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This one Woocommerce shortcodes for Visual Composer is a competitor, right? It cost $16, your plugin is $18 (and you call this price introductory). Easy math: you are not cheaper, or did I miss something?

I am sorry for this misunderstanding. It’s because Envato set the price $10 higher than desired introductory price. I am currently working on that, I already asked Envato staff to lower the price and hope it will be corrected soon.

This is my first item here, I am newbie to selling on Codecanyon, but this doesn’t affect plugin quality.

Sorry, demo is coming soon. Stay tuned.

Can you please highlight some of the features that sets your product apart from your competition?

I will be very surprised if Envato will temporarily low-ball your price just so you can try to edge out the competition. You should try to sell your plugin based on it’s features and the quality of your code.

A working demo or a movie showing your plugin will really help your sales.

I am not currently an Envato developer but I am in the process of writing my first plugin. I have no interest in getting in race to the bottom with another developer.

As a buyer, if two plugins look very similar to me I am probably going to purchase the one that has the most sales over the one that is the cheapest. My thinking is the developer with the most sales is more likely to continue to improve his product and provide future updates.

I hope Envato is going to accept the reasons I gave them, but it’s up to them. I am currently working on demo, it will be ready soon. Thanks for your ideas.

Hello, Interesting plugin! could you please provide details concerning the ability to set columns and rows (please list the minimum and maximum number columns and rows). Thanks


thanks for your question. There is actually no way to set rows, shortcode shows products in just one row, if we both talk about shortcode for displaying products (e.g. recent, featured,...). You can set any number of columns, it’s actually only limited by width of your theme. Then you can set how many products you want to display per page, if it’s bigger than number of columns, there will be navigation for sliding between these products in frontend.

Have a nice day, Vaclav

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thanks for encouragement :) Good luck for you too!

Dear Sirs, I am very interested in purchasing this as an add on to Visual Composer only would like to know that it works and how so. Is it possible to ADD new products from the front end, as well as editing existing ones. Can one delete products from view i.e. make them a draft item from the front end? Thanks in advance.

Hi a question since there is no demo yet.

I want to use the product page shortcode. Do I have the option to select the product category & then view the appropriate product pages list in that category to choose from?

Your competitor “Woocommerce shortcodes for Visual composer” does not offer this option.

Here’s why one would need that option : When you have hundreds of products you don’t want to scroll down a never ending list of all the products in the database.

Does the ‘add to cart url’ work by SKU? (product variation?)

Works either by ID or SKU

Hi, you just put 1 star in one of my prodcuts, because of the documentation. Have you seen the new documentation? 1 star is totally rude.

Hello, what else does your plugin provide compared to default visual composer support embedded in the original plugin?

Hello, can you tell me if I can use Woocommerce ShortCodes to add Store Products in my regular WP post pages?

Can I also select products by ID or specific store category?

Thank you

Best Regards,


Hello, it is possible to insert single product into any post/page/whatever, it can be selected by ID or even category when showing more products. However, it is not possible to add new product from frontend page, there’s no feature for that.

I am having trouble getting the product thumbnail to show up on the page when i list the product on a page. See http://rreamedia.com/staff-store/

I add the “products” box into the page using visual composer, identify my products ( in this case one product) and it displays perfectly except it leaves out the image. Any thoughts? Yes the product does have a featured image identified.

what’s the scoop with this plugin? is the development dead? no updates since 2014? what about compatibility? what’s the deal?

Great plugin. i will like to know: how can i hide (or remove) this little black points in the product left ? http://dcupanama.com/productos/linea-blanca/

Please buy this plugin to get support for it. Thanks

I’ve bought and installed “WooCommerce Shortcode Extender for Visual Composer”. Unfortunately, the only shortcode that appears in Visual Composer is “Related Products”. What’s the problem? Does the plugin work badly?

I am looking for a plugin that will allow be to insert a shortcode into a row in visual composer then sort my products within a category via a custom field rather than the default date, title etc. Will your plugin allow this?

I purchased the item and am trying to run it and it’s not even showing up on within Visual Composer …. I’ve reinstalled it twice … nothing …

Hi, congratulations on the plugin. I’ve just purchased and installed the plugin but my VC doesn’t give me Product Page functionality, which is basically the only reason I bought the plugin. Can you please help?

Hi i just bought the plugin but i can not see all the shortcodes at visual composer

thank in advance