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Plug In Install fails… please help!

Sorry, it was renamed to “Installable WordPress file only”

I have downloaded the zip file. There are no other zip files in the file… I have attempted to upload the zip file that was downloaded – this fails each time. Please advise.

Hi Guys – bought this, works great on website – mobile version it overlays my menu and logo how do i fix this? mobile users won’t be able to login etc? please help http://www.burstmakeupbrushes.co.za/ see mobile version compared to desktop which is fine.

You will have to edit your mobile CSS and fix that issue. We’re using Woocommerce notifications for displaying that message, your problem means that your theme does not properly handle default Woocommerce feature.

Your plugin is not working correctly. I’m using the latest version. I set storewide deduct 20% of price. Product price shows 20% on each product but when added to cart it is discounted 40%!!! This is a huge issue because we are running a Cyber Monday sale and luckily we had a customer call us beforehand to catch this issue. I’m not happy with this plugin so far and expected it to run smoothly as we followed the documentation exactly to set it up.

Please advise asap. Thank you!

That happens in combo with some other plugins which are not coded by Woocommerce standards. If you send us your wp-admin admin login we can check this and tell you which one is problematic and causing issues.

People have dozens active plugins, of which some are poorly coded (and are causing variety of problems in WP) and for some reason our plugin gets blamed (which is coded by Woocommerce standards). Just wanted to say that we would not be selling it if it doesn’t work correctly.

Sent you an email. Thanks!

Ok, will reply via mail.

Can this plugin add multiple future sales deals? For example, if we wanted to do a store-wide sale that changed each day: Monday=10%, Tuesday=Buy-On-Get-One-Free, etc.

No, that’s not possible.

Hi I’m having an absolute nightmare with this plugin. We need to exclude variable products / product categories. When we try, what happens with variable products is that the discounted price is displayed, but when customer ads to cart they are charged the full price. This is obviously unacceptable. I’ve searched for competing plugins and can’t find anything. Would greatly appreciate your support – happy to provide logins etc if contacted privately.

Please mail wp-admin administrator login and FTP to us via envato contact form.

Thanks – doing that now.

Hey, my client wants to have a discount, where you buy two and then get 10% discount, but the discount should always apply to the product with the lowest price. Is that possible? Greets

No, this plugin is not meant to be used like that. We are developing something that will do what you need. Should be finished soon.

This plugin does not apply the discount % to Product Bundles (YITH Product Bundles).

Bundles are obviously not a product type. Our plugin only applies discount to product types (custom or default).

Hi, the store wide notice is shown in the bottom of the page !! can you fixe please

We have replied to your email with explanation and screenshots.

what is your email address, maybe it went to spam folder?

Found your email thanks