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Currently Using Woo-commerce & Woo-commerce Auction plug in. I have auctions starting at midnight and another ending at midnight. and they are not working simultaneously. The Auction that ended will stay on website even though it is supposed to be posted, and the auction starting will not show until i login on the admin side, and view an active auction product through the preview changes tab. is there a code I’m missing? or is it the timing of the auctions? Can you have 2 different auctions start and end at the same time? Ive emailed you the admin url and login information if there’s a configuration issue

Thank you!

Hi, so i reinstalled/updated cron jobs. and under documentation its stating to set cronjobs up for once a day and every minute, but in my dashboard its informing me to set up crons every 2 hours and every minute. Which one should i choose? What does an email from Cron Jobs look like when it is installed correctly? the emails i receive since the update says: /bin/sh: /usr/local/bin/curl: No such file or directory

You need both. They’re different cronjobs and both are needed for plugin. One is for auctions and one is for mailing.

Hi. Under “My auctions” on “My account” there are 4 decimals after each bid. How do I reduce this to 2 decimals? https://prnt.sc/gimsu8

You can edit template manually and set any string you want without touching po/mo files and you can accomplish that.

Yes, I’m aware of this – this is also the solution for now. But this means I have to go and edit the file manually each time I update the plugin.

Please read documentation to learn what is proper way to edit and customize templates. That way changes will not be overwritten by update.


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Hi. I want to purchase this plugin but one question is it compatible with porto responsive wordpress+ecommerce theme?

Every theme that supports WooCommerce should work with our plugins.


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ok thanks and one last thing, will it integrate with Dokan multi vendor plugin?

It should, but you will have to get support for that integration from Dokan devs.

its a pre-buy question
What is the option if Any Registered User Can Create Auction ?


Ohh… Then is there any documentation that mentioned how to configure your plugin with dokan ?

There is no special configuration on our side. You just need to enable it, rest should be done via Dokan. Please ask Dokan support for more infos since they’re developers of their plugin and know it in depth.


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I want to allow users to register their auction but i can’t find “anyone can register” option in settings>General. What am i missing? How can i allow users to register their auctions? Please respond. Thanks

You need 3rd party plugin for that like Product Vendors.

We have new ticketing support system https://support.wpgenie.org/ hopefully will enable us to provide better and faster support for all our clients. System is SSL enabled and you can send us safely sensitive info.

This is now default way to get support for all our items. You will need to have valid item purchase and “supported” badge to access it.