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I am also wondering if it is compatible with Woocommerce Version 2.4.12 and Wordpress Version 4.4. Also, do you have a time frame when you’d add or code this to be able to also export/import Products, Product Info, Categories, and Attributes? And does this work with Gravity Forms? (Extra information added via another WooCommerce addon?

hi i m looking for a plugin to moove all my woocomerece Products categories … to another template / website does your plugin do that or you can advice me another product thanks

No, only does woocommerce settings

hi, is this plugin still up to date or no longer supported?

Does this still work (february 2016) ? Are there any updates?

Yes, this plugin still works

hello I bought the plugin, but I realized that it is not the right one. How can I do to get the money?

Hi – if you haven’t downloaded the item yet, you can request a refund via

presale question… I want to take the Shop date from one single site, and import/migrate it into a site within a multisite setup. So, single site to one site within multisite running woocommerce. Can this be done with this plugin?

Will it migrate images as well?

This plugin leaded to a whitescreen on the woocommerce setting page, after migration. This meaning after having tried to reinstall woocommerce to NO success I had to reinstall wordpress and start all over on my webshop. Trying to get any support resulted in not being able to register and there for not being able to leave a message. Bottomline this plugin screwed up my webshop and support is lousie, in fact none at all.

Hi, does this plugin work with the current version of WooCommerce? I see someone posted they bought it 3 months ago and got blank white screen. Since it hasn’t been updated in so long I’m hesitant to buy it not knowing if it’s compatible anymore.

damn, plugin doesn’t work. I get a 500 internal server error when trying to export settings.

Is this plugin still working before i buy??

Where I can find the listed versions, can’t find them

What version are you using? I’ll test it for you today and let you know…

Woocommerce 2.6.x using with the kuteshop template


Great plugin, I would like to know if it could be possible to add and export/import shipping settings. I notice that I can export/import all settings correctly, but not those related with shipment areas, classes etc..


Hello, i just purchased the plugin, the support page isn’t working so i’m here. I have create a backup csv (just wanted to save my very detailed shipping settings), imported it on a local wp install but my settings are not updated after. and i see the message “Settings successfully imported! Please see the upload log below.” Any idea? Thx very much!

Hi asoundrop! Are you using any third party plugins for shipping, or are you using the built in shipping settings? Thanks!

Hello Plugindistrict, i just use the default woocommerce shipping settings, no classes, just “Zone Name”, “Regions”, and “Shipping Methods”.

Hi Again, Could you please come back to me here or via the email i sent you last week please? Kind regards

This plugin didn’t work for beans.

No shipping settings moved over. Only settings that came over are the ones I set manually.

Support page is broken.

Do not buy. Should have known better with last update being in 2015

Hi – we are working on an update to backup and restore shipping settings as well. Please keep eye out for an email notification. Thanks!

That sounds great and all and I hope so, but I needed it when i bought it. Not later.

I want a refund. Plugin doesn’t work . I get this message . Forbidden

You don’t have permission to access /wp-content/plugins/plugindistrict-woosettings-import-export/export-woo-settings.php on this server.

It’s an issue with your hosting not allowing permissions – would you like to send me your cpanel or hosting login and I can take a look?

Pre-sales question:

I have several WooCommerce Extensions (shipping, gateway, etc) does this plugin cover export/import of those settings as well?


Hi, After importing settings from another site a bunch of icons are showing weirdly. You can see in this screenshot the i for information also displays with a Pound symbol. This happened right after importing a settings file.

not sure where to get support, so I will try here. I was hesitant to spend this much of a plug that does, like, ONE thing! Much more functional plugins are sold for much less – but I thought, well, it MUST be good!

Plugin does not work. Clicking on Continue Shopping Link Settings from the dashboard takes me to a “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”

Clicking on the export button takes me to a page not found. Please fix or refund.

A month later Im still waiting for a reply, and many of my woocommerce icons are messed up.

Please give me support or a refund.

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Hi, After importing settings from another site a bunch of icons are showing weirdly. You can see in this screenshot the i for information also displays with a Pound symbol. This happened right after importing a settings file.

i purchased this is not working any update or support for this plugin