Discussion on WooCommerce Simple Bulk Discounts

Discussion on WooCommerce Simple Bulk Discounts

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Hi, my customer asked me if it’s possible to have a 40% discount on the second product (not on the total cart), when I add a second product to the cart. Does this plug-in allow me to have this possibility? Thank you for the answer

Hi, yes, that is possible.

Dear team,

When we have introduced graduated discounts, the price does not change. We have a discount on wine bottles from 10 pieces. If you want to add 20 bottles, the price remains at the original price on the product page. This will be adjusted in the shopping cart. do you know what we should do? We want the product page price to be variable in line with the bulk-discount.

Hope you can tell us.

Thnx! Markoning.

Hello, bulk discounts does not work like that, discount will be visible in cart only, that is why you need to enter text saying “Buy 3, Pay only 2”.


This plugin is compatible with Perfect Brands for WooCommerce. I need to create massive discounts by brand.

Hello, no, this plugin enables you only feature to setup discount by quantity, example “buy 3 get 1 free”.


Hi, I want to know can your plugin offer discount like Buy 2 get 1 free same product but user can select different variant of same product? or will it add same variant as free. Thank you.

Hello, yes, there is option to treat product variations separately or as same product.


Hi, i have purchased but in products details page in simple discounts columns how can i add this discount as its offering 100% discount for all items in cart. i require customer purchases 2 items and they can get 1 free and they can select any variation they want for free item.

If items cost say $10, then you define discount after you purchase 3 you get $10 discount.

Hi, I want to buy your code. Does your code provide Bulk Discount feature? For example: Single item price $5 No of items 2 price $9 No of items 5 price $20

Please let me know


Hi, yes, that is possible to do with this plugin.

Hi, unfortunately the plugin can not desired functions. i would like a refund. thanks and greetings

Hi, please open support ticket here

Question before purchase:

Can the plugin after adding a product to the cart Every second (2, 4, 6, 8 even number) product will be discounted in the same category 1 = 200 2 = 300 and then:

One product in a cart = 200 Two products in the cart = 300 (discount) That means one product costs 200 and the other costs 100

3 products in a cart = 500 There is a discount for 2 in 300 And one more product at full price

4 products in a cart = 600 2 = 300 And another 2 = 300

And so these

Hi, no, you can set fixed or percentage discounts based on quantity in cart and it works only for same product not for product combinations (hence simple in its name).

Hello, is this essentially a bogo plugin? Can I do a regular bogo on this?


You can’t make a discount for other products right? It’s just for the same product.

Discount can be setup only per product. There are plenty of plugins which can be used per category or sitewide, that is why we have created this plugin. It is all explained in plugin documentation.

hello. I liked your plugin but before we purchase that, we have a question:

1. i do not want to give discount to the buyer till they buy 10 products

2. On 11th product purchase i will have a discount of 200 + 100 each product. Example: if a person purchases 11 products they will get discount of 100, when they purchase 12 products they get discount of 200, if someone purchases 13 products they get discount of 300, if someone purchases 14 products they get discount of 400, if someone purchases 16 products they get discount of 500 and so on..

Hi, yes that is possible with this plugin.

Hello, that is something you would have to custom code. Our plugin does not implement that feature.

Hello. Our accounting department wants the basket discount to work this way. For example: 20$ discount for a basket over 150$... But the 20$ discount will not be included at the end of the invoice. 20$ discount will be distributed to the items in the basket. Is this possible with your plugin? We cannot find this feature in other plugins, this is very urgent and very important to us. The accounting department wants this way for correct billing. This screenshot:

Hi, our plugin is not suitable for that.

Hello, this plug-in is still supported? The demo website doesn’t work. Any documentation or sample available to see how this plug-in works?

Hello, plugin is supported and demo works, here is screenshot I just took from demo website


Hi a have a pre sale question is it possibile to apply a discount like that with you plugin? I would like to apply a discount if a user buy 2 or more items, but the discount should be applied only from the second one..

Product A = price 10 $ User buy 1 product A => total 10$ User buy 2 product A => total 10$ + 5$ User buy 3 product A => total 10$ + 5$ + 5$

Is it possible?

Hello, yes, so you set 25% discount for 2 items, 33.3% discount for 3 items etc. Discount will be applied to each product giving end value you want.


I need to apply a fixed discount, not a %. in the case that you said, with %, I should create a discount rules for each quantity that is possible to buy?

I can’t create a discount for each quantity because I don’t have a limit… It would be impossibile to do this.

In that case our plugin is not suitable for your use case.


Hi, will this plugin allow me to define multiple rules per product?

i.e. minimum 5 at one price and minimum 10 at another? I’m guessing that would create two rules?

Also, can the rules be effective only between two dates?

And finally…the text box where we can type in what the price breaks are, does that appear automatically whatever theme you use or do you need to insert a shortcode somewhere?


yes, you can define multiple rules. Rules are effective inside date, and text box automatically appears on single product page.

Ok so just to confirm, can I set a period in which the bulk pricing for a particular product is effecting, for example, from today until the end of this month, if you buy 5 of “product A” then you get 10% off.

And then for product B I can set bulk pricing between a different period, say November to December?

Sorry, my mistake, there is no date limit for discount and there are no scheduled discounts, so answer to your last comment is no, plugin does not support that.

Hi, When i used WPML, the bulk discount does not apply on the translated product, is there any way to fix it?

Hello, can you please open ticket here so we can check the issue.


De Bulk Discount don’t work when i add a manual order in the wp-admin.

Yes, it does not work with manually added orders because when you manually add order you can give any discount to that order also manually so it doesn’t make much sense to implement that in plugin.

you are indeed right about that. Thank you for the reply.

presale: I want to give 50% off on the second product. (no restriciton on the second product) meaning they can buy product A and whatever other product and they get 50% off the cheapest one. Also, I want this to be apllicable on multiple items. So if they buy 4 products (the 2 cheapest will be at 50% off). Can this be achieve out of the box with your plugin? Thanks

Hi, no, this plugin is for single product bulk discounts.


A pre-sale question :

If we consider the “Back issues” category of a magazine, I would like to offer 1 issue to the customer who would buy 3 different issues of this magazine, for example issues 13, 27, 54.

Each issue costs 10€, so the customer would only pay 20€.

Is it possible to set this rule with your plug-in?

Thank you

Hello, no, our plugin rules work only within single product. We developed it because there were no simple plugins which work with single product, there are many alternative for what you need (rules with different products).

Hi, I have a pre sales question, is it possible for the discounts to apply per product so example:

1 Product £12.75 each (ie. 1 product x £12.75 = £12.75 cart)

2-4 Products £11.00 each (ie. 3 products x £11.00 = £33.00 cart)

5+ Products £10.50 each (ie. 7 products x £10.50 = £73.50 cart)

Hello, do you have updated instructions for changing the Logo color depending slider background please. The documentation is showing an older version of Revolution Slider under where to add classnames text-light or text-dark based on the slide skin.

Hello, this question is not related to our plugin. Please contact theme support. In future if you need help with plugin open ticket here

Ah thank you!

Pre sales question, is there a way to import the discount values via the csv importer? We are looking to use this on a site with in excess of 1200 products and we need to be able to import the rules easily

Would you be able to recommend a plugin for this? What field tab would i be looking for?

If i purchase this plugin would you be able to assist in finding the table that i need export to get the data that i need?

We don’t have any recommendation, your will have to research WooCommerce import export tools. I suggest you find someone to help you with that.


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