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I have installed plugin but now I cannot add products in Add Order due to serial number plugin. Please could you help with a solution?

I do not understand your first comment. I do not know any many numbers can be generated at one time.

I would like to send you screenshots but let me try to explain here first. After installing the Serial Numbers plugin, i have tried to Add Order in WooCommerce. There is some conflict between the plugin and the script that adds products/items to the order. The only feedback that I get is the little circle that indicates that the page is processing my request but the popup that allows me to select the products, does not appear. This conflict only appeared after installing your plugin. I would like to discuss this further please.

As for the quantity of numbers generated at one time, is there no way that you can give me an indication? Just a rough estimate would be great.

I do not see any errors when creating an order using wp-admin with this plugin activated even though this is not an intended use of this plugin.

Hello, Is possible to autogenerate a serial number when a product is ordered/bought? I assumed this option would be present in the plugin, but I can’t see how to do it. We’ve been using this plugin some time but with csv-added serial numbers, but now we need to provide several hundreds of serial numbers and we need to apply an auto-generate serial number based in some kind of expression. Is this possible?

It is not possible to generate serial numbers with this plugin.


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We are having major issues with the plugin. We need the plugin working as soon as possible. We tested the numbers and it worked great. Now we want to upload the real purchase pins and we cannot erase the test pins. When we try to delete the purchase pins and press the “save changes to all products” it asks if we want to do this for all of the products but there is no “confirm or OK” button. Also we tried to uninstall the plugin and the pin numbers are still there. We tried a server side restore and the pins are still active. We need assistance ASAP!!

When I test the plugin and press the “save changes to all products”, the plugin does not ask if I want to do this.

I’m having a strange issue where the Serial Numbers I enter in product variations are not taking. I’ll type them in, hit save, and then when I navigate away and then come back, the serial number is gone! Help?

I am unable to delete the pricing information when I test this plugin. Please tell me how you do this.

When I tried to add the serial numbers to product variations, the numbers wouldn’t save after I updated the product. I then tried to add the serial number via the Serial Numbers plugin tab on the dashboard. I found the variable product and entered the serial numbers and hit save changes to all products. But then the browser timed out while trying to refresh and gave me a BAD GATEWAY ERROR. Then upon going back to my product list, I found that ALL of my pricing was gone. Any idea what caused this?

Perhaps this plugin is incompatible with one of your other plugins or your theme because I don’t find any problems like this when I test the plugin.

The licenses are no longer assigned automatically.

The serial numbers should be assigned when the status of the order changes to Processing or Completed.

I know. used before without problems. Now since few days not working. Maybe after WooCommerce Update.

When the plugin is tested with the latest version of WooCommerce, the serial numbers are assigned when the order’s status is changed to “Processing”.

After purchased and complete payment, the plugin will given lisence code as themeforest? or How?

If you buy this plugin, you will be able to download the license key from https://codecanyon.net/downloads or from https://themeforest.net/downloads.

Hi. I had purchased many items as you can see my level account. I know this. I just ask how plugin work? I need a plugin work similar themeforest, because my website also sale download product. Sure the purchased code will display in each item in order list. Not in support tab like here. Just forcus on:
1) Re-purchase new lisence (Normal)
2) Re-new lisence (extra 6 months, 12 months) support
3) By the way, how do you know lisence code and apply for your plugin to active? Because lisence code is auto given by themeforest for each purchased

This plugin can automatically assign serial numbers that have been imported by csv. It could be used to assign license numbers to a downloadable product but the license number would only appear in the completed order email.

Hi, i have a question. How i show my information on my reports? i need to show order id, name, ticket, discount coupon and payment method.

This is not the place to ask general WooCommerce support questions.

its about your report, from your plugin. when i try to use only show this information.

This report is not available.

Hello I have a client they will Use Serial Number of a Hardware Item. Some Questions about the Plugin: 1. Can he assign Serial Number Later in Order or he need to add all in Product? 2. The relation is always Client – Order – Serialnumber or is it possible to that the relation is Client – Serialnumber. The Use Case is that client sell his item and has a new owner. How can I change it in database?

The serial numbers can be assigned to an order after checkout.

Has version 1.10 been tested to work with Wordpress 4.8.2 ?

Actually, the update has already been uploaded. The plugin has not been fully tested but I believe that it should work with WordPress 4.8.2.

ok thanks, I think maybe I’ll wait a little bit before updating.

That’s a good idea.

Hi. I am having some problems

When adding the serial number to items on the admin edit order page it is displaying incorrectly after saving the order. I have an order where 1 product has a quantity of 3. So it requires three serial numbers. The boxes are displayed correctly:

(Display of serial number selection on edit order page)

Choose a serial number

Choose a serial number

Choose a serial number

And I can select three serial numbers:

(Display of serial number selection)




But after hitting save it looks like this:

(Display of serial number selection)

INOVTP717000, INOVTP7170002, INOVTP7170003

Choose a serial number

Choose a serial number

And then every time I hit update order two commas are added like this:

(Display of serial number selection after update one)

INOVTP717000, INOVTP7170002, INOVTP7170003, ,

Choose a serial number

Choose a serial number

(Display of serial number selection after update two)

INOVTP717000, INOVTP7170002, INOVTP7170003, , , ,

Choose a serial number

Choose a serial number

(Display of serial number selection after update three)

INOVTP717000, INOVTP7170002, INOVTP7170003, , , , , ,

Choose a serial number

Choose a serial number

The meta item underneath the product also looks like:

INOVTP717000, INOVTP7170002, INOVTP7170003, , , ,

There is also another bug we you hit “save” or hit “recalculate” when editing the products on a order on the “edit order” page when creating an order via admin. The serial number selection boxes disappear until you refresh the page.

Do you have an email address I can email you about my problem. The comments section is not letting me format my message correctly to show line breaks

You can email info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email.

I am thinking of purchasing this plugin but I would like to know if it can be adapted to our use first. We would like to use username and password instead of serial numbers. I would be totally happy if we could just format them in a way that works with your plugin but the need would be u-username/p-password so u-wpshowcase/p-showcase or similar

If you upload serial numbers in the u-username/p-password format, then the plugin should be able to be used in the way you would like :-).

Serial Numbers need to be able to be searched or scanned when ringing up a sale. (For example: If we have a box of SIM Cards with 500 different serial numbers in inventory, that employee DOES NOT have time to read through five-hundred different serial numbers to find the correct one.

Is there a way to allow serial numbers to be selected via search or scanning the correct serial number via barcode scanner?

I’ll add barcode scanning functionality to the Edit Order page in the next 48 hours :-).

Let us know when this is ready! This will be awesome!

It’s ready :-).

hello, after I import the serial numbers, where can i see all numbers that were imported? I know i can see them on the reports after they are assigned to an order but how do i see them before they are assigned?

I looked at the product and it says no serial numbers were assigned? I first used the SKU then realized to use the ID and still it doesn’t show assigned to that product?

Yes, but it shows that no serials are assigned to that product. It works correctly when i add them one by one. But when I import the list it says upload successful but it does not show under the product. the Product SKU is PKG1 and the ID is 47. I tried both PKG1 or 47 in the first column of the upload file and neither seem to work? Do i need to put ID: 47 or where do i find the correct product ID to put in the first column to upload the list of serials correctly?

all good. I got it to work.

Great :-).

Is it possible to only have the serial number displayed and emailed to the customer when the order is in “completed” status and not processing?

I believe that this is how the plugin works at the moment.

perfect, i’ll test and comment if there is an issue.

Hi, How can I change the label to display to customer. I tried to change to IMEI but nowhere to save it. Please help

Did the serial numbers in your test import successfully? When the import did not work, approximately how large was the file that you used?

not the test import did not work and the file was just 2KB in size. By the way did you do something to my website that removed all the product prices?

I noticed that if I saved data to your database and then retrieved that data from the database immediately, the data retrieved seemed to be different from the data that I saved. Could you send the file that you used to test the plugin to info@wpshowcase.net?

Hello, I setup the system to automatically assign a serial number to the completed order which works great! How can I have the serial number added to the complete email that is sent to the customer. Currently they get an email but the serial is not in the email? Any directions on how to do this?

Do they get the serial number when you use a standard theme like TwentySeventeen or StoreFront?

not in storefront. It’s in their account but not in the email they get when the order is completed.

Does it work when you use BACS as the payment gateway and change the order status from On-hold to Processing then from Processing to Complete?


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Pricing on http://mydomain.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=serial-numbers shows 100.00 and it’s grayed out. When changing value and clicking save, the change is not saved and goes back to saying 100.00 in grayed out color. How to change pricing information?

I’ve answered your other comment.


hafley Purchased

I’ve installed the plugin with WooCommerce and added some variable products. On http://mydomain.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=serial-numbers the pricing shows as 100.00 and is greyed out. I can’t change this pricing. When making an change and clicking save it goes back to 100.00 in a grayed out color. How to I change pricing.

Please send wp-admin and ftp login details using the contact form on my profile page if you’d like me to have a look.

I have a big problem with your plugin. It’s not working more. I buy the product and get a code, another customer buy the same product and get my code. How i can fix it?

Thank you for your comments. I look forward to resolving this issue.

You have 24h. I already reported the envato support. I requested my money back. If you fix, i’ll edit my review and give 4 star and don’t get my money back.

Best Regards

I’ll have a look at the quantity issue and get back to you.


I buy serial number here is what I have an error: [18-Nov-2017 13:36:15 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function get_meta () on array in / home / lcpassfr / public_html / wp-content / plugins / serial-numbers / includes / checkout.php on line 64

In addition to its when I validate the command from the site its tells me Internal Error Server


Please send wp-admin and ftp login details using the contact form on my profile page.