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Hello, I am using the plugin in woocommerce 3.0 and it is functional, however an error_log is being generated: “Product properties should not be directly accessed”.

This is a common warning of the new version of woocommerce that can be resolved by adding “get” to product ID calls.

Please, can you update the plugin?

Hi, your plugin it is compatible with the version 3.0 of woocommerce?

Hello, we realize that the plugin calculates only the quantity of 1 product on its page, if I increase the amount of product the plugin does not consider the quantity in the calculation. Is this change possible?

having an issue with multiple products in cart and shipping not updating when i continue shopping and try to update shipping price on another product page.

I left a comment 2 days ago and still have not been answered. I got the support when i purchased and i am not getting a response. please contact me this is confusing my customers on my site.


For some reason, we are not able to provide support for last few week. We will continue from tomorrow and solve it tomorrow. Please send your site detail on so we can check issue and solve it tomorrow

Sorry again for delay

Hi, this plugin is not working for me, I want my customers to be able to put in a postcode and then the delivery fee comes up, I want it set to Australia – New South Wales only and I want to be able to input the postcodes of where we deliver to we have set delivery costs for 3 zones, can this plugin do this ?? Thanks


You can hide field that you don’t want to display in shipping calculator using css code in your theme css file