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Nice! What shipping methods are supported? DHL, FedEx, UPS?

Pretty much all shipping methods through all carriers. In your easypost.com account you just need to add what carrier services you will be using.

Very nice plugin! Will be using it soon in some projects.

Hey, it does not automatically set the order status to completed to notify the customer with shipping info solely because just cause a label was created it doesn’t mean it was shipped. We may add a webhook to support this in the future but don’t see it happening anytime soon. Thank you.

Well I guess what I’m saying is that most people use the WooCoomerce free or paid plugin that tracks shipments and adds shipment info to the customer email. This email only sends once the tracking number is entered and the email is marked completed. So actually in most cases it “does” mean that the order is completed once shipped. So an option that could at least attach the tracking info (the Shipping Service and Tracking #) via the Woocommerce shipping plugin would be very nice. Or you could even just add that whole feature of tracking info in emails to your plugin. You can use that information or not :-)

Thank you for that info. We will keep it on our list for future features depending on how many requests for it we get. Appreciate the feedback.

really cool ! i wish you all the best for your sales :)

Thank you ! Good luck to you as well :)


Nice Product. Good Luck with Sales.

Thank you so much ! Best of luck to you as well.

great product!! questions: can create shipping labels on the fly with a order? some times I sale items that are not display on the store. Seems that I can charge what I want and them print from this plugging right. dos it affect the reports since I can charge something and spend maybe less my report will not be right, any more details I appreciate

Thank you !! As of right now it does not have that functionality but we can easily add that to our next release. It will be the same process but it won’t be tied to an order.

Great!! Yes looking for this long time ago, It will be great for anyone that has a retail store and don’t want all the products in the only store but still can sale over the phone.

Also I’m not clear about the report and how the rates are display in cart front end does the plugin provide the shipping cost? do I add my self using another plugging? dos the tracking link will go in the order email?

You have to still create your own WooCommerce shipping classes. The tracking link is not emailed out with the order but you can send a separate email with that information.


zsussan Purchased

Hello, I have just purchased your plugin… I have a problem, I put in all the info needed open an account with easypost got all API key needed but what I click on “BUY LABEL” I get this: “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.” why? please help! Thank you!

Thank you for your purchase. Please email me at support@apiintegrations.com and I will get this issue fixed right away.

I also have the same problem. “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.” Any help would be much appreciated.

Please try the updated plugin and let me know if you are facing the same issue.

Different issue now, i select the box size (which is limited to USPS not Royal Mail UK) and when i click get rates it says.

“There doesn’t seem to be any available. Please make sure that body sender and receivers addresses are valid and that your easypost.com account is set up with at least one carrier.”

But i have this set up in easy post, so not sure where the breakdown is.

Hello. Please email us at support@apiintegrations.com with admin credentials and I will take a look at your issue. Thank you.

Hi, can I add a custom shipper if I am doing my own shipping for certain products?

What do you mean by custom shipper ? You can add any shipping carrier you’d like if that’s what you are asking.

Hi, Are there special requirements for specific printers and such? Bar code readers?

Hi Christhree. You can truly print on any paper but easypost.com (the backend behind the plugin) recommends the following

We recommend using a 203 dpi Zebra printer with ZPL label_format. If you already own a 300 dpi printer, use a label_format of PDF. https://www.easypost.com/faq.html

I hope this helps. Thank you.


rjanzer Purchased

Hello, I have installed and setup everything correctly. When I put in my dimensions, it brings me to a blank page. What can I do to fix this? It’s very urgent.


rjanzer Purchased

The last email I received was:

“Thanks for the suggestion Brian. I am going to go ahead and deny the refund due to the fact that I can not recreate the issue. Best of luck bud :) ”.

What is going to be the actual solution to fixing the issue so that the plugin works 100%? We are eager to use the plugin.


rjanzer Purchased

Hi API_Integrations, I have not heard back yet. We really need to get this working 100%. Is there anything we can do to help you ‘re-create’ the issue? Because the issue is very real on our end, and with lots of testing, it’s still a huge problem. Right now we can’t use the plugin.

Please let me know the next steps, whether it’s a fix or a full refund.


I have uploaded an update. Once it is available you will be notified, then please download and reinstall the plugin and let me know if your issue still exists.

Do you have any plan to make this for Opencart?

Hey amanazmi we currently do not have any plans but do offer custom development services as well

Couple of questions:

1. Can we use free shipping or a different shipping system on the front end and only use this in the backend? Because we offer free shipping and flat rate shipping depending on the location.

2. Can we create return labels?



1. Yes absolutely. That is exactly how it is designed to work.

2. Currently it does not have that functionality out of the box but we do offer custom development services where we can add that for you.

Thank you

How much do labels cost to print?

3¢ per package

Hi Ready to purchase and the EasyPost account setup and Carriers have been added. Please confirm compatibility with WP 4.7, WooCom 2.6.9 &/or 2.6.11, MySQL 5.5.52 or any other not listed. Looking forward to implementing

I have answered you in the email but just to confirm I have not had any issues with the latest version of wp or woocommerce and will be happy to support if you do run into anything related to the newer versions.

adding tracking to customer order and send email once label order is place will be nice, also if you can fetch history from easypost as I see in other plugin here will made this plugin more robust

Hi Have not had any news concerning my support ticket via email or support ticket system

We have exchanged emails about the issue over the past month. Here is the ticket that you asked me to open #3516 In Progress January 24, 2017 12:25 am

Hi Adrian I have not seen a response to my ticket, it has been more than 48 hours and it has been a month since my purchase.

Hi so sorry for the delay. I am pretty backlogged right now and doing my best to work through all support as fast as possible. I will make sure to give you an update tonight. Thank you for your patience.

I secong leapmarketing’s suggestion for the tracking to be added and order set to complete. If this can be done I’ll buy it for sure. I’m in need of something that will reduce money and time. Adding tracking and setting to complete will be a massive time saving measure. Is it something that you will be looking at?

Hello, it seems like this is a pretty popular feature. I am currently working on an update to allow for domestic shipping which I want to have done in the next couple weeks, then I will look into adding tracking. But since now multiple customers have asked for it I will go ahead and put it in the queue and expect a timeline of 5-8 weeks perhaps.