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Do I need to install ‘Visual Developer’ to use this …I see in the comments it was mentioned that this plugin is needed (I am not talking about Visual Composer)

Dear. thí plugin require visual composer plugin to work


The structured data from google is giving errors and not working properly with your plugin. Could you guys dive into this?

Dear, please kindly contact with our support team on Our supporter will check details to help you.

Best regards.

Hi, I have a question related to invoicing, our tax law requires getting something called as “certificate of residence” of companies we buying something from. I have contacted Evanto and they told me Author should provide such document to the buyer (not Evanto), can you please send such document to me ?

Dear, you can go to “Statements” menu in your account and search “Purchase” WooCommerce Single Product Page Builder in Statements list then click to “Invoice” to get invoice.

Best regards.

This is not something I am talking about (:, invoice is not the case. Our tax law in my country require getting Certificate of tax residence, document confirmed by supplier Tax Office than he pays taxes in his country. I know it may sounds stupid but this is tax reality I must face to here ):

Sorry, but on our country not have tax invoice for trading activity on CodeCanyon or any sales item on Codecanyon.

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Pre-Sale question

We use this plugin on our website

Is your plugin compatible with it?


Yes, our plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin.

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Hello SiteSao,

This Plug-In looks great. Before I buy though – is it compatible with Yikes Custom Product Tabs?

Or are there any other Tab plugins you would recommend please?

Many thanks and i look forward to hearing from you.

Yes, our plugin is work with plugin. If you have any problem use our plugin, please kindly contact with our support team on to help you.

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With this plugin am I able to make menu tabs depending on the category of the product?

Sorry, the plugin not support you to do it. Thanks!


deepak45 Purchased

hello sir ,

i mistakenly purchase this add on , i already have this one , is there any way to cancel this purchase..

Dear, please kindly contact with Envato Support to help you. Thanks!

Hello! I have Visual Composer installed as part of my theme (Brazil by Webus). Will this add-on work, even though Webnus has a customized version of Visual Composer installed in my theme? Thank you!

Yes, if your site installed Visual Composer, this plugin will work . Thanks!


wistech Purchased

Wocommerce Single Products images is showing all images big rather than showing a grid. plz help

Dear, please kindly contact with our support team on Our supporter will check details to help you.

Best regards.

Hello, i’m having issues with the plugin, only the product image and short description will display even though i have placed most of the elements on the custom page. Please help!!!

Dear, please kindly contact with our support team on Our supporter will check details to help you.

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pvilarim Purchased

Hello SiteSao,

Is it compatible with my theme INTERIO?

Dear, this is Wordpress plugin, i see the is HTML template, please check again.

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vandenh Purchased

Hi Sitesao, I want to use the Yith request a quote plugin but it seems that this plugin does not support that. what am I doing wrong?

Kind regards, Van.