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Hi, can I have multi-language tickets with WPML?

Does this plugin support serial tickets?

No, Sorry it does not.

is it fully WPML compatible?


Yes it’s compatible.

When i select the colour for available and booked seats, it does not respond on the front end of the website

also, the table with seat selection does not seem responsive? Am i able to download a list of all tickets sold for an event for checking people in?

Is there a seat designer? Can I build up the rows and spaces or is it pre-defined? Thanks for your reply!

Awesome, looking forward to purchase your plugin. May I ask you for a screenshot of a designer? Your demo page is not working :(

I meant the backend row and column designer, any chance to get a sneak peek? Thank you :)

Dear Sir, I purchased the plugin, but I can not find any documentation. I need to divide a row of seats in to two (there is a way in the middle). How can I do that? How can I design the rows and columns? Thanks!

I wrote you a mail.

Can I sell bus tickets with this plugin? I need a “to” – “from” field, on a specific date, with the possibility of return.

I want to change how the tickets are sold, I want to setup a package with number of tickets and then just reserve with your system. Are you available to work this request?


Sorry for late response, can you please explain your idea/request again?

I want to sell a package of tickets, say a package of 5 tickets, and since the price of all events are the same, you can then be able to select in which event you want to used them.

Hi please can you help, for some reason the social icons from the list/table view have vanished. I can still see the square boxes where the icons should be? any ideas, Steve

Hi Steve,

Sorry I can’t understand this feature? are you talking same plugin?


Sorry, this plugin does not belong to us.

Arhhh! ooops! apologies, but appreciate your quick update. Steve

Pre-sales question: Can ticket sales be integrated with BuddyPress member profile field, ie: “Your Ticket Purchases”? And/or be integrated with MemberPress membership plugin that allows custom member fields.

Pre-Sales Question:

Is it possible to sell single day tickets for a multiday event? I see a lot of plugins that aren’t able to provide this functionality.

If I have 50 spaces on Friday and Saturday, then I need to be able to sell a combination of single day and 2-day tickets.


Sorry, we are not sure what you exactly want. can you please explain in detail.

We have an event that will span 2 day, for example Monday and Tuesday.

The attendee can purchase a ticket for either the Monday or Tuesday of the event or for the whole 2 days.

Does your plugin allow for that, where an event can sell a mix of 1 day and 2 days tickets?

Hello sir i want ask how to hold seat row for 24 hour if unpaid?

Your website seems to be hacked – errors, and then an automatic redirection to an adult Webcam site.

Hello, Thanks for your work. I have one little problem. When my visitor choose a number of tickets, the total cost stay at 0$ on the product page. I would like that when my visitor add 3 vip tickets, instantanetly, the price change…. How it’s possible please? Thanks

Hello Sir, This is Siba Sankar Das from India. I bought this “WooCommerce Simple Event Booking with Tickets” PLUGIN couple of hours back. I am facing some issues with this plugin. It displays the contents (product description) only. Buying option or Seat selection option is not there. I can send you few snapshot if you want. Please help me. Thank you.

Regards, Siba


please send screenshots to zafar@najeebmediagroup.com

Your live preview doesn’t work and your live demo link has been hijacked. Good luck!


Is there a demo for this plugin?