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Can this be used with mailchimp

Never had to apply for a refund, where do i do that?

Hello you can do it by logging into your account and go to downloads and apply for refunds there.

Hi, I’m looking for a plugin that can generate and send a coupon when new clients subscribe to the newsletter (MailChimp)...

Does your plugin have this feature? Are there any customizations/configurations required?

Thanks a lot


We have another plugin which has this feature. Check it out here

Hi, thanks a lot for your reply, it looks wonderful (exactly what we need! :) Just to make sure: 1. We can make changes to the email template (the whole service is in Hebrew) 2. We can control the coupon parameters (value, categories to include etc.)

Thanks a lot

Yeah you can control all of that. Check out the screenshots to know more.

Hi, thanks a lot for the previous replies, it is very helpful: We bought the plugin :) and it already works wonderfully!!

A few minor adjustments are needed, I want to translate some of the strings such as: “Enter your email” in placeholder and ”... is already subscribed to the list” (and maybe more I didn’t notice yet).

I tried generating new wcmd.po and and replacing the originals in the languages folder but it didn’t work (if that’s the preferred way to achieve what I’m trying to do, would you please elaborate on how to load a .mo in a different language?)

If there is a better way to do it, please tell me. Thanks a lot!


We are working on the update of the plugin. Once its approved by envato team you can download the latest version.

Pre-sales question,

I want to create a coupon for new users which can give a discount of a flat rate on a minimum spend amount. Is it possible to achieve this using this plugin?


Thanks for your interest on our plugin. Yes you can do like as you want. The plugin has the functionality where you can assign the voucher amount. For more information you can check the plugin screenshots. It would give you an overall idea about how the plugin works.

Thank you. Plugin works as expected. I was wondering if there is a way to include the promo code details sent out by this plugin in wordpress registration e-mail itself?


Sorry but we don’t have that option right now.

Hi, Presales questions: 1. Is it compatible with Woo 2.6? 2. On your screenshots I did not see a feature where I can set up the coupon code to be used only for 1 time. Is it possible to configure the coupon to be used for one purchase only?


Yes, It works with Woo 2.6 and the coupon code is by default 1 user only.


Plugin looks great.

Is it possible to create 4 independently generated vouchers for the signup email or does it only do 1?


First of all thanks for your interest in our plugin. Basically whenever a new user makes signup in your store the plugin creates a new voucher and sends to the user. So it creates an unique voucher for each time when a user makes signup. Hope this clears your query. Let us know if you are looking for something different.

Thanks for the feedback! Sounds good. So would I be able to add 4 different randomly generated automatic vouchers in the newsletter sign up response email and add text? All the same initial response email?

Yes, in the email there are some variable those would be automatically replace with the voucher code. So you don’t have to put any code there.

I hear u. I see the screenshots and it looks like there is only one type of voucher code per email. Im looking to create 4 different deals for different products in the same sign up response email. Is this possible??

Yes, possible but you would need some custom development work here. Let us know if you want us to look into it.

Hi, Is it possible to send the expire date reminder email to customer (which get the coupon code from new registrations)? shows how many day till code failure… Should I do some customize code to function.php? Thanks, Walt


Sorry that functionality is not available with this plugin. We will try to add that feature in our next version release of the plugin.