Reviews for WooCommerce Simple Auctions - WordPress Auctions

Reviews for WooCommerce Simple Auctions - WordPress Auctions

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for Design Quality

I was really disappointed with this app. It was really slow and glitchy, and I found myself constantly having to close and reopen it just to get it to work properly.

Author response

Hello, we have never got chance to check what exactly is going on and as you can see on our demo website everything works nice and fast -

Can you please open ticket here so we can see the problem?

for Customer Support

The design is really good. Unfortunately, they are not good at support.

You can get the plugin if you have some CSS knowledge. Don't expect much from customer support.

Author response

Hello, I have to react since we provided very detailed support regarding your issue.

Problem was in theme's CSS, we told you exactly what CSS class is problematic and that class needs to be modified (changed color) - but we cannot do support for 3rd party theme.

Here is screenshot from ticket system to be clear -


for Customer Support

WSA is an easy plugin to configure for inexperienced users, and can be extended in its capabilities with free code shared on pastebin (experienced users)

Its documentation is extensive and detailed, and is updated with each new version.

But, what really surprised me is their technical support. When you pay for licenses for digital products, you expect to have solutions from your programmers when problems appear, or simply when extensions are needed. And wpgenie does. Provide support with real solutions.

In the last 8 months I have sent about 20 tickets, ALL solved. Not all of them were problems, others were doubts, but they took the time to tell us how to solve them.

Among those problems we had one of incompatibility with another known plugin, they looked for solutions and over a few days we finally have the problem resolved. Support is worth gold in the computer world.

Thanks wpgenie!


WSA es un complemento fácil de configurar para usuarios inexpertos, y se puede ampliar en sus capacidades con código libre compartido en pastebin (usuarios experimentados)

Su documentación es amplia y detallada, y se actualiza con cada nueva versión.

Pero, lo que realmente me sorprendió es su soporte técnico. Cuando uno paga licencias por productos digitales, espera tener soluciones por parte de sus programadores cuando aparecen problemas, o simplemente, cuando se necesitan ampliaciones. Y wpgenie lo hace. Brinda un soporte con soluciones reales.

En los últimos 8 meses he enviado unos 20 tickets, TODOS solucionados. No todos fueron problemas, otros fueron dudas, pero se tomaron el tiempo de indicarnos como resolverlas.

Entre esos problemas tuvimos uno de incompatibilidad con otro complemento conocido, buscaron soluciones y a lo largo de algunos días finalmente tenemos resuelto el problema. Se Soporte que vale oro en el mundo informático.

Gracias wpgenie!

for Code Quality

Your auction plugin is pretty much perfect :) Documentation is pretty extensive, and searching by word helps. Well done, no bugs, and easy. Thanks for your hard work!

for Other

Things for purchasers that may help.
We set it up on a new domain, latest WP & WooCommerce. Status indicates all good.
Things to know.
1-users setup login as they bid BUT while their bid gets recorded their registration as a customer may NOT complete. Bid shows in history but the customer list does not show them - so no contact info & no way to contact them. You can delete the bid - ends up ackward.
2-Odd support experienced. A support ticket posted. Same day response " I do not understand what exactly is customer list, can you please send me screenshot for this?" (... the tab below Auction Activity says Customers) Next day the support ticket-"Hi, I’m closing this ticket (due to inactivity)" We still responded with sent screen shots. All their responses were about how their suport sytem worked. Wasted more time than editing thier coding would take Two days later thier next response..."client registration process is something you need to implement to match your needs... this is part of customer relations and you need to see how you will implement those processes"
3-At the end of the auction there is no report showing who the winners were... only one report of all Auction Activity that shows hundreds of entries among which were the winning bids.
Bottom line: 1) It needs daily attention, by a human, to confirm you have the bidders contact information if they win or to delete false bids.The plugin emaied the latest bids for the 50 items involved. We ended up printing them to put at the top of the stack for each. 2) If their support fixates to how to use their support ticket system it means your on your own... likely nothing they can do about it. Remember it only cost $29 and you could have spent a lot more for other products that are harder to use, learn and train users about.

Author response


I'm sorry that you use review as mean of support, since we cannot discuss here things properly and reply (just once). Here are explanations and for more info please continue in your ticket.

1. I do not understand how this is possible, since only users that have completed registration can place bid. It is trivial to check this since that is how template was made.

2. We have never received screenshot explaining what do you mean exactly, we can post screenshot of whole ticket so everyone can see? If you are referring to auction history (scroll down to Auction History) it is there by default, I just do not understand what else could it be.

After 3 days of ticket inactivity we posted update in ticket "Hi Alex, any updates?" and then after 2 more days we have closed ticket -

3. At the end of auction administrator get email notification that auction has ended. Here is how winner is displayed - frontend (single auction template, when winner looks at this page it sees Pay Now button too to make payment for auction won), backend Along this user which won auction will also get email notification.

4. Yes, you will need to have a way to verify your registered users that they have valid mean of communication, this is true for all online services and websites that have customers logging in. You can make mandatory phone number during registration process and also implement some kind of phone verification, our plugin does not implement features needed for user verification since it implements features needed for auctions.

for Documentation Quality

Extremely robust and intuitive plugin. Support has been very helpful as well to answer my many questions.


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