WooCommerce Show Single Variations

WooCommerce Show Single Variations

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WooCommerce Show Single Variations allows you to display individual product variations of a variable product in your product listings.

You can choose to display each variation in any or all of the following:

  • Normal catalog listings
  • Search results
  • Filtered results

All single variations can be added to cart as a normal simple product can be, directly from the product listing. If you were to click on a single variation, you would be taken through to the parent variable product page, with the variation options pre-selected.


These are the latest updates, the full changelog is available in the ReadMe file once downloaded.

**v1.1.7** (01/06/2017)  
[update] New licensing system

**v1.1.6** (24/05/2017)  
[update] WP All Import script for new WooCommerce
[update] Move total sales update to batch process action in settings page
[fix] Set new "outofstock" visibility
[fix] Hide draft products from the catalog
[fix] Only add button classes to variations
[fix] Issue on with product visibility in Woo 3.*
[fix] Set new "featured" visibility
[fix] Only use AJAX add to cart if option is enabled
[fix] Issue when new variations were added and no visibility settings were saved
[fix] Error when sorting by popularity
[fix] Total sales updated when new order placed

**v1.1.5** (06/05/2017)  
[fix] Modify loop class so it assigns correctly  
[fix] Fix database prefix for one method
[fix] Make sure variations added via "Create all variations" are updated
[fix] Add new taxonomy terms for visibility
[fix] Fix filter and category counts
[fix] Toggle "Show in..." to account for new visibility terms

**v1.1.4** (02/04/2017)  
[update] WooCommerce 3.0.0 compatibility  
[fix] Term count when not int issue

**v1.1.3** (22/12/2016)  
[update] Add filter to catalog add to cart button  
[update] Remove dashboard  
[fix] Allow WP All Import functions to run when not in admin  
[fix] Issue where wp_query was too resource intensive for getting term counts  
[fix] Update term counts when running a bulk toggle