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Hi wpgenie. Two questions:

1) The “Bid”- text seems to be the same on both the button on the auction and under “Auction history” + “My auctions”. Is it possible to make the button on the auction-page unique from the rest? I’m trying to translate it in to my native language and here you can’t use the same word for past- and present tense.

2) How do I change the date-format under “Auction history” and “My auctions” so it matches the rest of the shop?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


https://pastebin.com/rxgj5rVv just change ID to your page ID.

Hi wpgenie. Thank you. Have you tested this yourself? It doesn’t work at my end.

Yes, we have tested it. Can you send us your site info via contact form and we will check it? We need wp-admin url, admin login and FTP login.

Can i use this plugin on any WooCommerce Theme and after that i’ll have auction functionality?


in an auction can a bidder update his bid. initial bid may be say $100 but he can later on make it $200 if he wants too.

I don’t understand this, sorry.

in a silent auction can i update my bid.


Has anyone figured out how to show auction product details on home page? [product_page id=”“] does not work!

Does anyone have a custom template created? I dont know how to do this and need a quick fix.


“[product_page id=”“] shortcode works for regular woocommerce products and auction product types. Maybe auction ended, then you will not see anything on page with that shortcode. I just test this on our test setup and everything works fine with latest version of simple auctions.”

There is another shortcode for that [auctions] check it here https://wpgenie.org/woocommerce-simple-auctions/documentation/#shortcodes

Custom template with custom query sample can be downloaded in FAQ item no 15 https://wpgenie.org/woocommerce-simple-auctions/documentation/#faq

thanks for the prompt reply.

sorry for the confusion, I had cut n paste [product_page id=”“] from your prior response regarding this and the quotes were wrong

the correct format is [product_page id=”16”] vs [product_page id=”16“]. Slight difference but now it works!

thank you very much!

How remove double plus minus button near bid??? In documentation i have find this:

“You may noticed double plus and minus near bid input field on screenshot above. This is known issue with some themes. For solution see FAQ item no 26.”

I have add the function but NOT WORK? How fix?

Can you please mail us your wp-admin url, administrator login and FTP login and we will check it?

Hi there,

We are looking purchasing your plugin for our new auction site, just two quick questions.

Sometimes bidders try and “snipe” auctions by placing their bids at the very last second before an auction closes, does your plugin offer a way to auto extend an auction by a certain amount of time if someone does that?

Second, can fixed products be displayed or are all products automatically converted to auction products?


1. there is function in FAQ for that feature

2. you can combine regular and auction products

Awesome! thank you very much.

Hi, Pre-sales question, does this plugin have the option to have auctions that the lowest bidder is the winner?

No, unless you code that part yourself.

Thanks, but when you update the plugin wouldn’t it get over written if I added code?

Your code should be in your theme’s functions.php file.

Hello! Sorry if i want to translate it in italian how should i save the .po and .mo files? I mean the name of the file. Should i save it in lang folder into the plugin folder or into the languages folder in wp-content? Thanks!

Last question! My stupid hosting doesn’t support custom cronjobs… I can move the site but need to run it for tomorrow… There is any chance that i can use the plugin without the cronjobs? What can happen?

You can use this http://goo.gl/yXNQTS

Thankyou! ❤️

does your plugin come with “request to bid” option? although user become member, they still cannot bid without admin approval, therefore they have to request for bid.

No, sorry

Hi WPGenie, hope you can answer my question before i purchase, How does the auction works? Is it extend the auction when someone does a last second bid? Or does it goes to the last bidder at the last second of bidding? What if more than 1 bidder bid the same price at the same time at the last few second?

Hello, to see how it works you have demo. Extending auction time in last second is possible via modification described in FAQ.

It’s impossible that two bidders have same bid.


Jack_dees Purchased

Is there an ‘auction ending soon’ email notification sent to all bidders?

No, there is no such notification available.

I use WPML to setup Chinese and English,I have defined the Chinese auction base page and make its translation,but on my website I can see auctions list in English list page,but I cant see auctions list on the Chinese page. Can anybody tell me what ’s wrong with it? The English list page’s content include the shotcode:[wdm_auction_listing] and the chinese base page is the same,do I need to change it? Thank u very much! June

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Is it possible to have a minimum bid + allow the bidder to enter any amount?

Hello i need your help how can i limit bid increment for example : We start auction with 100 next bid will be 100 + fixed increment ( n = 10 ) =110 next bid will be 110 + fixed increment ( n = 10 ) =120 and so on new bid value = current bid + fixed increase value (n)

Hi, you need to purchase licence before you can get support.

Can anyone share the code they used in ‘auction win’ email to admin which shows the highest bidder’s name in the body of the email? OR how to show the highest bidder’s name in the subject header to admin? e.g. ‘A new bid was made by John Doe’.