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Ok this is a huge game changer for me. Few questions. This plugin will not work with the Avada Theme? Can we center the product tile and can you put the thumbnail images on the side of the main image and what themes will support this?

The Avada theme doesn’t use the Visual Composer they have their own builder called the Fusion builder. So it will still work?

Sorry, you need install visual composer on your site to use it

That’s what I thought. Thanks!!


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I have installed the plugin but I do not have the WC Single Product items in WP Bakery (Visual Composer). I watched the tutorial, but I do not have those items ( WC Single Product Title, WC Single Product Images etc. ).

I followed the Readme file and did all the steps. Any idea how I can make those appear in my Visual Composer? I use WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.5. Could that be the reason? If so, is there a way to make it work ?

Edit: I saw that you recommended others that have the same issue to open a support ticket. I did that now. Hope you can help soon. Thanks

Dear, please kindly contact with our support team on our supporter will check details to help you.

Best regards.

Hi, I want to get this but is there any way to make this plugin ADD ON TO the current template? I have a theme which already edits the woocommerce page to add some really important features (in php), and If I have to make a new template, theres probably no way to get those features onto it.

I just want the visual composer to add underneath what is already there. Is this possible in any way?

You can change custom edit to shortcode add in Visual Composer use in build Custom Page or this plugin is support you to custom shortcodes of plugin to add custom code. Thanks!

Hi sorry, I want to buy but I’m unsure by what you mean. I’m asking if you are able to ONLY ADD ON EXTRA to what is already there. I don’t want to create a whole new template because it will delete some important parts of my theme.Can I add shortcodes directly underneath what is already there without making a new template?

Love the plugin. Can you tell me best way for organic set with page content. Does Google pull the seo data from the description part – or the product exerpt. Also do you have a customisation service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PLUGIN – JUST BE PATIENT AND EXPERIMENT EVERYONE.

Dear, please kindly contact with our support team on Our supporter will check details to help you and if you need custom service, our support team will help you.

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Hi, i don’t see element like your tutorial video youtube ‘woo product image”, I just see “wc single product image’ :

Can u help me ??