1.1 ==
    Bug Fixes - Stats

== 1.1.0 ==
    Stats Dashboard - NEW!
    Bug fixes

== 1.0.9 ==
    Order Items Metadata Filter

== 1.0.8 ==
    Custom order statuses

== 1.0.7 ==
    Bug fixes
    Add feature 'Merge orders'
    Add feature 'Search orders on frontend'
    Add widget 'Search orders'

== 1.0.6 ==
    Bug fixes

== 1.0.5 ==
    Bug fixes
    Add feature 'Display the customer message and order notes inside the column' 

== 1.0.4 ==
    Bug fixes

== 1.0.3 ==
    Marker column feature
    Show order metadata
    Orders Compact mode

== 1.0.2 ==
    Product variations feature
    Reorder columns feature

== 1.0.1 ==
    Bug fixes

== 1.0.0 ==
    Initial Release