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The plugin says translation ready but the POT file does not conatin all strings to be translated.Can you please clarify guide me how to translate the text easilt. I am usinjg the Loco Translate Plugin.

Thank you


plugin is wpml translation ready, if you are using wpml plugin you can translate string using pluugin text domain

This plugin no longer works on Google Chrome since their latest update. It works fine on all other browsers though!

Calculation on product page includes shipping for products already placed in cart, so shipping for that specific product appears inflated. Need to show JUST the shipping for the individual product when on that product’s page.

Okay—good to know. Not what I would have guessed intuitively, and we’ve had confused customers. But I guess I can include a disclaimer in the shipping message. Thanks for the prompt reply.

Weeelllll—only trouble now is that the shipping message isn’t showing. It was when I first installed the plugin. I’ve tried three browsers and both our dev and live sites. We’re running Word Press 4.8.3, Trizzy theme, Woocommerce 3.2.3. Ideas?


can you please send your site detail on so we can check issue and solve it

Hi, is your plugin compatible with Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce by Tyche Softwares? So for example, if we use the that plugin with the delivery date, would that then show up on the product page using your plugin?

no, this plugin is not compatible with delivery date plugin

Okay thanks for letting me know. Would you be able to add this as a paid customisation or is it too big a job?

Hello author, I want to ask that can you create a custom shipping quote plugin for wordpress site where visitor can calculate their auto transport quote Like this site:

Please reply me after lookup. Thank You

Hi, If your plugin is WPML compatible, can you please add this to your “Compatible With:” list, so we don’t have to search through the comment section? Thank you

Is it possible that a vendor can select shipping cost while adding a product?

no, it is not possible using this plugin.