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Any thoughts on my previous questions please???

I’ve answered your previous question.

Thank you very much I’m sorry I did not see you had answered.


I just want to confirm that the plugin is for the following purpose:

You have 10 activation keys for a particular product, can you add them to a product in WooCommerce, and each time a customer buys this product, only ONE of these 10 keys appears?

Of course, after the purchase, this key that the customer has purchased will no longer appear in the next purchases of other customers.

If so, I will purchase the plugin.

Thank you!

Regards, Lucas.

Hi Lucas,

Yes – the serial number appears on the order thank you page and in the customer email :-).

Thanks, WPShowCase


Is it possible to to upload serial number via CSV? Thank you


This feature will be added within a month.

Hi! I am interested in your plugin ;-) May be a stupid question, can I add my own serialnumbers? And can I add a large list of serials and each time a user downloads a virtual product (software) he/she gets a serial from that list?

Thanks in advance! Emile

Hi Emile, You can add your own serial numbers and automatically assign them to orders but the plugin has not been tested with a large number of serial numbers. Thanks, WPShowCase

Hi, is it possible to add more than 1 serial number to the same product? In our case we have 3 serial numbers per product. Thanks!

It’s possible to add 3 serial numbers per product :-).

Hello, i sell and use a license for many sales. But as soon as I insert a license twice, this is deleted. How can I solve this?

Are you trying to use the same license for different sales? That’s not possible with this plugin.

Is it possible to enter manually a serial number to a product on the order page, AFTER the item was purchased? instead of choosing between pre-submitted numbers.

Thank you

Well, another question: Is it possible to let a specific role (let’s say – shop manager), on the frontend, in the cart, to see the serial numbers dropdown, and choose a number BEFORE checking out?

Thank you!

These things are not possible with this plugin.

Hi, i will sell a digital products… i set a serial for this product using csv import? because i have a lot of serial for same products.

You can set serial numbers using a csv import with this plugin.

Thank you for implementing my previous requests I’m sure it will make your plugin more desirable to future users. One more thing i would like to ask, would it please be possible to add an option to include some personal text along side/below the serial number that is shown to the customer. I would like to add something like “Here is your serial number which can be activated by following this link” and then add a link to my product activation page. What would be perfect but perhaps more work for you would be a totally customisable customer page so an administrator can add their own details like i have asked, along with images logo’s links etc. But in the short term I would be very grateful if you could add the option I have outlined or show me how i can perhaps edit the current version to allow this?

Thank you very much ! Thank you very much !

You can use translation files to change ”’Please choose a serial number”.