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Hi, I have a pre sale question. Would it be possible to have a shipper address based outside of the USA? I see in the screenshot that there is no country settings?

Currently it does NOT have the option for predefined fedex boxes but that is an update we plan on adding.

Thank you, I saw that the last update is from April 13th, the changelog isn’t updated. What does the update include?

Hi Vindesi. Minor updates for woocommerce 3.0. Changelog will be updated soon. Thank you :)

Submitted a ticket. Thanks!

Got it, we will reply there, thank you :)


kayg88 Purchased

Hi! Can this plugin work with flat rate USPS boxes? Does it integrate well with other shipping plugins, such as US Postal Service USPS Woocommerce Shipping Plugin by Truemedia? Thank you!!

Hello, yes the plugin works with USPS flat rate boxes. Can you specify what type of integrations you are looking for ? We do offer custom integration services. Thank you.


kayg88 Purchased

I am planning to purchase the above mentioned plugin for real time USPS shipping rates, and I wondered if you knew if your plugin would play nice with it so I can have real time rates and be able to print shipping labels based on the rate the customer purchased.

Yes. If you are able to see the rate they chose then you can select the flat rate usps option when creating the label :)

Hi Pre sales question International shipments require a commercial invoice with info for customs purposes, does the plugin create an invoice with all the info. Thank you

The plugin will create a customs form. You can read more about the process here https://www.easypost.com/customs-guide.html. Tracking is most likely going to be a paid additional feature. Thank you :)

Link does not work, found the info to be nothing about how your plugin creates the Commercial Invoice. Where do I enter the info in your plugin. I do not see it anywhere in your video or screen shots. If I purchase today, will I be able to print a shipping label and customs form directly from your plugin with out any added steps. Thank you

Sorry it doesn’t seem like my plugin will work for your needs. Best of luck :)


We are from India and can you please tell me what services are compatible other than FedEx. and Can you please explain what is Buy Lable when you receive the order.


Hello, you can find a full list of available carriers here https://www.easypost.com/carriers.html

Buy Label is a button that takes you through the process of buying a shipping label for that order.

Thank you


kayg88 Purchased

I have a test API key entered, however when I click “purchase label” a blank screen appears. Is this due to the test key, or is there an error? I am using this plugin for real time rates so concerned there might be a compatibility issue: https://www.xadapter.com/product/woocommerce-usps-shipping-plugin-with-print-label/

Hello. Please submit the issue here https://apiintegrations.com/submit-ticket/ , be sure to include your easypost credentials along with website credentials so we can look into it. Thank you :)

What types of USPS packages can be integrated to send with this plugin through EasyPost? For example, most of mine are 6”x9” letter envelopes weighing only a few oz. so sending them is generally only $1.15 standard rate with tracking. Are all the USPS options available to choose from?

Here is a list of the predefined USPS parcels you can choose from. https://www.easypost.com/service-levels-and-parcels.html

can you tell me if the 37.00 is a monthly or yearly fee? reason asking is I have bought 2 licenses and do not even use the plugin anymore so if its yearly i need to somehow inactivate it.

They are not fees but one time purchases. Each license is good for one site forever. No yearly fees :)


kayg88 Purchased

Just wanted to leave a positive review – this plugin performs great, easily allowing the purchase of shipping labels from the wordpress dashboard. Easy to integrate, and the customer support is amazing! I highly recommend it! Thank you!

Is it posible to work with DHL Turkey?

It works with easypost which I believe has DHL as well.

Here is a list of all the carriers, however international shipping can be an issue if that is your main form of shipment. https://www.easypost.com/carriers.html

Pre-sales question: Do I need to have a specific Easypost.com account, or can I use this with the pay-as-you-go plan? Thanks.

It will work with any type of Easypost account

Hi there. This plugin seems to be a final solution for us. My client is working with PostNL and EasyPost seems to support that. One question though, is there support to batch multiple labels? My clients shop has over 500 orders per day.

Hello DJ. I would caution with international labels as the plugin is designed to work for US addresses currently and would require customization. Also there is currently no batch labeling but we do have plans to add that functionality in the future.

Awesome, thanks. Label customization wound not be too hard. The batch however seems as a big change. What is in your terms the future? Do you do freelance on that part?

Hey DJ, we do offer customization services. Right now we are focused on the Shopify version of the plugin so there is no clear road map for additional features yet to be honest.

Is there a way to use smaller than 4×6 labels?

I ship smaller packages and 4×6 is too large.

2 1/8” x4 ” is what I am trying to print using my thermal printer and rolls.


I can customize it to fit your needs. I would need a couple weeks however.

Thank you for the quick response! Also, it uses easy-post integration with no additional fees?


Please put in a ticket for the customization here:


You can find easypost pricing here


Hi, Can we use this for UPS in Europe?

Easypost works best for shipping within USA. It would work but may encounter certain situations where it might not to be honest.

Good morning I want to buy the plugin but I need to know if I can add any name to the shipping label, if I can use it for shipments outside the US?

You can do both :)

Can this plugin work with WC Vendors or multi vendor sites?

Hello. We have not specifically tested with those plugins but there should be no reason why it would not. Feel free to buy it and try it out. If it does not work we will make it work or refund you if not possible. Thank you. :)