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Cant get plugin to work. My site is multisite. Does it work for multisite?

Hi, I’m sorry I oversaw this comment. I don’t know how multisite works. SSN uses the number of sales shown on the product edit page in the custom field total_sales. If that custom field isn’t available on multisite or the name of this field is changed unfortunately WSSN won’t work without additional coding.

Hello, is it allow to change number of sale/download, this number can add in colum of all product or somewhere in add new product? Is it work with wpdiscuz for count comment? If you can upgrade i will buy right the time .

I saw your demo ONLY work on single product page, will it also work anywhere, like homepage, shoppage, on sale, special product… anywhere have product picture+title+rating+button add to cart+add to compare will also have number of sale + comment line? Thanks

Hello Still you support sale, im waiting your reply.

Hi ‘m sorry for the late reply. Notification of new comments seems not to work last days. Tor your questions: SSN uses the number of sales shown on the product edit page in the custom field total_sales. If you change the number in this field the nunmber SSN shows on productpage will also be changed to the value you entered. I don’t know if it works with wpdiscuz because I don’t use this plugin. If wpdiscuz uses the standard comment field it should work, but I can’t promise. At the moment the numbers are only shown at the single product page.

Hello i replly like your plugin, But is it avaiable help make the count also appear in archive page?

You can show on every product in our Catalogue page of the store? so that the customer need not go into each product to see the amount of sales.

Hi. At the moment the numbers are only shown at the single product page.

Hi there,

Pre-order question:

Is it possible to set a number of already sold products to individual products? Main idea is not to show ZERO number.

Many thanks!


Hi Igor, Im not sure if I understand you right, but there ist an option to disable the output for products with 0 sales.

Hey there, new year and good news: SSN Plugin ist compatible with PHP 7 and current Wordpress / WooCommerce Versions. I just tested it and it works fine and without errors on PHP 7.0.14 environment with WordPress 4.7 and WooCommerce 2.6.11.

But that’s not all. I will continue developing this year and add new features. Keep an eye on it ;)

Regards and thanks to all buyers! Danica

Is there a way for your plugin to display the number of current active subscriptions of a product? (using the Woocommerce Subscription plugin)

Hi and thanks for your interest. This is not an implemented feature yet, but depending on how the number of current active subscriptions is saved in database it might be not a too big thing to realize as additional feature. I don’t have the Woocommerce Subscription plugin, but if you open a support ticket at and have the possibility to give me temporary admin access on an installation with that Plugin I will have a look on it and see what I can do.

Hi. I just checked the Developer Docs for Woocommerce Subscription Plugin and therefore I can say: YES, my SSN-Plugin will work with Woocommerce Subscription Plugin and it will show the number of (total) sales of a subscription product (which counts up with every new subscription sign-up), but it will not show the the number of current active subscriptions without further development. But as said before I’m pretty sure we can develop this for you.

OK, I will purchase the plugin and give it a try with your support. Thanks!

Hi, I purchased the plugin but I need support. web support is off . what now ? :)

Hi, support should be online: you can also write an E-Mail to and we will be happy to help you.