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Is this plugin compatible with Wordpress 4.7? We get a memory leak when the plugin is enabled.

Hey, will be looking into to this today!

is there already a fix for the issue with wordpress 4.7 ? I have to disable the plugin, otherwise the site doesn’t work .. I got some nesting level error (recursion ??)

see here https://iconicwp.ticksy.com/ticket/998266/ .. I created the ticket already yesterday or this one (public) from a minute ago https://iconicwp.ticksy.com/ticket/998629

Hey, sent!

cool. now fixed

Pre-sale question: I see the demo shows filters, but can I make a page that displays only products from my chosen variation? For instance, I want a page that says “Blue Shirts” that displays all blue shirts without having to apply a search or a filter later.

Yes, you could use a shortcode (included in WooCommerce) and enter manually your variation IDs!

Hi, I have the same memory issue as previously said.. Any solution to update the plugin?

Downloaded it again and reinstailed it. Works now.

Hey, what version are you using? The latest on CC should have resolved the issue

can we have a trigger when variation is out of stock? the action would be: -disable show in catalog -find another variation with same attribute pre-selected AND in stock. —-check show in catalog

i made myself, take a look. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3XGuqYIEWuJUzdURW1kMnhKRXc

if an variation checked with show in catalog get out of stock, the plugin disable it from catalog and choose another variation of same color to be visible.

you can improve for users to choose the attribute that he wants as color…

but after that, i realize that filtered check isn’t working.as expected. and that has nothing to do with the improvement..

all filters engine that i’v tested doesn’t display the attributes of an variation that isn’t with show in catalog checked.

can you help me with this? i’m very disappointed at this moment.. 3 days of frenetic working learning how to code that..=(

if you can, just give me a light.

Pre-Sales Query: I am looking at setting a sizing variation so that my standard products lets say 100g are customer sizings, there are 1Kg variation that only my catering customers see (using the customer role plugin) – Am I able to prevent either user from seeing the other logged in customers pricing and completely exclude the drop down variation picker on the product chosen?

I’m getting memory leaks and 500, 502 errors on WP 4.7.2 with PHP7

Hey, drop me a ticket at iconicwp.ticksy.com and I’ll send the latest update

Hello James,

Great plugin, astounded WC still haven’t rolled this into core.

I’m using v1.1.3 of the plugin and require the product ordering to be respected when showing the single product variants. I can see you removed this in v1.1.2, could you please reinstate this or provide me with the code snippet so I can reinstate myself?

Shop has < 20 products so shouldn’t cause performance issues (incase that’s why it was removed).

Installation details: WP v4.7.2 WC v2.6.13 PHP7

Thanks in advance,


Thanks for your reply, I’ll reinstate and test locally. Do you know when you’l be bringing this back in properly?

Thanks again,


Not sure on timescales at the moment. Sorry!


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Really need this functionality back in the plugin, will this be included in the next release?


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Hi, I purchased the product but the support pages on your site are not loading 2 questions: 1. What can I do in the case I have for a product 3 colors and each has 5 different sizes? I do not want the plugin to show the same color 5 times in the catalog and I want the user to be able to see the “choose options” button and not the” add to cart button” 2, My theme allows the change of the product image to the first gallery image when you mouse hover a product on the shop pages (like many other themes) . When I use the plugin, the option is removed since the variation image does not have second images.. is there a way to do it? I know it’s a theme Q but this is relevant to most themes today..


1. You can select one size of each colour to be visible in the catalog, then also check the “disable add to cart button” check field – this will then use select options. 2. Whenever this has been the case, people have said just enabling my WooThumbs plugin has resolved the issue with no extra code. WooThumbs allows multiple images per variations, among other things.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks! 1. works 2. I will purchase this plugin :-)


PRE-PURCHASE Question. I’m developing this online shop http://s660100360.sito-web-online.it/negozio using WooCommerce Product Filter and Improved Variable Product Attributes for WooCommerce. Color attributes will have hierarchy. Looking at the filter in the sample page, what I want to happen is that if I click on the yellow swatch I will see the variations in the “child yellow color”. Will it be possible using your plugin? Thank so much for your help.

They will do soon with our Attribute swatches plugin!

Ok, so I’ll wait for the update!

Hello, I have noticed that activating the plugin is crashing my store, any idea why? My store uRL is https://us.dumalux.com

WooCommerce Show Single Variations : Version 1.1.2 Woocommerce: Version 2.6.14 WP Version: 4.7.2

Is causing a Fatal Error: : Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 130968 bytes) in /home/accesssgbd2/public_html/dumalux/us/wp-includes/class-wp-query.php

Any Idea how Can I fix this? Thanks!

I just did thanks

Thanks for your help It worked, I have an additional question, it is possible to change the text “Select Options” when “Add to Cart” is disabled?, I’ve been trying yo use some filters but don’t seem to be working with this plugin. Thanks!

Hey, replied to your ticket!


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After seeing weird errors on the site I’m currently working on, ​I’ve just noticed that you have a SQL query in your plugin with the default table names, inside function get_variations_count_in_term.

​In my case, the tables doesn’t have the same prefix, resulting in a random error.

Is it normal to have such a query in a plugin ?


Hey, you are quite right. No it should have that. Please submit a ticket at iconicwp.ticksy.com and I’ll send you an update. Thanks!


oilvier Purchased

I’d love to but I can’t. My support has expired !

Ah, well, I’ll fix it in the next release!


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Hi, this is exactly what i wanted, but the add to cart button that appears when hovered over the product image that i have on my order products has different styling than it does with the variation products. How do i fix this? I’ve tried hover states but not working. example here: http://oneworld.brachadesigns.com/shop/

Hey, looks like you got this sorted?


daggarx Purchased

yea i figured it out with CSS. Any idea why this plugin isnt working with the brand page. That brands are set up with woocommerce brands

I’ve not attempted any integration with WooCommerce brands at the moment. If you submit a ticket at iconicwp.ticksy.com with the plugin, i can take a look into it!


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Thanks for help with my previous query.

After testing I’ve found that the plugin is preventing the shop index breadcrumb (configured using Yoast), currently ‘Home’, should be ‘Home » Products’, there are no issues on any page apart from the shop index, could you please advise on this?

Additionally do you know when you will be bringing product ordering back in to the plugin?