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Have you got any examples as looked at yours and couldn’t see any difference apart from image on right.

in demo. you can view default product detail page in “Shop” menu. in “Products Builder” is apply page build with VC

Can I use this to build a custom WooCommerce page template (to use with all of my products)?

I am having some compatibility issues with my theme. The page template that I created with your plugin is ignoring my theme’s page margins and padding.

Please kindly contact with us via email support. We’re very happy to help you

I submitted a support request. Please advise. Thanks.

I agree, I think it is a language barrier here as the issue. The description is not clear, nor are the screenshots. I think the power of this would be to enable a demo where we can login and try like VC, as well as movies of how it works building the page, as well as how you make this work for all products by default.

Any extra steps that a client must make to show this layout is a danger that they will get it wrong.

Thank you very much :)

I think that it is very easy to use. you need to create / build a page in WP with VC to use it as a template for product detail page. then you go to edit or create woo product or woo product category select it

I think if you can enable a demo where we can login and try build product layouts would be opening your plugin to describing it best.

Hello, Can we modify the existing detail page product or we have to create a new one ? Thank you

We’ll create and build new page in Wordpress, then go to page in product or product category


Do you have a shortcode for SKU number also?

but it was included in the default product meta

Great product – when will the new version be ready?

This plugin looks really great !!! But i have 2 questions : I have bought a premium theme (Salient) which already integrate visual composer 3.7.3 that they have customized for their purposes. Does your plugin works with this custom version of VC included in my theme ? Thanks for answering.

can you contact via email

Thank you. I’ve sent you an email.

Just to tell that this plugin is really great and really usefull ! Many thanks to the support team for answering fast all my questions. They resolve all my needs for customization with my theme. Really efficient !

I use product addons from wootheme in my woocommerce. With your plugin it will be display correctly?

Yes ! But you will probably have to add custom style for it

It doesn’t work as it show code like [dhvc_woo_product_page_images]. Also I bought Visual Composer as well. Our theme has other page builder as well. Is it will work to show the product? What is your suggest?

I still not working. I click option pages from product. what is the problem?

Hi, please kindly contact with us via email support. we’re very happy to help you

i just send you email

the readme file information doesn’t seem to make sense. I understand English is not your first languegae, but reading the information there, especially that last bit, doesn’t work.

- After you installed and activate the plugin, a new group element WooCommerce Product in Visual Composer.

- Create and builder a “page” with Visual Composer to apply for single product

- Go to edit/create product or edit/create product category select a page use in detail product

- Support edit default templates in plugin through overrides it in your theme,look like: wp-content/themes/{your_theme}/dhvc-woocommerce-page/single-product.php

Hi, can you see example Youtube

if you not sure do it, please contact with us via email support

ok thanks

Can you make it to work with custom fields ?

Is it possible to make the related products/ upsell products a slider

Can you see . in new version it support display upsell product

I do like to work with this. Looks good. I guess there might be a chance to get this working not only with productpage and categorys but also with brandpages too ? I work with brands plugin of woocommerce and maybe just the change of taxonomy to product_brand would do ? In case of buying you could help ?

Alos it works with chained products and composite products ?

Thank you

Yes, we’re very haply to help you :)

Hello, author, please response to this comment ASAp if possible:

I interested to buy this plugin,.can you do customization too for me if i buy ?? i’m ready to pay additional payment if needed.

by Buying this plugin , i hope you can do customization for me ,

i need to have similar design with this site => on single products page. (not on all products page)

look at my theread here

Please confirm to me asap, ..

use my plugin to help you do customization single product page with

Also,if you want, I can custom it according to your requirements if you buy it

thanks for reply, Ok, wait,...i’ll buy it

done !,.. 1st i’ll instal it on my site, do you need my LOGIN details or something ??

I have an embed code (for a Wistia video) that is different for each product. Can I somehow integrate it into my product page template? Is there a shortcode that can handle this?

please contact with us via email support. we’re help you create shortcode to show it

You have done a great job with this plugin – PLUS – you gave me extra support with my specific needs installing it on my site! I would like to give you a 5-star rating, but I cannot see where to do that?

Do you know of a way that I can customize my product category pages in a similar way to what your plugin offers for the single product pages?

Thank you. if you want rating for my plugin. please login and go to menu

Also, for customize product category. please see and video tutorial:

Hello, i have pre-sale questions:

Is it possible to do something like this ( or this ( with your plugin?

Is your plugin responsive?

What kind of technology, jquery, html5, flash?

Thanks for answer

my plugin only help you to control reorder element data in single product page with Visual Composer. can you use plugin for demo ( or this ( . please see video tutorial:

Wow, thank you so much for reply and help. Rezo

I am desperately searching for a plugin or a way to customize the shop/archive page with visual composer. Can this plugin do this as well or do you know of any way?

this plugin only help you customize single product page. for shop/archive page . please see

It does not seem this plugin does the deal, but thanks anyways for the suggestion.

Hello, I would like to buy your plugin to rearrange product page putting add to cart button before product description excerpt. Is this possible? Thank you

entirely possible and you can do better than that

Hi, great, great product, but I found a little bug I think. When I assign a page to a particular product it works fine. When I edit somehow this product through woocommerce bulk edit, the chosen page template is gone and the product reverses to the standard woocommerce template. Can this be fixed?

Thanks for your perfect support! This is such an awesome product. I can customize my product pages any way I want and have different product pages throughout my shop. I think it’s the only plugin that does this. Hope you sell a lot more :)

Thank you very much ;)

No prob, this is it :-)

Hi, Will this plugin allow me to retain all of the features currently available on the Venedor theme product details page i.e. wishlist and compare buttons e.t.c

I’d like to keep the current layout and structure of the page and add more content below it using visual composer elements.


Yes, That is the idea when I created it ;)