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Pre-sale question…does this plugin support “exact” bidding? I would like to make it an option to have a bidder chose proxy or exact bidding if possible. Meaning that if they want to just bid $5000 straight up (let’s say the current bid is something like $2000) I want that item to now show the bid price at exactly $5000 and not proxy it by whatever the bid increments are. Even if this requires custom developing, is it possible?

Yes, exact bidding is possible out of the box and is default in fact.

Ah, perfect…my apologies for not realizing that.

How would you show all auctions listed under the woocommerce category? I see you have shortcode to list by product ID, do you have a way to list by category?

You can use woocommerce shortcode for displaying category https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/woocommerce-shortcodes/#section-12

Does this plugin work with this plugin https://woocommerce.com/products/product-vendors/

My client wants to create a woocommerce marketplace, and this would go nice with this bidding plugin. Let me know.

Okay, my question is, if a buyer purchases the bid project. Who does the money go to? The webshop owner? (my client) or the person who through product vendors places a product for sale.

Please research this yourself, since this is unrelated to our plugin.

Hi Guys, We are encountering the following error http://prntscr.com/f8ers0. It will be much appreciated your support on this. Thanks.

To get support you have to purchase licence.

My Client has purchased the licence.

Client has to contact us then.

This is a fantastic plugin and thank you for your continued support of it. I had a question, is there any chance of a future update that would allow users to cancel their bid? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a ruined auction because someone by mistake entered 1700 USD vs 170. It forces me to relist the items, it causes days of delays, unhappy users, etc. Even eBay allows bid retractions, it would be awesome to see it in future updates.

I know that, but the way you described beats the purpose of automation. Most bid mistakes are made within the last minutes, hardly enough time to go through the process you described. Especially when you have 10 auctions ending at the same time. But OK, I get it, no feature like that is planned.

Specially because it could be abused. Maybe better solution for that would be bid confirmation dialog.

That could work too!


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I read that there are no translations are you aware if someone has made a Spanish translation available?

No, sorry.


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Could you please tell me how to show the auction history of each products? I’ve clicked [Auction history] tag several times on the product page but nothing came out even there are some bidding activities on the products. I set up the plugin with Storefront theme.


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Just checked your email and will get you my FTP when I need your help. This is a fabulous plugin I’d ever have before. Thanks.


masa2275 Purchased

Just checked your email and will get you my FTP when I need your help. This is a fabulous plugin I’ve ever have before. Thanks.

To have proxy on whole the time just change

if ($product_data->get_auction_reserved_price() && $product_data -> is_reserve_met() === FALSE) {


if (0 === 1) {

I tested this plugin, but all product are finish auction, i do not know why?

You need to purchase licence in order to get support.

Pre-sale question… thank you this is a grate plugin, does this support the option to “buy bids before” bidding? I would like to make it an option to have a bidder go through the process of buying bids before being able to bid.

No, this is not possible. That feature is called penny bidding and this is not plugin for that purpose.

Hi, I’ve recently bought you plugin, and had a question regarding the “Sealed” auction feature. Basically, after installing the plugin, it doesnt offer the check box to enable this feature when making a product. The docs says it should be in the “Auctions” tab below the “proxy” option, but currently its not there.

Hello, you need to enable setting “Enable sealed auctions” in auction settings first.

hi, i use the plugin with buddyboss them and have some css issue as in attachment here. please have a look and advice the fix:


Hello, you will need to get someone to help you edit and customize templates and sort those CSS issues.

I have a huge problem which is crashing my entire site which seems to happen most often when there are multiple last second bids.

When an auction finishes, part of the plugin code is getting caught in an infinite loop (until the max_execution_time is reached) which causes the following sql query to generate millions of duplicate results:

SELECT * FROM `wp_usermeta` WHERE `meta_key` = ‘_auction_win’

The function that keeps getting called is: is_closed()

More specifically, the line: add_user_meta( $this->get_auction_current_bider(), ‘_auction_win’, $id);

This problem exists in versions between 1.2.3 – 1.2.13.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent this?


As a side note, I am also using your posted function for showing the auction timer on each product:

function wpgenie_show_counter_in_auction_loop()

This function calls $product->is_closed()... is that perhaps causing an issue?