Discussion on Woocommerce Shipping Cost Calculator On Product Page

Discussion on Woocommerce Shipping Cost Calculator On Product Page

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The calculation of woocommerce shipping fees is crazy and not at all the real shipping cost. Please fix it or refund it.


Hi fixed issue and sent email. Please check


Hi. We’ve recently purchased this plugin and require help if possible please.


Can you please let us know what help you require?

Please send email on so we can check it

Doesn’t work for us, as our delivery fees depend on the address, which you are not asking for. On the cart page, with the standard WooCommerce calculator it works. Please fix it or refund. Thank you! :)


Can you send site details on so we can check?

Also we already have address fields similar to cart page in our plugin


Necesitpo el shortcode para cambiarlo de posicion. enviar a


You can use [shipping-calculator] shortcode for display it anywhere in website

Hello @support

I am facing some issue of Woocommerce Shipping Calculator On Product Page plugin.

Please guide me to solve this issue



Can you please tell us issue? Also our records show that you have not purchase this plugin.

Yes, I have not purchase plugin. I am the developer my client was has purchase plugin. And we have facing issue.

My issue have i am not able to add fedex method on shipping calculator plugin


Can you please send email on with site details?

Also please send plugin purchase key and purchase account name


Hi there I would like to buy your plugin, but before that I would like to ask you something. Can your plugin using a shortcode somewhere on the page still show the delivery cost or is it linked to what is in the cart or what is selected on the single product page?

I have tried some plugins and most of them will not work with the short code until something is added to the cart or if one of the options offered on the single product page is not selected.


It is linked with cart, without cart data it is not possible to calculate shipping cost

Hello We have just updated our website and are having issues with the town not showing in the calculator. We have it setup not to hide the town but it doesn’t display the town input at all.

woocomerce 7.3 wordpress 6.1.1

Thank you

Solved issue, please check

Excellent service once again, thank you. will future updates of your plugin keep the fix?

Yes will fix it in future version of plugin


We are technical service team, and manage a site for our client, and we note they are already using this plugin before we take over.

Usually, there is setting to set position priority by input a number, please check the screenshot to understand what I mean:

But there is no such setting in this plugin, is there a short code snippet to set the position priority for the shipping cost calculator?



You can use [shipping-calculator] shortcode for display it anywhere in website

Can i display this on a none woo commerce page I want to allow the customer to enter post/zip code and it to then pull the costs from my shipping.But i need it to pull the data for only 1 category of product. if that makes sense?

Hi, I recently sent a support request through envato for a question regarding changing the text “City” to “suburb”, I have since solved this myself with some find and replace text php snippet.

Although I have a different problem where the city/suburb field is not showing, I have checked the settings to show the field but no change.

Website is

my php snippet has been turned off and it does not change the visibility.


Can you please send your site admin detail on so we can check it

Hi, I just add affiliate products to my shop. Is it possible to deactivate shipping calculator on this product pages?

Have you received my email?

Email sent, please check

Works great, thank you so much! 10 STAR SUPPORT!!!!


I’m interested in your plugin but have a question. Could you confirm :

- If customer is log in on shop, the system shows only method shipping and price by country.

- If customer is not log in on shop, the system shows Shipping Cost Calculator.

Thank you for your response.


No, you can not show price and method for login in user only. You can show it for both logged in and non logged in user.

You need to change some code for achive it


Thank you. I understand but if the user already has an account with address and country filled in, can he just see the shipping method that corresponds to him? Or does he also see all methods?

Yes he can see shipping method based on address of his account but they also able to see shipping calculator

You can not hide calculator for login user

Hi, the calculator is showing the shipping rate for ALL the products in the cart. Is it possible to only calculate the CURRENT item on the product page?

Yes it’s calculate shipping based on cart product and current product.

We are working on making changes so it’s calculate only current product shipping. will soon update plugin with this option


Hi there, I just purchased this plugin after receiving confirmation today that it works with “WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments”. This doesn’t actually appear to be the case. Essentially some products are shipped for free which is a conditional setting that is applied based on a shipping class. This condition, however, is being ignored on the product page. Are you able to comment on whether this can be done or otherwise investigate the issue for me? Regards, Phillip

Hi It should work with conditional shipping plugin.

Can you please send your site admin detail on so we can check it?

Will do :)

Hi there,

Does this plugin have support with WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments?

Cheers, Phillip


Yes it’s work with woocommerce conditional shipping and payment

Great news and many thanks :)

Hi – does your plugin have the ability to have postcode only for the shipping calculator? So when the user clicks the calculator the user has to add their postcode and then shipping is worked out on that only?


You can hide country ,state, city fields and keep only postcode field and it will calculate cost based on postcode and your shipping settinga

Hi, IS it possible to change the shipping rate for each country? If so, how is it possible in this plugin?

This plugin display shipping rate based on your shipping methods setting, plugin provide option for display country in calculator so if country change it will display shipping rate based on selected country

no, my doubt is if my country is UAE is it possible to have different shipping rate for each emirates?

I’ve just bought this plugin however it won’t allow me to install the plugin when uploading the file. Please assist


I think you are installing full package. Please install file that is inside package you downloaded. or Please check plugin document.

Let us know if it’s not work, we will install it for you

Thanks, just installed. Where can we edit the plugin? Is not avaliable in WooCommerce settings or next to the deactivate button under your plugin in the plugins menu


It’s available under woocommerce menu

Dear All,

We recently purchased this plugin and when we activate it we realize that we do not find it from the WooCommerce menu. We cannot access the plugin configuration.

We are with the following versions:

WP: 6.0 wow: 6.5.1 PHP: 8


Thank you for purchase and contact us

Can you please send your site admin detail on so we can check it

Unfortunately, due to company policies, it is not possible for me to deliver the requested accesses. We have seen that the same thing was claimed some time ago ( ), could you tell us how they solved it?


They are using some plugin that remove custom menu from woocommerce tab. Here is the solution we provide to them.

In Plugin lib/Rpship_Admin.php file, Please replace line no 166 with below code

$wc_page = ‘options-general.php’;

It will display shipping calculator setting on wordpress setting page as per below screenshot

Please find below screenshot for code replacement reference

Let us know if it’s still not work.

Also if you have any development setup, you can provide it to us so we can check issue there and provide you solution


Hi, I just did update, but now shipping calculator show not up at product page anymore.. It is enabled… Is there a way to downgrade?


We have done major update with version 3.0 so please update plugin setting from setting page once as per your requirement and it will show on product page

Please send admin on if it will not work so we can check issue and solve it

If you need old functionality of plugin let us know so we can give you old version of plugin

Thank you for swift support, it is working now!


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