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Hi, This could be a great plugin almost everyone could use, but needs support for latest versions of wordpress 4.3.1 & WC 2.4.8 and at the very least a reply as to whether or not the plugin has been abandoned.


I tried the shortcode: [estimated_delivery_date] and it just shows the text. I have the “Est. Delivery Date:” set to 5. That is the only thing that is not working for me. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them. Other than that everything else seems to work just fine. Not sure about the holidays but I have yet to see how that works entirely. Thank you.

Well, n/m it is working. I tried it again today and it worked, for some reason the first product I tried it on didn’t.

Seems variations quit working. Date no longer visible, it shows up in the source code though.


Can you please tell me if this plugin can be used in combination with YITH MULTI-VENDOR plugin ( https://yithemes.com/themes/plugins/yith-woocommerce-multi-vendor/ )???

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Still waiting for your response, i´m having errors with this plugin!!!

WOW! Absolutely no support! Wasted money on what seemed like a worthy plugin…Getting PHP errors and the Est. Delivery text as well…i’ll read comments before buying another plugin on the market, so not worth the stars

Hello, pre purchase question. I have this scenario: different items, some aviable for shipping immediately, others viable in 2 weeks, 4 weeks… Is this plugin able to set a fixed shipping cost for item available, but if costumer orders some items ready in next weeks automatic calculate two different shipping costs? If i order just products ready in 2 weeks for now, it need to calculate just 1shipping cost.

The holiday’s option doesn’t work… :(

This plugin as been abandoned by the developer. If you are using a recent version of Woocommerce or WP, don’t count on it working! I bought it “with support” 7 days ago, put in a trouble ticket right away and heard nothing at all. I got a credit for the purchase and it now sells without support.

i bought the plugin but it did NOT work!

Same here, bought but problems with it… :(

If you bought this plugin recently you can ask for a refund as it does not work. A much better one is Woocommerce Advanced Messages. Unfortunately, it is not sold here but the developer does sell another plugin on here named Woocommerce Advanced Shipping. Used together they provide a lot of functionality to your site. Hope this helps.

This is not working !

are you there

Is there an option to set different delivery times per product for in stock and out of stock/in backorder?

Is this plug-in getting some updates in the near future?