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hello, I am wondering when we will see compatibility updates for WooCommerce 3.0.x for your Shipping Matrix Rate plugin. Thank you!

3 Days, waiting for a reply… Your description promises updates…?

Hello, I am seeking a refund for this plugin. Please have it credited to my account. Alhough I read that there would be support in your sales page, that is not the case. Thank you. Matt O, purchase 4/11/17


when we specify rates via zip codes, can we program it so that only these options show?

i don’t want other national rates coming up for an item being sent to an island somewhere for 3x the price, as you can see – it makes no sense.



still you didnt reply me if you cant provide me the good solution pleas refind me thank you

DISAPPOINTED!!!! i have asked you so many questions by email you didnt responded so i asked refund aswell still 10 days i never get any single response from you… i need my money back i will see another plugin to do my task

Hello, I would like to know if we can manage 6 lists of about thirty cities with for each list a different shipping price, but without using the postal codes (all cities postal codes are not served by our delivery) Be careful, some cities are compound names (eg Rouvres en Xaintois) thank you for your reply I hope the translation is understandable

Good evening, before to buy we’d like to know something: - this plugin allow to set diffenent shipment price based on quantity per single product and per zone - we took a look to demo but we didn’t understand to setup. Is possible to have support to setup it? Waiting for an Your kind reply Thank You very much Ale

Hi, I’m trying to implement a very complex shipping rate. Please let me know if your plugin can do it.

Shipping rules are based on District AND Weight.
1) District 1, 6 Ton for $XX
2) District 1, 10 Ton for $XY
3) District 1, 15 Ton for $XZ

4) District 2, 6 Ton for $YY
5) District 1, 10 Ton for $YX
4) District 1, 15 Ton for $YZ

You can have a look at the shipping quote that my shipping provider provided at here :

I would like to also know if you plugin could display map of customer’s shipping address when calculating shipping price?

Hiya, I need a wordpress plugin that allows the following, can you help?

If some one orders product (X) and product (Y) then it applies a set discount.

So, if someone buys product (X) on its own it costs them £10 shipping. & if someone buys product (Y) on its own it costs them £10 shipping. BUT If they order product (X) & (Y) together then a set discount/price will be applied.

Also, can this be included into different regional/country shipping costs?

Is that possible with your plugin?

Thanks in advance